ASA rejects complaints about anti-cannabis billboard

first_imgAdvertising Standards Authority rejects complaints about anti-cannabis billboardNewsHub 30 April 2019 The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected complaints about an anti-cannabis billboard.Family First New Zealand funded the billboard, which displayed on a building beside the Southern Motorway in Auckland.It reads “You can’t legalise marijuana and promote mental health,” in large letters.Underneath this, it reads “Don’t legalise.”On Tuesday, the Complaints Board ruled the advertisement “did not contain anything indecent, exploitative or degrading, did not cause fear or distress and was socially responsible.”The ASA also ruled the billboard was unlikely to mislead consumers.A previous billboard from Family First NZ received multiple complaints earlier this year.This billboard was emblazoned with the slogan “Marijuana has a kids menu,” with photographs of various cannabis paraphernalia, some of which appeared to look like lollies.Seven complaints were received about this advert, with concern being the billboard was misleading, unsubstantiated and played on fear.In February, ASA ruled the billboard did not contain anything indecent, or degrading. It also ruled the advert didn’t cause fear or distress, and was socially responsible.“Drug use is a major health issue, and that’s why the role of the law is so important,” said National Director of Family First NZ Bob McCoskrie in a statement on Tuesday.“The public of New Zealand are not getting this information. Our billboards are designed to raise these inconvenient truths – and to provoke debate and discussion.”Family First NZ is an organization that seeks to promote “strong families, marriage and the value of life.”The organisation is vehemently against the legalisation of cannabis, saying it would be “foolish.”“The illegality of the drug and other drugs is vital as we fight the devastation its use causes on the users, their families and society in general,” they said in a statement in February.Family First NZ also led the opposition to the 2007 anti-smacking law, and the 2013 same sex marriage bill. read more

Newtown Primary School launches Literacy Week

first_img Sharing is caring! 34 Views   no discussions Share Education Minister Petter Saint Jean and Principal of the Newtown Primary School Jerry Coipel in the backgroudThe Newtown Primary School on Monday launched its first ever Literacy Festival week, the brainchild of Royette Charles, a teacher at that school under the theme “To learn to read is to light a fire”.Education Minister Petter Saint Jean who addressed the students said the festival presents an ideal opportunity to increase literacy awareness on the island.“This festival is a real excellent opportunity that I believe will create and heighten an awareness for reading among the students of the Newtown Primary School and throughout Dominica”.He said the Ministry of Education and Human Recourse Development “fully endorses the Literacy Week activities and remains committed to promoting an appreciation for reading among students, and also to arrest the decline in reading levels”.Principal and students of the Newtown PrimaryThe minister said it is hoped that at the end of the weeklong festival students will gain a greater appreciation for reading, as this is one of the “most important skills” a child can possess.“I believe it is important to note that you students recognize the importance of reading, the importance that it plays in the life of any individual as far as it relates to his mental development. It is my hope that throughout this week’s activities you will gain a greater appreciation for the wonders that can be discovered through reading”.A reading competition is part of activities planned for the Literacy Festival and will take place at the school on Monday. On Tuesday, parents and private sector readers will form part of the Read-a-Thon followed by an exhibition of the writing of students and teachers of the school on Thursdays.The weeklong activities will climax on Friday with a march by the students and teachers from the Newtown Primary School to the Newtown Savannah where the closing and prize giving ceremony will take place.Dominica Vibes News Tweetcenter_img EducationLocalNewsPrimary Newtown Primary School launches Literacy Week by: – March 26, 2012 Share Sharelast_img read more

Remember firewood rule when camping

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — With the arrival of camping season, visitors to DNR properties can help prevent the spread of invasive species by brushing up on the DNR firewood rule.The rule helps protect Indiana’s trees from the 140 known pests and pathogens that currently affect forests, as well as pests we don’t know about yet. Several pests and pathogens are transported through firewood movement.Under the rule, visitors to state parks, reservoirs, state forests, and state fish & wildlife areas can bring firewood from home—as long as the bark has been removed. Removing the bark minimizes the risk of accidental infestation through firewood movement, because insect larvae live in sapwood under the bark.Guests may also bring firewood into DNR properties, if it’s:— Kiln-dried scrap lumber.— Purchased outside the property and bears either a USDA compliance stamp or a state compliance stamp.— Purchased from the property campstore or on-site firewood vendor and has a state compliance stamp.Regardless of where visitors get their firewood, they should burn it all at the campsite before they leave.In short, the firewood rule means: Buy it with a stamp, bring it debarked, burn it all.“There are several invasive species causing significant damage to Indiana’s natural resources at this time” said State Entomologist Megan Abraham, who is the director of the DNR Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology. “Emerald Ash Borer, Callery pear, Gypsy moth, Kudzu, Hydrilla, and Purple Loosestrife to name a few.”“It’s the species that we have not spotted in Indiana that we need help from the public to keep an eye out for,” she added.The DNR asks members of the public to keep an eye on their local forests and natural resources for signs and symptoms of trees or vegetation dying off for seemingly no reason.“The DNR would rather come out and inspect an area and find nothing to worry about than find out after the fact that someone had spotted a problem and failed to report it,” Abraham said.If you see signs of trees in decline with no explanation, call the DNR at (866) NO EXOTIC (866-663-9684) with the date and location. Members of the public may report invasive species to the DNR through the Report IN website at, or by downloading the Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) app on a smartphone.For more about the rule see more information on all invasive species that could affect Indiana and ways to help stop their spread, see view all DNR news releases, please see read more

Arsene Wenger calls on referee Mike Dean to look again at Diego Costa antics

first_img Press Association Arsene Wenger has called on Mike Dean to review Diego Costa’s actions in Arsenal’s 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge on Saturday as the Football Association awaits the referee’s report into a feisty game where the Chelsea striker was the main protagonist. Dean will file his report by Monday and the FA will decide whether Costa should face retrospective action and a possible three-match ban. “(Dean) let it go and I don’t know why,” Wenger said. “I would like Mike Dean to look at the whole action that happened during the game and see if he stands for his decision. “You have a fourth official, you have a linesman, the referee and they talk all game. They can tell you and they know Diego Costa. He is not a newcomer. “It is surprising. If I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds to it because you know he has been well provoked.” Wenger, though, did not condone Gabriel, who was sent off for reacting to Costa’s taunts, insisting even if a player is spat at he must keep his cool. Gabriel became involved after Costa grappled with Laurent Koscielny, pushing the defender in the face with his hands before catching him with a flailing arm. “You have to be above that,” Wenger added. The match officials should have been aware of Costa’s reputation during his first 14 months in the Premier League, says Wenger, but statistics show the striker did not commit a foul in the match. The Gunners boss rebuked Dean for allowing the running feud between Costa and Gabriel to continue before the Arsenal defender saw red. “To be professional, to me, is to deal with that. You can spit in my face and if it’s in a game then I will not respond. I do not guarantee that outside of the game. “The desire to win has to be above all of that.” Arsenal have been accused of having a soft underbelly in recent seasons and part of Wenger was pleased to see that his team would not be intimidated. “We are equipped to respond but we always have to keep control of our response,” he said. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho chastised Gabriel for losing “emotional control”, insisting Costa kept his. Mourinho said: “Of course. That’s (the opinion of) people that don’t have the same opinion as I have. “When you work the way he did, his movement, his creation. He was fantastic. “The opponents have to keep emotional control, because to play against an attacking player that is aggressive, that goes to every ball, that fights for every ball, that is physical, it’s difficult.” Costa is “loved” by his team-mates and “trains like he plays – fantastic”, says Mourinho, who insists his players maintain control in opposition to the striker in training. Mourinho refused to say if Costa would rile him in opposition, saying it is challenging to play against Wayne Rooney, Christian Benteke, Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain. “But it’s because of these players that football is what football is and (there is) so much passion around, because they create passion,” Mourinho added. Had results gone against them Chelsea could have been bottom of the table on Saturday evening. Mourinho said: “I knew the teams had two points and we had four. “But I am not worried about that. I don’t believe in December we are fighting (to avoid) relegation.” Mourinho is looking for a third straight win at Walsall on Wednesday in the Capital One Cup Chelsea won in March, with Costa poised to be rested. Radamel Falcao is slated to start alongside John Terry. Mourinho maintains Arsenal have the squad to be champions after taking his record against Wenger to 15 played, one defeat. After successive losses – to Dinamo Zagreb and then Chelsea – Arsenal play at Tottenham in the League Cup on Wednesday. Wenger said: “It’s true that we played the last two games with 10 men in the second half and I hope we play one with 11 v 11. “(But) it’s another derby and that’s not guaranteed as well.” last_img read more

Horse racing dates for the remainder of the year finalised

first_imgTuesday December 26, 2017Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) THE nine-member interim body, which was set up to run the affairs of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA), met recently and finalised the racing dates for the remainder of the year.According to information received, dates for the eleven races, including the 2018 New Year’s Day race meet, were confirmed.Four racing stables were identified, with Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) set to host four races. The other three racing stables are the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC), Sky Plus (Nand Persaud), and Budhan’s Memorial Turf Club (BMTC).See below the finalised dates and venues. Sunday July 30, 2017Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) Sunday August 13, 2017Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) Sunday November 26, 2017Budhan’s Memorial Turf Club (BMTC) Sunday October 8, 2017Sky Plus (Nand Persaud) Sunday October 29, 2017Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) Sunday October 22, 2017Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) DATESRACING TRACKS Sunday December 10, 2017Sky Plus (Nand Persaud) Sunday September 24, 2017Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) Sunday August 27, 2017Sky Plus (Nand Persaud) Monday January 1, 2018Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC)last_img read more

Bradley’s ‘Queens Court’ aids Orange with mental, physical toughness

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on September 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm Ange Bradley wants to make sure her team has a physical edge. The edge is ingrained on Tuesday. When in her court, she determines a queen. The coach has spent her fair amount of time this season working on schemes and positioning, but realized a fault in her coaching after a loss to unranked Kent State. ‘I think I got a little too soft in working more systems with so many returning players,’ Bradley said. ‘The mental toughness piece is the piece that we’re still working on finishing. That comes from tough, demanding Tuesday practices.’ With Tuesday comes a familiar solution to the fault: her court.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text The practice Bradley is referring to is the weekly tradition that has become known as Queen’s Court. The practice style, which Bradley instilled since accepting the head coaching position three years ago, has become a trademark for the SU players and something to expect after a lackluster performance. The practice focuses on the physical aspects of the game and pairs players up in limited man situations, highlighted by one-on-one matches — like a game of one-on-one basketball. Junior forward Heather Susek playfully recalled memories of the practice before Wednesday’s practice, but knows of the emotions that surface when Queen’s Court commences. ‘Everyone gets a little frustrated,’ Susek said with a laugh. ‘Sometimes there is yelling at each other, but at the end of practice, we all come together.’ The practices — which Susek said are the hardest of the week — are usually on Tuesdays and are tools Bradley can use to make sure her team doesn’t get too complacent. The practice starts by ranking the players, one through 24, with one being the most talented player in the eyes of the coaching staff. Then the players are matched up based on their rank. The one seed matches up against the 24th seed, and so on and so forth. In the end, the queen is crowned: the best player every Tuesday. The two players compete for 30 seconds, with the winner moving up and the loser moving down. The Queen’s Court is the field where the No. 1 player starts, and the cellar is where the worst player plays. ‘It’s basically a mini-tournament,’ Bradley said, ‘Like what you would have at the NCAA championship or the basketball championship.’ After playing a couple rounds, the queen is determined by the winner in the top court. Then another court begins immediately. The players team up with the top players in their court and play a couple rounds of two-on-two. The process is then repeated, with the top eight seeded players being split into two teams of four for the final match. Susek said the intense practices lead to quite a number of heated exchanges and are the closest practice gets to a game-like situation. Said Susek: ‘It really got us to compete against each other and know exactly what it means to bring that to the games.’ Bradley said the team has done the practice many times this year. One of the reasons for the increased intense practices figures to be because of the Orange’s early-season loss to unranked Kent State. The 2-1 overtime lose was the first time SU lost to an unranked opponent since Oct. 25, 2007, when Cornell beat Syracuse, 3-2. Sophomore back Iona Holloway said the team uses the practice as a tool to keep the players levelheaded. Even if it routinely is one of the most hectic field hockey sessions, week in and week out, across the nation. ‘This year I think what we are working on is not expecting anything,’ Holloway said. ‘When we lost to Kent State this year, that was absolutely not what was expected to happen. Perhaps we were expecting to just win.’ After watching her team lose to fourth-ranked Princeton over the weekend for the team’s third loss of the year, Bradley figures she will use the practice even more this season. Two of SU’s losses were to opponents ranked higher then them, but the Queen’s Court sessions will still be used to keep the players on an edge. For as long as the team’s true queen, Bradley, wants for it to last. ‘It’s just competition and going at each other every day in practice,’ Bradley said. ‘We use it on Tuesdays — when we are furthest away from games — to create that competitive spirit and mental toughness of going after each other and competing.’ rwmarf@syr.educenter_img Commentslast_img read more

Ikegwuonu jumps to NFL; Chryst not leaving UW

first_imgJEFF SCHORFHEIDE/Herald photoFollowing UW?s 21-17 loss in the Outback Bowl, UW first team, all-Big Ten cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu said he would need to receive a fairly high grade from the NFL?s underclassman scouting services if he were to forego his senior season and enter the NFL draft.?I think I would be selling myself short if I didn?t come back, if I was graded anything less than the first couple rounds,? Ikegwuonu said. ?I think my coaches and my teammates and people around me that care about me told me I?d be selling myself short if I didn?t have confidence in my abilities.?Ikegwuonu must have liked what he heard from the NFL, because the junior decided to make himself eligible for the draft in early January.In a very brief statement issued by the UW Athletic Communications office, head coach Bret Bielema acknowledged the situation.?I can confirm that Jack Ikegwuonu, who just completed his fourth year with our program, has informed me that he will forgo his senior year and make himself available for the 2008 National Football League Draft,?Bielema said in the statement.Ikegwuonu?s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did not return requests for comment.A Madison native, Ikegwuonu spent 2004 ? his first year on campus ? as a redshirt in the program. Ikegwuonu started his career off fast as a second-year freshman, earning first-team freshman All-American honors from The Sporting News, and tying for the team lead in interceptions with three.As a full-time starter the following season, Ikegwuonu was named first-team All-Big Ten by the conference coaches after intercepting two passes and registering 50 tackles.Ikegwuonu?s numbers fell sharply in 2007 (one interception, 24 tackles), in large part because opposing offenses tended to not even throw in his direction. Despite the statistical drop-off, Ikegwuonu was a consensus all-conference selection by both the coaches and media.Ikegwuonu?s early departure will leave the Wisconsin cornerback position almost completely up for grabs when spring practice opens in March. Both Allen Langford and Aaron Henry ? corners who started opposite Ikegwuonu for the regular season ? suffered serious knee injuries late in the year, and how much, if any, they will play next fall is still unknown. Sophomore Josh Nettles would seem to have the inside track on one of the starting spots, and redshirt freshmen Mario Goins and Niles Brinkley could both challenge for time as well.Based on his previous comments regarding where he would need to be drafted to leave school early and numerous draft analyses done by close talent evaluators, Ikegwuonu is likely a second or third-round draft prospect.Coaching staff loses twoIn addition to reshuffling his defensive backfield, Bielema will also have some shuffling to do with his coaching staff.Following the 21-17 defeat in the Outback Bowl, offensive line coach Bob Palcic left UW to take the same position under newly-hired UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel.Bielema didn?t wait long to fill Palcic?s position, promoting former tight ends coach Bob Bostad to the newly vacated post.Following a season in which the UW defense failed to live up to preseason expectations, Bielema relieved defensive coordinator Mike Hankwitz of his duties and promoted co-defensive coordinator, linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator Dave Doeren. Hankwitz quickly landed on his feet, signing on for the same capacity at Northwestern.Returning eight starters from a defense ranked third in the nation both in points and yards allowed, the Badgers plummeted to 35th and 38th, respectively, in 2007. The defense also struggled mightily to defend spread offenses, an emerging tactic across the conference.“Dave Doeren and Bob Bostad have earned these promotions through hard work and their ability to handle additional responsibilities with our program,” Bielema said in an Athletic Communications release. “I hired them both originally with the thought that they could both eventually move into these new positions at some point, so I’m pleased that is happening.?Chryst staying putFor the second consecutive year, offensive coordinator Paul Chryst was rumored to be leaving Wisconsin.In the days following the Outback Bowl, there were whispers that Chryst would move to Purdue to become offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting.That move never came to fruition, and Chryst stayed put.Last winter, Chryst was pursued by the Dallas Cowboys to become their quarterbacks coach. Chryst eventually withdrew from consideration and signed a five-year, $1.75 million extension with UW.last_img read more

Syracuse wins first game, loses second at Patriot Classic Tournament

first_imgSyracuse (8-6) split Saturday’s games against George Mason (4-6) and Monmouth (4-2) in the Patriot Classic Tournament. It was the first day of games in the tournament after Friday’s game against Army was canceled due to weather.The day’s games started with Syracuse beating George Mason, 9-0, in six innings. SU’s scoring started at the end of the second inning when freshman Lailoni Mayfield grounded out to first base, driving junior Bryce Holmgren home.Holmgren scored again in the fifth inning, joining Alicia Hansen and Gabby Teran in the frame’s scoring. Hansen and Teran also scored the final two runs of the game when Holmgren singled in the middle of SU’s at-bats in the top of the sixth. Mayfield, Toni Martin and Sammy Fernandez were the other SU players to score against the Patriots.AnnaMarie Gatti started in the circle for the Orange. After Gatti allowed four walks and one strikeout in the first inning, sophomore Alexa Romero came in. Romero struck out 11 batters and walked three in the last five innings of the game. She let up one hit in the bottom of the fourth.The Monmouth game reached the end of seven innings tied 2-2, going into an eighth inning where Monmouth would score a run and win the game, 3-2.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textMonmouth scored its first two runs in the top of the second inning off a single. SU’s Neli Casares-Maher tripled in the bottom of the second, sending Holmgren home. She scored off the next at-bat on a wild pitch to tie the game.No one scored again until the eighth inning when an RBI double by Monmouth scored the game-winning run.Gatti started the Monmouth game and pitched the first three innings. Miranda Hearn came in at the top of the fourth and stayed in until the fifth when Romero came in. By the top of the eighth inning, Romero reached 10 strikeouts for the second time in two games. Comments Published on March 3, 2018 at 6:49 pm Contact Kaci: Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Gabriela Knutson and Miranda Ramirez lose in 2nd round of NCAA Tournament

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments No. 8 Gabriela Knutson and Miranda Ramirez ended their season on Friday with a second round defeat against Oklahoma State’s No. 14 Vladica Babic and Sofia Blanco, 4-6, 7-5, 8-10. In a match filled with nine deuce points, numerous errand shots and a healthy dose of I-formations, the Orange could not hold on after forcing a super tiebreak.SU’s first doubles pairing opened the match up with three errors to drop the first point of the game. Babic commanded the net in the first couple of games, but her partner started to falter during serves. Blanco hit the net five times in the third game and faulted twice to give the Orange its first game of the match.The conclusion of the first set centered around deuce points. With four of the last seven games of the set resulting in a 40-all score, SU could not capitalize. At 40-40 at 2-2 and 3-3, associate head coach Shelley George implored Ramirez to get closer to the net, but the sophomore was outshined by Blanco with her 5-foot-11-inch frame up close to take both points.At 4-4, with Ramirez serving, the Orange started to play the I-formation. After consecutive failed serves, Ramirez elected to change strategies for the moment. With one of the deciding games on the line, Knutson attempted to recover a net cord that ultimately led her to fall onto one knee to go down 4-5. Down 15-40, Babic placed a forehand winner directly in the back left hand corner past the outstretched arms of Knutson, taking the first set.SU opened the second set similarly to the first by getting swept to start. An airmailed shot from Ramirez, which left the Leighton Family Court parameters, topped off the early deficit for the Orange. After the changeover, SU recovered to go up 2-1 on a cross court volley from Ramirez to go up a break.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textKnutson clinched two straight games at 40-all to help SU level at 3-3 midway through the second set. As the set winded down, the Cowboys started to employ an I-formation of its own when Blanco served. Unlike the Orange, who only used it five times in the first 15 games of the match, OSU began to attempt it on almost every first serve. SU held strong though, fought off the tactics and forced a super tiebreak.Syracuse opened the super tiebreak firing, going up 5-1 at the first changeover. But it wouldn’t sustain. Eventually, OSU went on a run of its own to tie it at 6-6. After swapping the next four points, Babic ended SU’s season on two forehands to close out the match. Blanco and Babic screamed and embraced after the victory. Knutson and Ramirez walked off the court with their heads down in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.The loss ends the Orange’s season as it finished without a quarterfinals birth in all three NCAA tournaments — team, singles and doubles.center_img Published on May 25, 2018 at 4:30 pm Contact KJ: | @KJEdelmanlast_img read more

Real Madrid offer Vilanova support

first_imgReal Madrid have released a statement giving their full support to Tito Vilanova in the aftermath of reports he has developed a cancerous tumour.The 44-year-old had an operation on a salivary gland last November, but it is believed the problem has now returned and the Spanish champions have offered their backing to the coach of their fiercest rivals.“Real Madrid want to express their support, love and affection to Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova and hope that he makes quickest recovery,” read the statement on the club’s official website.“The Real Madrid C. F. extends this support to your club and your family.”Barca have yet to officially validate the reports, but the Catalan club have closed Wednesday’s training session to the media.The Blaugrana top La Liga after taking 46 points from a possible 48 – the best start made by any Spanish side in Primera Division history.last_img read more