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3 Sep 2017 admin

2, snapshot update slow

keyword ranking

web site for a long time, from some small harvest, in the face of the new online website, many owners have a strong look forward to development, but can not allow a very good website, because of that sentence: I hope that the greater the greater the disappointment; just began to be full of confidence. Can be on time to update the article, links every day, but many people can not stand long, slowly give up, a new station did not make their hope to give up, this is a lot of new often appear, for 5 possible new sites will appear in their optimization, the following share:

4, keywords ranking unstable

started some new sites online appeared shortly after a good ranking, this time he thought his heart Anxi Shanghai Dragon technology very Niubi, but soon found that keywords ranking disappeared, as a kind of operating their own cause, this is actually a very normal in performance; many of my new sites have appeared in this phenomenon.

1, on the line after the difficulties included

new snapshot update slow is normal, even some websites for half a month is not updated, then we have to do is keep on site updated every day, adhere to the update about three months time, the formation of a regular spider crawl the website, the website trust will slowly increase, this time may love Shanghai daily update your website snapshot, but some new sites need time may be very short, just on the line will be updated every day snapshot, it may be with some relationship between the quality of the layout of the site and the site of the article, in each station there are some different situations.

just launched a long time without keyword ranking, regardless of how to update the article, how to release the chain, so it is a site construction company, my website is so, just on the line a few months are not ranked, and these words are cold in the door, not what competition. This mentality is very important, if at that time began to become dejected and despondent to give up the situation, then everything will come to nothing, if we can persevere, believe that one day there will be good results, so when there is an update day Shanghai may give you a "There is a way out." joy.

3, no

has just launched the site will be difficult to included, and their relationship may often change the website, many of my friends did not plan the layout of the site, on the line after feeling this isn’t a good place and changed, the place is not good to change, this will cause the website is not included, even included may also removed a blog like they just established, feeling not good blog theme on the line, so the continuous for the dozens of subjects, leading just included home page has been removed from the sea of love. So I suggest that you should think of a good new to online, lest appear after the line included the phenomenon of difficult.

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