Analysis of five aspects of competition to promote Shanghai dragon skills

7 Sep 2017 admin

five, see the web site of the Shanghai dragon skill level


website is the website evaluation weight of the main reference value in each page! Have common point to the home link, therefore, included how much resolution within the chain home page included more weight, the weight of home page is higher! Then would promote the home page ranking to check, record amount of way is in in the search engine to enter the site: domain name on the check collection data (such as: site:www.bolang search engine optimization贵族宝贝) when a website collection of the amount of over a million can think this website will be relatively high weight

reference! data chainThe ! Included in the amount of

three, the website included the amount of

! Everyone knows that

, a natural analysis of the top three sites

analysis of a web site of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er often have to do homework, not only from the analysis can identify the optimization ability of competitors, can also strengthen the good optimization skills of their own, and then promote the optimization of the new thinking, learn Shanghai Longfeng children’s shoes is of course Shanghai Longfeng status analysis other sites, here briefly recorded a competitor analysis of Shanghai dragon thoughts, to facilitate more people

chain is a lot of important elements of the website ranked high, the chain length of the YAHOO query often have reference value, but at present only YAHOO has announced no longer supply chain query, the query can replace the YAHOO chain free stuff is tool.admin5贵族宝贝.



, the top three sites is to find the key words flow accounted for most of us, in a key word optimization search engine is generally aligned before three, so when analyzing competitors we only analyze the top three! Can be ranked in the top three, it is certainly good ranking to

when we arrived at the time of a web site, we begin from the visual angle of discrimination, the station is not large website, portal website, industry website, if it is a large site, the content is rich, in the major chain will give considerable weight home! And external capital also large website that is the weight of high site, so the weight of this web site can be said to be relatively high

planning and layout of the site

three tags written; check the website source code to distinguish three tags (title tags, Keywords tag, description tag) can through professional optimization maybe a lot of accumulation of key words; the page structure: Web site can not be flat, tree, whether using DIV+CSS structure, can have a lot of search engines cannot the identification of flash, JS and so on; URL can be standardized, each page can only one URL can be indexed, if a page has more than one connection was crawling, will form a lot of repeated pages; URL can accept static, Jane.

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