How to submit a site to the white dead link love Shanghai

16 Sep 2017 admin

through the above two steps, the dead links to your site has to love Shanghai after submitted, just wait a few days, you.

site or after running for a period of time after the revision, it will inevitably have some dead links on the site, the so-called path exists, but the pages are not open this page. In the ranking algorithm to love Shanghai, if dead links to a site too much, love Shanghai to the site trust will continue to decline, the risk is more right down. So we should seriously treat the site of the dead link, so how to deal with it? Is submitted to the site of the dead link list to love Shanghai to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform risk, so you can completely avoid the drop right.

the next Xiaobian tell you here to share, how to submit site links to death to love Shanghai.

1, on the local computer can create a text file, the file named silian.txt, and then put all the dead link website wrote this text file, a write a dead link.


. submitted dead link

3, note that each file only 50000 URLs, and remind me to get these settings for the 404 page submission path.

2, registered in Shanghai to love Webmaster Platform, on the left side of my web – site management – add the site, then enter your site’s domain name, such as www.xxxx贵族宝贝, and click the add website. As shown in figure

3, website authentication type, select the file verification, verification and download the file to the local computer, this time as long as you connect to the FTP website, to download the file through the FTP upload to the site with the directory, and then click to complete the verification, so your site verification is completed, this time can be true the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside the function. The specific operation can see below:


, a registered webmaster love Shanghai accounts, and through site verification.


, open the 1 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/, click the register immediately, as shown in figure





2, click on the Webmaster Platform data submission – chain submission, input update date file on the right side of the dialog box, you can choose 1 days, and then to enter the path of the dead link in, and then enter the verification code, click the submit, so as to be accomplished, all the operation procedures in the figure can be seen.

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