How to through the analysis of the data that whether the site is.

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second, some have special meaning of keyword search on the website, the website such as telephone number, registration number or contact information, if the information is not reproduced in other high weight website on the web site, you can search through these special key words, half, can be displayed in the search engine home page and if these contents not included, or ranking in many pages later, the site may be punished. At this point we need to solve the problem of punishment in accordance with the relevant solutions.

fourth web site log analysis. Analysis of Web log is one of the most important link of data analysis. The log usually includes many types of data, such as search.

The current

love Shanghai search engine algorithms are in constant innovation and adjustment, intelligent level increasing. If the use of traditional optimization methods, no corresponding adjustment, it is easy for the site to be search engine punishment, which led to a decline in the rankings. In order to effectively nip in the bud, you need a lot of analysis ahead of anticipation, learn the site is to be punished, and make corresponding adjustment, so it can effectively improve the operation quality and website ranking.

analysis of the website data types, often more, many new Adsense are often not able to seize the key data analysis, which they could not find the factors behind the changes through some data, so it is difficult to carry out targeted optimization, caused by the depth of punishment. In order to let the novice webmaster can through the analysis of the data to get the site is to be punished, which is the following several points.

third, tracking site keywords ranking. This is the most direct method for the analysis of whether the site being punished, but also relatively boring method. Since the Shanghai dragon website optimization work, nature cannot do without these boring work, only persevere analysis, can more accurately find whether the site was punished. In this regard, can be recorded by the keywords ranking, and then analyze the keyword ranking trend, generally speaking, keywords ranking will be in a range, if suddenly this ranking behind a lot, then the site will be punished. Of course, if the punishment is permanent, also need to be analyzed through other ways, such as whether the site of cheating. If there is cheating, then the rank of the recovery will be difficult.

first, after the search application site+ website address command engine box, we can see that the data of this website is love Shanghai included. If the collected data showing a rising trend, so that the operation site is well. If that day through this command found on the web pages included suddenly becomes zero. Then it shows that the site may be search engine punishment. In order to solve this problem, we need to increase efforts to update original content, update frequency and maintain the original content, improve the quality of website content, and thus stimulate the search engine website content.

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