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3 Sep 2017 admin

description of the website is like a website of the "self introduction", the search engine will be under the title of the site is displayed, the user can see, only 78 characters love Shanghai search engine for users of more than 78 words of description, search engine will only use the ellipsis instead, I think the ellipsis to the user experience is certainly not good. So, website is not too long, preferably not more than 78 words, so how do we use this short 78 words let users on your site produce browsing desire?

let’s look at the picture below:


description of the website also wrote the very place, analyzed the content of users love, like most likely to show the performance of the video, beautiful pictures, users are most concerned about the price of the product, can provide products, as well as the cash supply, tax exempt, 5 days of delivery of goods to pay these special unique service, short of 78 words to make their sites seem out of the ordinary".

specific description of each industry are not the same, but the most prominent brand of its own, out of the ordinary service and comprehensive guide, is a good choice, so some webmaster >

The We look at the

when users need a product or a service, they will search for a word in the search engine, search engine will recommend many websites, these sites look almost the same, especially at the home site, they will be very high similarity of title. Do we take the Shanghai dragon work for small and medium enterprises owners, the same search is a word site, in addition to the company name is not the same as other title content almost the same, but some key words written in relatively simple, repetitive website some would not stop the. In the website the same situation, how to let the user choose your website, click on your website, then this time transformation, the description of the website is very important.


in our industry second website:

in my own description of the website:

my site is brand route, highlighting their products are well-known brand in the domestic sales of the first, professional manufacturers, allowing users a look that is professional and authoritative manufacturers.

this is our industry ranked the top two sites, see his description is very good, in line with the search engine optimization guide, is also popular with users, highlighting their own companies, their products, product quality, price is also of interest to the user to write, will also own most want to highlight the "truck" with "spraying car", "multifunctional green sprinkler" these synonyms express, so the description of the website is written very successful.


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