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two, manual artificial valuation.

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2. website online valuation. The author introduces the above finished software valuation, we describe below website online valuation. Now many websites provide keywords offer, basically the webmaster site with this function. The owners of the house also launched a price function in some time ago. Principle and software should offer almost, but the quotation system of the home station estimated reasonable price a lot, and gives the optimization difficulty and so on. We can see the figure. The website online valuation have the advantage that do not have to install the software directly on the web, OK, and the owners of the house valuation function is automatically matching some long tail keywords.

, a program for automatic evaluation.


1. automatic evaluation. There are now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng tool with keywords quotation function. Their judgment principle is nothing more than a keyword search volume, the amount included in the auction site, and so on. In accordance with the procedures set in advance good price comparison. The software of the data and can offer automatic valuation for Shanghai Longfeng workers reduce a lot of trouble quickly can get the keywords, but the software valuation calculated offer most high a lot, sometimes much lower. The author suggests that the software valuation may be treated as a reference value, can not be completely the direct price calculated software to customers. This is now a popular Shanghai dragon after word quotation software function screenshot, "this can be seen from figure two words of Shanghai dragon" and "stationmaster" offer is very high, "the webmaster website" the word offer even more than the degree of competition is far greater than its "Shanghai dragon". But the price function of the software can quickly see the keywords of the data, it is saved a lot of manual quotation of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to query the data of trouble.

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Shanghai Longfeng practitioners website optimization of the list, or the Shanghai dragon company received website optimization, have to have a step, that is to offer customers. I believe, whether you are a person orders, or orders, will be in Shanghai Longfeng keywords quotation which was stumped. Must want to report how much money right? At low yourself is not worthwhile, reported high and afraid to scare away customers. Today I will share with you the next Shanghai dragon keywords quotation skills and methods. At the beginning of the text before, and I want to you a statement. Shanghai Longfeng orders according to their own ability to do it yourself, do not take the list, there is a quotation of Shanghai Longfeng keywords important factor is its ability! Have the ability to pick a single price is good, it has emboldened to report their prices following the start of the hope. The author of this article from two aspects to talk about. A valuation (here is automatically subdivided into software evaluation and online evaluation) and manual for valuation.

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