How to attract more eyeballs to their own original articles

12 Sep 2017 admin

so here I think fresh article is not rhetoric, but with close display, such as the Lunar New Year’s day are held which features Tangyu activities, the fifteen Lantian Tangyu spa which launched in addition to Hot Springs special activities, such as lantern lantern riddles, lantern dance party, what is the specific performance? What attracted local villagers or Xi’an.

as everyone knows, website optimization in the process of creating high quality of the article is any one of Shanghai dragon er must always pay attention to the problem, the author thinks that not only can the original, the original is only the most basic requirements of the website update process, changing with the search engine algorithm, the author thinks that in addition to the original article, reflects more really important to solve the existing problems in the user can, can attract users attention readers is the core. In view of this, the author thinks that we mainly through the following strategies, high-quality website content and user preferences combine to create the more down to earth, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

second, the article must reflect the freshness. Fresh said what? The author thinks that the Internet does not exist, your competitors website no valuable information can be injected very fresh blood for the web site. If I do is Lantian Tangyu spa, if the content of the article I update on the Internet is a commonplace talk of an old scholar of articles, many competitors in the use of the articles, such as what is Lantian Tangyu riding route? What is the characteristics of the Lantian Tangyu spa? No new article, because the Internet has a large number of users to exist so and search engine no significance and value of this article is that we should try to avoid the use of on the site. So the article updates to do fresh, at least to meet two conditions, one is must be happened recently or are events, another is the paper must create new styles.

first, the first analysis of target customer groups before writing. Because we know that our own website or search engine is in the ground is the site service, here I want to talk about is you for what is the classification of customer groups, in their own site Tangyu hot spring traveling network for example, website my own is to target customers around Xi’an’s favorite bathing tourism, they mainly in the age between 22 to 27 youth groups, then, at the age of 35 to 65 year old old friends, they wasted is mainly to health care and health, so the author in the update article, according to different age the update for their articles, the author has been the core of the update, here I want you to understand is only targeted The audience, we can give the proper drainage work. The drainage work place, we can from the real user experience that the article is really the targeted relatively strong article. The article can be said that the update before analysis of target customer groups is a very important place.

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