How to improve the user experience of three kinds of offbeat method

12 Sep 2017 admin

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most of the owners in the amount collected to the site within the chain set is to increase the content of the website, but forget the chain still has a very important role is to improve the user access depth. Take the Shanghai encyclopedia love it, we all love to visit Shanghai encyclopedia, can see the chain each entry it is dense, but without losing the overall image, give a person a kind of the way it should be set up within the chain and feeling, most are set very reasonable and. The Encyclopedia of each visit, will not often see at least ten entries, it is because the chain is too great. Whenever I have questions, always appear in a chain in place. So reasonable inside chain can improve the user experience, users enhance the depth and breadth of web access, thus easily put these users into loyal users. See here, you should understand in another chain.

three, the content of

two, reasonable chain

, a website access speed of

what is the answer for thousands of user experience?. How to improve the user experience, also there are millions of species, each with advantages and disadvantages of each. The user experience is not only the pursuit of the webmaster, the search engine is more and more focus on this aspect. Most of the time, both the chain, their collection than rivals, but the ranking is better than the opponent’s website. This occurs, should contrast in two aspects of the user experience of the website. Only the user experience good site ranking will be more in front, to do with some irregular means, usually not lasting rankings. How to improve the user experience, the author has the following three methods, see:


if only pure text written, so it will bring visual fatigue to readers, but also not easy to understand the main idea of the article. If only the pictures that would appear to be too monotonous, the expression of many pictures > are not very good

recently in the forum to see a question, that is how to improve the user experience, most of the answer with the speed of the site visit. Is space open speed. For the quality problem of network space around the country, perhaps their own open for 2 seconds, 13 seconds in some places. This is not to say that space is not good, it’s a different region. For the website access speed, the influence of the user experience depth is the difference of thousands of miles, according to the user’s law there are few users every ten seconds, to access a web page to wait a few minutes for the patient, if your site access speed is too slow, it will lose a lot of users, naturally caused users experience is not good. A simple calculation method of user experience is the site bounce rate, jump out of the high rate of user experience is not so good. So, the website access speed can improve the user experience, the relationship is not a little, but it plays a decisive role in the.

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