How to through the analysis of the data that whether the site is

second, some have special meaning of keyword search on the website, the website such as telephone number, registration number or contact information, if the information is not reproduced in other high weight website on the web site, you can search through these special key words, half, can be displayed in the search engine home page and if these contents not included, or ranking in many pages later, the site may be punished. At this point we need to solve the problem of punishment in accordance with the relevant solutions. read more

Mobile remediation SP freeze final version yesterday officially began implementationHow to earn mone

The use of

first introduce what is the domain name service Domain Parking Services parking: simply put, is not from the domain where the money! Domain Parking is a kind of domain name automatically generated web pages for domain name system, web pages often contain advertising sponsored links; advertising sponsors for visitors to click and pay. The domain name owner at any time from the income share. Domain name parking service allows you to make use of unused domain name to make money, and do not need you to build your website, bring certain income to you at the same time, increase the opportunity that domain name sells, transfer. read more

Let a love Shanghai website snapshot update every day

a lot of Shanghai dragon may be found to have such a doubt, the website every day I updated ah, every day to send the original or false original articles, and published articles can also love Shanghai included, but why website snapshot always love Shanghai every few days instead of an update the day. Suizhou Shanghai dragon to test for a long time and finally found the way to keep updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai, now share it with me to have the same question of Shanghai dragon er.

now a lot of attention to the exchange Links website PR value in the lower, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency is an important standard for many Links exchange website, website snapshot update every day to keep love Shanghai, Suizhou Shanghai dragon will ensure you get a lot of high quality of the chain. read more

How to submit a site to the white dead link love Shanghai

through the above two steps, the dead links to your site has to love Shanghai after submitted, just wait a few days, you.

site or after running for a period of time after the revision, it will inevitably have some dead links on the site, the so-called path exists, but the pages are not open this page. In the ranking algorithm to love Shanghai, if dead links to a site too much, love Shanghai to the site trust will continue to decline, the risk is more right down. So we should seriously treat the site of the dead link, so how to deal with it? Is submitted to the site of the dead link list to love Shanghai to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform risk, so you can completely avoid the drop right. read more

Love Shanghai two upgrade algorithm takes you to experience what content is king

hit spam every search engine is the eternal mission, combat spam is actually every year, but this year is particularly strict. Love Shanghai two times all around the content update algorithm, and this is the strength of the affected site of hitherto unknown, is hitherto unknown. But I was in the reflection of a thing, I love to see whether Shanghai by these two algorithms to upgrade our webmaster a hint, seems to suggest that you don’t waste the webmaster provide, or you are tired of me. You have a station is not easy, I included your site to occupy a space, more resources in the process of calculation, so we still do stand, do not know if you have this understanding. read more

Keywords Shanghai Longfeng offer experience sharing

two, manual artificial valuation.

The software of

and you are silly to.

2. website online valuation. The author introduces the above finished software valuation, we describe below website online valuation. Now many websites provide keywords offer, basically the webmaster site with this function. The owners of the house also launched a price function in some time ago. Principle and software should offer almost, but the quotation system of the home station estimated reasonable price a lot, and gives the optimization difficulty and so on. We can see the figure. The website online valuation have the advantage that do not have to install the software directly on the web, OK, and the owners of the house valuation function is automatically matching some long tail keywords. read more

How to improve the user experience of three kinds of offbeat method

graphic form

most of the owners in the amount collected to the site within the chain set is to increase the content of the website, but forget the chain still has a very important role is to improve the user access depth. Take the Shanghai encyclopedia love it, we all love to visit Shanghai encyclopedia, can see the chain each entry it is dense, but without losing the overall image, give a person a kind of the way it should be set up within the chain and feeling, most are set very reasonable and. The Encyclopedia of each visit, will not often see at least ten entries, it is because the chain is too great. Whenever I have questions, always appear in a chain in place. So reasonable inside chain can improve the user experience, users enhance the depth and breadth of web access, thus easily put these users into loyal users. See here, you should understand in another chain. read more

Mao Hongliang the Shanghai dragon website love Shanghai or will be identified as cheating

For example:

we know from the mouth to Wang Zhan, Shanghai dragon company to search engine algorithm help website optimization, these companies often practice "search engine cheating", and this is the search engine ‘natural enemies’, if convicted of cheating, ranking will continue. As usual, the website ranking will never be restored, but if not, Shanghai will give love a chance." Many of our webmaster to Shanghai dragon feel very mysterious, wanted to go to study in Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon harm how much? Here we should correctly treat the Shanghai dragon! Don’t be confused by the so-called Shanghai dragon. So we must understand the Shanghai dragon took what means, what technology to those who do not do those. read more

How to attract more eyeballs to their own original articles

so here I think fresh article is not rhetoric, but with close display, such as the Lunar New Year’s day are held which features Tangyu activities, the fifteen Lantian Tangyu spa which launched in addition to Hot Springs special activities, such as lantern lantern riddles, lantern dance party, what is the specific performance? What attracted local villagers or Xi’an.

as everyone knows, website optimization in the process of creating high quality of the article is any one of Shanghai dragon er must always pay attention to the problem, the author thinks that not only can the original, the original is only the most basic requirements of the website update process, changing with the search engine algorithm, the author thinks that in addition to the original article, reflects more really important to solve the existing problems in the user can, can attract users attention readers is the core. In view of this, the author thinks that we mainly through the following strategies, high-quality website content and user preferences combine to create the more down to earth, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic. read more

Search marketing maintaining the status quo

Ma Tinghang, the easy network chief strategy officer, he has 12 years of experience in the Internet industry and network marketing experience in senior management in any Alibaba, SHOPEX and other duties, with in-depth research and exploration for search engine marketing. As the first guests to share him from the enterprise to carry out the search marketing about the status quo, analyses the factors of marketing search marketing effect, and combining with the characteristics of mobile search and social media to conduct trend analysis and judgement, won the applause of the guests. read more

Guangzhou trademark registration network by K’s miserable history of the station please alert

was also a follower, since his debut early to now, reading A5, home owners countless Shanghai dragon, thought has been invincible, so hurry to the layout of the website structure, website LOGO and H1 label, all the page keywords bold, keyword density guarantee in 5%, plus ATL (picture heap a lot of keywords, the site of the Khan), thought invincible, but the reality is cruel, the site has been K is my reality, and the reality also told us, do not have too much to pay attention to algorithm, website template page as long as the guarantee of excellent performance, in line with the user experience on the line. You can also refer to some included faster web sites, such as 贵族宝贝***.net this site, the site due to the structure of the station optimization more reasonable, therefore, the basic content can reach the second level, can be used as a reference. read more

The construction site not good for small

page button The design of

two, logo

Logo looks and the user experience is not a boundary. But in fact for the visitors to open a web page, usually the first eyes on logo, so how to use logo to enhance the user experience degrees? We can learn about the various mainstream search engines, we can pass the logo transformations to cater to the user experience, we find that special day, several major the search engine homepage logo appropriate to celebrate this change, do the best is the noble baby, the logo in the change of graffiti is the longest, every time can give users a new experience. A5 we can also see the site webmaster familiar from the webmaster, in all the seasons of the year A5 logo will continue to change, as shown below: read more

Site optimization personnel how to analyze peer website


no matter what, we will encounter a lot of competitors, the opponent’s site is stronger, we optimize the greater difficulty of your website instead, if the opponent is very weak, we will have more opportunities, this kind of situation, site optimization personnel steal to smile. Therefore, only the analysis of the competitor’s website, in order to know ourselves, it is possible to go beyond them. So if you had a competitor’s site, the analysis of how their website

4, website code is streamlined enough read more

How are you going to Shanghai dragon ER was surnamed fu

for the above situation, we do not complain too much, because the search engine is not necessary to take care of our focus on these grass-roots webmaster, it is the value of the user’s perception of it, he doesn’t like Taobao Ma that help small and medium-sized Taobao growth, to find ways to improve the internal competition, make internal competition to services and products to do better. Because the search for some relatively high weight of the website is good, our webmaster must also rely on the weight high website can survive. read more

Shanghai Longfeng application summary website construction process

2, website keyword suggestions

in the chain to the chain is the number of the corresponding control. 1 to 3 key chain selecting numbers in general, at the same time to ensure that the correlation between the links to be high, try to ensure that no malicious stack link phenomenon, in order to reflect the value of "Guan Jian" get a better search engine rankings in normally use "top way to complete.

Guan Jian words suggested: first, the relevance of keywords and search density; second; Guan Jian words in lead climbing search frequency in the search; third key words: competition. read more

SKYCC combination marketing software highlights big track three Shanghai dragon tool combination

SKYCC combination marketing software inside the tool column of the search engine login tool is a combination of love Shanghai, YAHOO, and many other noble baby "

SKYCC combination marketing software inside the auxiliary tool column mining tool is a long tail can query the relevant keywords, the function of query love Shanghai, Google, Sogou related long tail keywords, facilitate the selection of suitable competition long tail key words, the adjustment of the website of Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy. A man found the valve industry site of the long tail word Dong’ou valve network is to use the software for mining. read more

Shanghai dragon group optimization stations operating into misunderstanding the main reason of failu


two: home page link with the best connectivity between groups of stations, must be greater than 5 or more, of course, the best is the same type of website, so that the weight transfer of


five: website space do not choose the same server, should choose foreign space in Hongkong and space stations, if the number is huge, so the bottom of each independent IP site can not be more than three, and between the three can not interconnect

seven stations can not is the same, should pay attention to the master key is subdivided into a long tail keywords, but also can not be the main long tail word of the whole industry is finished, you can do a number of industries, so as not to because other owners do not have profit will complain you, stop doing the group should also be harmonious to read more

Seven effective keyword selection method

4, competitor analysis site keywords.

1, as much as possible examples with the website related keywords

, you enter a search box is the text, also is you ordered search engine to find something. Choose the right keywords is the webmaster do optimization at all. Keywords is so important, so how to choose the right keywords? I according to my experience of seven effective keyword selection method, the hope can give the new Adsense some inspiration.

There are many


keyword analysis tool, there are free and paid. We choose the key to fully make good use of these tools. As I mentioned earlier the love Shanghai love Shanghai index, and the Google Suggest (nobility baby this tool can tell you a series of Related words and their "much) and aristocratic baby Sandbox (which is used for advertisers in Google for advertising inside), the Yahoo also has free keyword selection tools for advertisers bidding there are many other uses, not here. The use of these keyword analysis tools, we can choose their own website keywords good required. read more

See the product page code layout from the Jingdong store

The author summarizes

Jingdong of Shanghai Longfeng mall is doing very well, the specific details of the operation may be unable to understand. I want to discuss today is the main commodity details page code, please see below:

page code, the code found from top to bottom is so arranged: the main navigation –> –> the name of commodity goods; introduces the relevant content (including the related assessment and recommend all the merchandise information) –> Classification (the product information extension) –> the bottom of the public information. This page the main information using the H1 tag display priority to search engine. read more