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12 Sep 2017 admin

"flow to participate in this contest" for 7 days, through our unremitting efforts, finally got into the top 5, is really too happy! As you can see, the bottom line of the picture is my entertainment channel, I hope you’ll have time to give me a hand in the past!

there is this "alliance" can customize the page of the "top" and "bottom" HTML code.

Riya quickly set up a new brand, Like, to create a new vertical visual shopping search engine

I spent a long time


April 25, 2006, at midnight, on the Riya website Shah view traffic information, however, he found that people in the use of its products and will focus on the upload pictures and mark the picture, but to search for pictures. He immediately emailed another founder, Gokturk, asking what the user was searching for. 5 minutes later he received a response. "Why don’t they use shlf1314 or YAHOO to search for pictures and use our products?"

Riya’s picture recognition system is so complex that it can be operated in five steps and two branches. Even founder Munjal Shah describes his system like this: "first you need to, and then, then again, we can make money. It’s a little more complicated."." A year after the product launch, the product reacted flat, and Riya felt the need to develop new products to change strategy.

Riya has vowed to rely on text to recognize faces or objects on a picture, and automate the process. In the 2005, computer technology was already quite mature, and shlf1314 added similar features to its own image search now available in shlf1314 images, such as facial features, photos, and so on. Riya’s founder hopes to use the technology in circles or circles to make it easier for pictures to be processed and then put into commercial use.

2005, the photo recognition enterprise Riya Like predecessor won Bay, Partners and Leapfrog Ventures two well-known investment companies totaling $19 million 500 thousand investment, start business. Riya founder Munjal Shah graduated from Stanford University, has a doctorate, is an expert in the field of image recognition, under the name of more than a dozen patents. Since then, there has been a rumor that shlf1314 is going to buy Riya and become a hot start-up company.


"why don’t they use shlf1314 or YAHOO to search for pictures and use our products?"

a few days ago in the "webmaster network" to see the "flow contest" message: http://top.admin5/poco/

soon, they found the answer. Riya is not a picture storage site like Flickr in the minds of consumers, but a photo search engine. Consumers believe that their image search engine algorithms are more advanced and intelligent than shlf1314’s image search engine.


but they’re wrong.

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