Do this a few step to enhance the website ranking is no longer difficult

12 Aug 2017 admin

Division and arrangement of the


is a website describing the display format for web content in the whole outline below the title, description must be in a coherent sentence is expounded, the website keywords best appear in the sentence, the same keyword best not more than two times, this will cause the keywords stack, love these cheating is a spider in Shanghai very sensitive, once found, your site will be difficult to survive.

regardless of Shanghai Longfeng novice or master, keep a unremittingly attitude is the biggest advantage, the domestic Shanghai dragon has yet to foreign competition, now is still at a starting state of development, there are many companies or enterprises are not really aware of the importance of Shanghai dragon, so for most of Shanghai dragon Er, they are standing on the same starting line, while the Shanghai dragon is like a marathon, finally success is nothing more than those who stick to the end point of the people. While standing on the starting line we want to win easily in this field of Shanghai Longfeng marathon, also be fully prepared to ensure that the following will greatly improve the chances of success.

first to maintain a high degree of consistency with the content of the website, to grasp the accurate flow. Secondly, to seize the Internet search habits, Internet users to the perspective of most cases is how to search the Internet, this approach can effectively help you analyze the long tail keywords, you can walk through the analysis of site screening and integration of key words. Finally, the content of the website the best page to maintain consistency with the relative site keywords, this is more conducive to the collection of the spider on the page.


for some business or personal website web page as far as possible to do a simple point, this will make Shanghai the other search engines love spiders crawl the page will not be so tired, in the course of time, they will be more willing to come to your website crawling page, friendliness improve website ranking will naturally go up.

site title

the above work well after repeated work, you need to do is write a bland, soft > every day



3. keywordsKeywords

4. page

title is a website of the shop, Internet users through search engines to see first is the title of the website, so how to carry on the optimization of the title? Personally think that the title length must first control in a certain range, although the title limit is no more than 80 words, but the most suitable length is between 30 to 50. The title of the master key in the first place, a back rest arrangement, because the search engine will be a weight distribution of keywords in the title, by the weight of keywords will be higher. Avoid frequent title changes, which will cause the weights of the website down.

won 5. unremittingly

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