It’s enough to do 2 hours a day

17 Jul 2017 admin

one day, a young boy was studying in the attic. When his mother called him down for dinner, he could not see anything, so he had to bring the food up. A boy reading, side unconsciously dish clip up to his mouth, and soon they will be swept away. When the mother came up to pick up the dish, she asked, "how does caviar taste?" "caviar?" the boy was baffled. "You just ate it!" the mother was baffled. "Is it caviar?" the teenager was deeply sorry. You know, this is his favorite food, and mother made a special dish for him today. Who knows to read a book, did not know to eat actually is the dish of caviar that has longed for a long time.

if you can manage your time properly, you can do it in two hours a day,


every day before you turn on the computer, you should have a clear idea of how many websites you want to update. How long will it take to update? How long will it take to study and how long will it take to go to ADMIN5 and


time is precious to a person. To arrange time is to save time. How can I arrange the time? I’ll give you the following example:

for example, at home, your mother asks you to cook, do your homework, cook for 7 minutes, do homework for 10 minutes, you can cook and do your homework, you can save 7 minutes. If you cook first and then do your homework, you’ll waste 7 minutes.

, for example, I helped my mother mopping the floor for 30 minutes. I listened to English tapes while mopping the floor, so that I could kill two birds with one stone. Another example is washing clothes with washing machine for 1 hours. In these 1 hours, you can read books, you can do homework, you can also exercise……

I want to watch more and pay more attention to people who make the right time.

webmaster friends, do stand and life is the same, you have to think more, understand the life of people, is really can do the station!


takes half an hour every day to think, and maybe you’ll succeed sooner,