The website is not updated in a timely manner to realize the search engine friendly

I have been worried about, because this will not stop a few days, the ranking has been wasted,

second, the search engine may not observe the website is not updated in a timely manner such details.

function, entrust others to do so, at least one or two days.

but I wrote it myself, it is very simple, because I know the meaning of every line of code, moreover, this function, I used in other website wrote, is a

today, search, found writing software website ranking did not change obviously, there are two possibilities. read more

Why long time no update site snapshot

such as the title, I believe that many webmaster will encounter such problems, application domain, rent space deployment sites, and all are on schedule, full of confidence, a variety of excellent resources, the external in each big website chain chain are included, but their website nothing, no snapshot. By 0, Shanghai love search is not search, at this time, you may try other search engines, I tried the sougou search engine, has been found a snapshot, also included some links, Google search engine, Google search engine condition seems relatively low, basically on the site are of high quality material included. read more

Bounce rate is related to the site of life and death


what is the bounce rate of

3, interactive website. For example, micro-blog forum, SNS.


now has a love of Shanghai statistics: "bounce rate" see below:

WHY Forum: "Shanghai dragon bottom problem Shanghai dragon is the content source and inheritance in return users". Inheritance in return users. Embrace the users, improve the user experience of the website is fundamentally solve the "bounce rate" problem!! now we all talk about how to do Shanghai dragon, I think many are empty theory, along with others to learn. Then when they do not know why this will help Shanghai dragon. If you are the kind of people, then carefully consider the "bounce rate" of the read more

A good day to do Shanghai Dragon

1. every day the first thing is to look at the website data. As a web site optimization, we hope to achieve is to see our website weight increase, website traffic is steadily increasing, also realize the next day update snapshot. So we are used to check our website data. Outstanding Shanghai dragon is every day the first thing is to check their website data. Look at the website snapshot update, the chain website whether to increase website traffic, how are you recently. And then we had yesterday site data to make a comparison, the local view site problems. Why the flow will be reduced, keywords ranking is up. The snapshot is updated. Such a comparison, we will clear today we need to do what work. Where there are deficiencies, what needs to be improved. So every day to see the website data for our website optimization, is a very important thing. read more

How to search technology to enhance the effect of eliminating noise of Shanghai dragon engine use

2, the basic method of

3, the search engine will be based on.

two, how artificial noise reduction

2, the search engine web template recognition based on noise, so Shanghai Longfeng personnel should try to use the same set of template in the construction of the web, especially do not move the template in the revision of the time, to help identify the search engine noise block.


and team found that now the search engine application denoising techniques can be divided into three categories: methods based on page structure, based on the template and the method based on information visualization. read more

Links have what use How fast do Links exchange

Links advantage:

I got more, one by one to go to hair, may be half a day, so I just added a lot of groups, and then find a mass QQ software, I use the software is not published, so I said AD, you can go to search, there are a lot of free support. The group to get a packet (the packet is now QQ group), all related group a group, then use the software to select the reorganization, snapshot PR Links all included in the site. Key words are written, exchange requirements are written, with a unified tool, a round about 10 seconds I added a group of about 20. Just open the computer to open the software, busy for a while open software to cluster round. Very convenient. This method saves time and labor, but the accuracy is not high, difficult to find counterparts. read more

An analysis of the relationship between society and the China chain link link

we often hear a word "bad companions", is lazy, bad companions raffish bad friends. Friends of the chain link exchange the same, and not cheating site transfer links, and especially loved Shanghai, Google down the right and even shielding website. Because this will affect our website to be punished or implicated. Check whether there are other blunders, many webmaster tools can query.

is only a good relationship, to live well. This includes two aspects, one is to friends, friends of the way to go. As we all know, go out to rely on friends, friends of the way to go". Exchange chain links and make friends is the same reason, their Links accumulated more, and the other to establish a good relationship, this is even for their own occupation development are very helpful to our website. Two friends don’t care much, is good. If these friends are not sincere exchanges a mercenary friend, what road is the same as the bad. So, when we exchange friend chain links, not to say that links the more the better, should be refined. If the other side of the PR is very high, but it is linked to many sites, PR dispersed, for we have not much effect, for us, the most ideal PR is high, but the number of other links are not many. read more

5 key points for product optimization to achieve the ideal position

to ensure that each product has its own URL address


URL is widely dispersed in the construction site, to my site for example: www.xxx贵族宝贝/product-1.html = www.xxx贵族宝贝/category-1/product-1.htm and presented to the user in the picture is the same, are "shadow magic hands" download page, the only difference is that one is on the home page, a page is accessed in the channel, we how to solve this situation?

(1) to Session ID, the statistical code is easy to cause the unnecessary repetition of content in the URL read more

Do this a few step to enhance the website ranking is no longer difficult

Division and arrangement of the


is a website describing the display format for web content in the whole outline below the title, description must be in a coherent sentence is expounded, the website keywords best appear in the sentence, the same keyword best not more than two times, this will cause the keywords stack, love these cheating is a spider in Shanghai very sensitive, once found, your site will be difficult to survive.

regardless of Shanghai Longfeng novice or master, keep a unremittingly attitude is the biggest advantage, the domestic Shanghai dragon has yet to foreign competition, now is still at a starting state of development, there are many companies or enterprises are not really aware of the importance of Shanghai dragon, so for most of Shanghai dragon Er, they are standing on the same starting line, while the Shanghai dragon is like a marathon, finally success is nothing more than those who stick to the end point of the people. While standing on the starting line we want to win easily in this field of Shanghai Longfeng marathon, also be fully prepared to ensure that the following will greatly improve the chances of success. read more

Analysis on the local tourism website how to use love to write essays on that platform in Shanghai

second, editors should search has good positioning of the keywords and display related content that page in Shanghai love to know, these contents are correlation and good positioning of the word and pertinence, and each content is precious resource is very good, to avoid the editors in writing no embarrassed tourism the content of the site map, so I think this method is worth Edit >

, editor to position to write the

, for example: the author write when the original articles in to the Guizhou tourism website, the Guizhou tourism network optimization to some main word, such as today to write Guizhou tourist attractions, Guizhou tourism strategy, Guizhou tourism knowledge, that I will do good for the positioning of these words today to write the words, but these words are determined through the analysis can give me the website traffic, and very much by these words extended benefits. read more

Analysis of the operation details of the writing of Web site optimization

, the release of the.

in 2012 even before the website optimization process content page add anchor text number, add a lot of rough weight, italics such mode of operation is very simple It is quite common for, in order to improve keyword density and attract the attention of Shanghai love, when the search engine algorithm is not perfect, such as an article to add many anchor text keywords in fact, love Shanghai and user experience requirements are contrary, now love Shanghai algorithm upgrade the mode of operation has been gradually withdraw from the stage of history, we can do is to be appropriate in the process of writing keywords for our writing, reflect the website keywords in the article, do not use any bold, anchor text mode in fact, these have been suspected of cheating. read more

Do the site within two Kung Fu a personal blog outside the chain of resources exploitation and manag

is known to all, in domestic schools and enterprises are out of touch with. Shanghai dragon in the study above, the cooperation gave me another inspiration for this almost do not understand what people will not speak more professional what navigation labels like, starting with the phenomenon of Shanghai Longfeng influence from the most popular easy of.

is also the opportunity for cooperation to reason, I told a large class of the third grade school students contact, training with them. This class students are professional e-commerce, website construction of knowledge acquisition only stay in books of Shanghai dragon is strange. But they have knowledge of this desire, if everyone buy a space program to operate their own website, this practice in Shanghai dragon especially "website inside Kung Fu" on the effect will be more, but the majority of students are not realistic. However, not all Er Shanghai Longfeng need to build their own station in order to optimize the success, in the face of this class, I think from easy to complex, from the practical operation of slowly understanding of various elements, if 123 is from the website structure theory and so on a way to speak in the past, it is estimated that "training" greatly reduced. read more

Discussion how to do a website just released was included

Three, filling the

site was included only keywords ranking, included is the foundation of the rankings, so included in the keyword ranking is a relationship to the foundation of the house. Here is the website just released it included screenshots:

, a site map, Ping Service, robots, operation

If you take the

unified on the URL should belong to the station optimization, don’t take the WWW jump to WWW, the index.php also jump to index.php without (this can choose to remove, the impact is not too large), put the site set to only URL (with a discuz program, on the altar as the home page then, fourm.php can also access the home page, so the need to deal with). These operations may involve the code changes, we can love Shanghai, the Internet has. read more

Google launched the world search personalized search engine function reorganization

with Internet users continues to mature, gradually differentiate into our own field, if a user of the site has very strong dependence, so the user can through the search engine, but through the web site without direct access to the site, which is bound to affect the user search engine to search the dependence. From the long-term development of the Internet, let users find similar > in the shortest period of time through the search engine

search engine is generally after the input of relevant keywords, then the search engine is given and Related words ". The user to find the content they need according to their own speculation and feel into the relevant pages in. From the current search engine results, this experience is not very good, even after many users for a long time in the network, are unable to find the right answer, but also waste a lot of time. read more

Explains how to write web content three labels

for example jade jade wholesale, wholesale market

description tag is mainly to the search engines to see, now the two largest search engine and fell in love with the sea very noble baby love description tag! Description tag requirements for word smooth, consistent with the content of the page, may be appropriate to increase the keyword density, the target keywords repeat 2-3 times can. Add keywords principle is also smooth and natural protection content, only in this way will be convenient for users to browse and understand your website! The description tag is so important, because it is deep search engines and web users in a double love! Description tag format: in the description around three words written, repeated two to the best keywords three, control the words within 120 words, and words to describe in the beginning is mentioned (i.e. on the description of the jade wholesale start > read more

Good use of your noble baby background analysis report to convince your customers in Shanghai Dragon

I often think if there is no Google analysis, a consultant in Shanghai Longfeng life will become. I mean some payment instruments like Omniture, analysis tools like Webtrends have occupied a dominant position in the world of network analysis, it also means that the world business owner must introduce additional tools in the network marketing campaign in their. Google analysis has become an indispensable part of data analysis and we often because of some small defects in it and its criticism. But all this is just like a game is love game, we always forget the most important feature of this wonderful tool. It is completely free and there are many other payment tools do not have the function of. read more

Gaoliangjiu how the Jay Chou concert earns 40 thousand yuannternet Business Guide to cater to the l

we choose a more average ticket type, 280 yuan type of ticket, only 500 medals can be exchanged. This means that without considering the invitation of the lower level, we need to invite 50 people to register successfully to get a ticket.

through shlf1314 AdWords background query, we found that Jay Chou concert tickets and other keywords, prices are very low, only 0.34 yuan per click, so this price is very low. Because the activity website request must be the Hefei area IP, and uses the Hefei handset verification, therefore we when do Adwords, must select Hefei area IP to be possible to display. read more

Millet 4 years 60 billion behind 10 entrepreneurial experienceTruce! HUAWE ZTE’s full settlement

, the first step in Entrepreneurship: what kind of pain should be solved?

in January 19, 2017, the State Intellectual Property Bureau released the 2016 statistical data and relevant work in Beijing, and announced the "2016 China invention patent applications ranked the top ten" and "2016 China invention patents ranked the top ten list of" two.

"open" is a third word of mouth node that allows users to recompile custom MIUI systems. What kind of development has brought about this? Openness has enabled many foreign users to participate. They have published English versions of MIUI, Spanish versions, Portuguese versions and so on. This open strategy has attracted many foreign fans, users to deep dissemination of MIUI, reputation abroad has gone too far read more

Exit magic department store put out the arrogance of Yu Jiawen 90 after the trauma of entrepreneur

Now most of the authors are

I didn’t know much about the website at that time. It was just an attempt to do it. station column classification is very complete, what expression, , Flash, , space code, skills are all got on. The content of the website is filled, I immediately wrote space code of the article to the eNet website, did not expect in the next few days, this article is crazy reproduced, website traffic in a month’s time to do more than 2000IP. These include sh419’s traffic and the amount of traffic imported by these articles, the proportion of which is not available. But back to the analysis, sh419’s traffic is also a lot, because the writing of those articles in the flow at the same time, but also increased a lot of the chain. read more

Golden Wangzhuan forum marketing three stepsThe NetEase plan to cut all wireless businesses is of li

‘s NetEase web site has virtually cancelled four channels of games, tours, campuses and health. The company says it is focused on developing core channels of information and commercial value". For once the wireless core business income, in fact the NetEase has been of little importance on a wireless industry last year, Ding Lei complained that due to swing, China Mobile and other operators strategy is uncertain, the business risk is too big

for example, Beijing 365 positioning "Beijing" consumption, life information website forum, then we should according to the characteristics of this forum, Beijing to promote the area in the implementation of marketing forum. This example is mainly to show that we must choose the right forum according to the characteristics of the website products, of course, this kind of forum is best to choose the kind of forum that can hit the target customers. read more