Liverpool MUST sort out Sterling’s contract sooner, rather than later!

first_imgRaheem Sterling’s Liverpool future MUST be sorted out sooner, rather than later!That’s the view of former Reds defender Steve Nicol, who claims the clubs should sell the forward quickly if he’s definitely going to leave Anfield this summer.The England flyer wants to leave the Merseysiders, after telling Brendan Rodgers he would not sign a new deal.And Nicol insists the side must come to a decision shortly – for the good of the whole team.“If Raheem Sterling is going to go, and Liverpool have decided to let him go, then get rid of him quick,” he told talkSPORT. “If they don’t, Sterling has a huge PR job in front of him.“[If he stays] Sterling has to first and foremost do one thing and one thing only, get the fans back on side.“If he doesn’t there’s going to be an absolute nightmare for him. That’s then going to affect the rest of the team as well.”last_img read more

Agony And Ecstasy: Steve Ballmer’s Years At Microsoft

first_imglauren orsini Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Microsoft stocks surged Friday as CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement with no planned successor yet. You could almost get the idea that investors are happy to see him go.However, the reality is a bit more complicated than that. Ballmer’s long history at Microsoft has been marked both by roaring successes and equally dramatic failures. Ballmer has served as CEO of Microsoft since 2000, but usually deferred to founder Bill Gates’ decisions until Gates left the company in 2008. In the five long years between then and now, Ballmer has manned the helm solo. Here are the best and the worst moments in his legacy.Success: Restructured To Put Technical People In ChargeUnlike his predecessor Gates, Ballmer’s major skill is management, not technology. When he no longer had Gates’ technological know-how to rely on, Ballmer restructured the company to put technical people in management systems. See also Ballmer’s Microsoft: All MBA, No Developer SoulDuring Gates’ time, most project managers came from the sales department. But ever since 2009, each Microsoft product group has had a techie in charge. Some of them were brought to the company, like Qi Lu, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Applications and Services, formerly a Yahoo! executive. Others, like Steven Sinofsky, former president of the Windows Division, worked at Microsoft for decades.As a result, Microsoft is especially known for coordination between project groups. Rather than a hydra with many heads, Microsoft works like a merit system. For example, while Metro (Microsoft Design Language) was initially developed for the Windows Phone, its success led to it being standardized for a variety of Microsoft products.Success: No Patience For FailureRemember SPOT watches? The unwanted technology, which used FM transmission to deliver data to a user’s wrist watch, was an economic failure ever since Gates unveiled it in 2002. But Gates’ interest in the project kept it alive up until his departure in 2008.See alsoAfter Ballmer: One Microsoft, Or Many?It was Ballmer who finally killed sales and then killed the project altogether in 2012. Unaffected by Gates’ sentimentality, Ballmer has no scruples about cutting a project that isn’t performing. When the Microsoft Kin phone didn’t sell as expected, Ballmer sunset the project just a few short weeks after putting it on the market. Earlier this year, Microsoft dumped Windows 8 phones just 16 months after they came out. Ballmer isn’t afraid to retire projects quickly and ensure that Microsoft can focus its energy on what is working.  Failure: The Xbox Is A JokeIf this article had been written a few years earlier, it might have been extolling the virtues of the Xbox 360. But ever since the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, it’s become clear that with the advent of the Xbox One, gamers are choosing other options. As soon as Microsoft introduced the Xbox One to gamers, it was universally panned. The original system meant all game discs came with serial numbers, which meant gamers didn’t truly own their games, and could never sell games that were used. Gamers would have to log in to the Internet every 24 hours or render the Xbox One unusable. The Kinect, another unpopular piece of Microsoft hardware, would be a required accessory. Finally, the system wouldn’t support indie game publishing. Today, the Xbox One’s biggest selling point is that Microsoft has promised to undo every single promise it initially made. But it won’t be so easy to regain gamers’ trust. Failure: The Surface Tanked Under Ballmer’s WatchForget about the teetering Windows 8 for a second, which might still make it out of sheer market dominance. Ballmer’s biggest mistake as CEO has been failing to even make the Surface a marketplace contender.See Also Microsoft’s Best Bet For Next CEO Currently Runs Another Giant CompanyThe Surface ought to have been Microsoft’s answer to the success of the iPad. With a sleek interface and bright colors, it should have attracted a young audience… if not for its hefty price tag. Microsoft continues to slash prices just to empty out its inventory. In Q4, the company took a $900 million write-down loss, exclusively because of Surface.  Microsoft may still have the desktop market cornered, but what Ballmer is failing to act on is the fact that mobile and cloud trends could soon overtake desktop altogether. Being at the top of the desktop computer market will no longer be enough. 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img Related Posts Tags:#Microsoft#Surface#xbox one IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

One Window Open

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Right now, while you’re reading this, how many browser windows are open on your screen? How many notifications will pop up while you scan this text? How many times will you be pulled away from it before you finish the entire post?There is a war being waged to distract you from whatever you are doing at this moment. Those notifications and distractions are the weapons being used to make you less efficient, less productive, and less excellent. If you want to be excellent, if you want to do excellent work, you need to be highly committed to defending against distraction.Shut the browser windows now. Focus on this one post for the next three minutes of your life.You are not alone in your struggle against distraction. We, as a society, have lost the art of being focused. We have lost the ability to zero in on one task to do it well. For those of you who remember life and work before the internet, think back to what it was like when you set out to accomplish something. Think back to how easy it was to focus on the book you were reading, or the project you were working on. The only real distraction you had might be a telephone ringing, and that was easily overcome by simply taking it off the receiver. In the days before cubicles, open office plans, and the internet, focusing was as simple as walking into your office, closing the door, removing the phone from its cradle, and getting to work. Focus isn’t so easy anymore. There is a constant war for your attention. A barrage of notifications and popups and text messages trying to pull you away from the one thing you really need to focus on in that moment. You can’t win the war against distraction unless you first understand that you are in the war, and second, you commit to disengaging from it. Commit to disengaging from everything but the most important thing you are doing at this very moment. For me, as I write this post, this is the only browser window open, and this post is the only thing I’m thinking about. When I appear on a podcast or in front of a client, they are the only browser window I keep open. My cell phone is on mute and turned over. There is one window open, whether it is my conversation with them, or the Skype call I’m participating in. If you want to do excellent work you have to shut everything off but the one thing you want to do. You must give 100 percent of your attention to the one thing that is most important in that moment so you can achieve the best possible outcome. The next time you have a conversation with another human being, shut your laptop lid. Turn your phone to mute and place it face down. Watch the look on their face; when you give someone your full attention, they are almost shocked. They, too, are under attack from the army of distraction and unused to focus. You need to train yourself, and the people around you, that you are committed to winning the war against distraction. You need to train yourself to not be available for small things so that you can be available for big things. The messages and notifications will wait, but the most important work will not. If you want to be focused and you want to do great work, you need to be very conscious of distraction and be a tremendous defender of your time.  last_img read more

Benetech Shipping to Buy HMMs MR2 Tanker Duo

first_imgzoom Athens-based ship management company Benetech Shipping has reached an agreement to purchase two medium range (MR2) tankers from South Korea’s Hyundai Merchant Marine, according to VesselsValue data.Under the deal, HMM’s Oriental Emerald and Oriental Ruby, each featuring 50,400 dwt, would be acquired by Benetech Shipping for a price of USD 11.2 a piece, slightly lower than their current market value of USD 12.1 million and USD 12.3 million.The 189-meter-long and 32-meter-wide vessels were built by South Korea’s SLS Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd and delivered to their owner in May and August 2015, respectively.With a capacity of 60,378 m3, the tankers would be added to the Greek owner’s fleet of eight ships, consisting of six MR2 tankers and two clean tankers.Once handed over, the ships will be the largest ones in Benetech Shipping’s fleet, which currently features 314,700 dwt.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more