Do stand attitude determines success

I was more anxious, noise is caused by individual families, want to make money through the network, but no matter how to do, did not earn. For just learning SEO I, the site was K rate increased significantly, when no learning SEO, I do not know what the site is K off that is, never encounter things, ha ha

I did a lot of garbage station, also called the experimental station, to test the results of SEO (the heart is actually trying to make money) website done, do the next, the first is not included in the tube, and a few days later it was K out, I am very experienced several times disappointed ah, 5 months down to earn only $30. The company paid enough. 100 dollars are brother valley began to pay. read more

Cat explore various professionals operating different ways of thinking website

often hear people complain, if I will like, if I can sell well…… Just did not think of their own areas of expertise, he thinks, to be useful, to maximize their own areas of expertise, as the web site full of sound and colour. Of course, do not rule out a good, but no improvement in the site, the cat can only suggest you try another industry, the 360 line well, do not have to hang on a tree. Here, the cat bold with the webmaster to explore different ideas under various kinds of professional operation of the website: read more

Entertainment sites how pseudo original

entertainment station now estimated to have been flooded, but today it is going to talk about the entertainment station "original", after all, entertainment is a big cake, as the content is not very limited, free space is still very great. My small station is also new, at the same time, I also want to communicate with you more, and hope to make common progress. Entertainment news, in general, has been monopolized by several large sites. Small entertainment site is nothing more than to collect the contents of these, and then enrich to your site. So, how exactly can you make your home website content more explosive point, easier to be included in the engine? In fact, it is very simple, modified Bai, you can not afford to do the paparazzi, read more

Do website remember speculative real hits create real rankings

As long as the

engaged in SEO optimization webmaster friends will have such experience, that is the site’s ranking is very unstable, may today website ranking in the Baidu home page, second days after the ranking may fall to the N page, let people can not understand, in fact, this happens mostly because of this website have some more or less cheating, it is these opportunistic way to make your site’s ranking is difficult to stabilize, in other words the website ranking is not true.

Especially with the Baidu read more

Lu Songsong talk about the authenticity of the domain name verification abroad is not good

last night canceled the Sichuan region more than 4000 sites for the record access, today will be canceled tomorrow, the country is expected to around 10 thousand of the record access (after the abolition of access to become a shell site, no access provider). This part is more than half expired and is part of the original domain name, the domain name here in our host was not in, there is a part of the host domain are, but directed elsewhere! If a customer asked, can let customers buy the host and apply for access in a month, otherwise the authority will be cancelled in a months later read more

How are websites collected


a few days ago I search my website, found that there are many illegal websites update at the same time, I found some illegal click into the site, but found only a small amount of information in the advertisement of website of the other side at the top, and not what the actual content.

I checked each other’s source code and found out that the other party was hiding the content of the site. In this way, he can cheat the search engine, let the search engine give him a good ranking, and at the same time in front of visitors hide their petty theft behavior. read more

n 2010 am optimistic about the industry talent network

I’m not a professional master, but just contact the new owners, the following article does not represent the expert point of view. Look down, read please do not paizhuan. Thank you. Why do you say that,


first analysis: the Internet market now has a wide variety of websites. Yes, as long as you can think of it. Integrated portals, industry portals, local portals, leisure, entertainment, and classified information. E-commerce, and so on, the number also can not count.

, let’s go one by one: first of all, let’s go straight. Famous companies, to be a Sina, Sohu and other portals are difficult, not to mention individuals, industry portal: business, trade, agriculture, electronics, construction, chemicals, metallurgy and so on. However, these industry portals have long been prepared by others. Almost all of them operate in a company. In the industry has established the status of the boss. If you do not have absolute data, you are familiar with the industry. Don’t go to the muddy water. If you have the absolute advantage of the industry and know the industry well, you can also try it. Because everybody says to do industry website to make money. read more

A little present saved my love affair with my girlfriend

all the time, I was careful to maintain the relationship with my girlfriend, we were both in Shandong and Liaocheng, grew up in a small, perhaps it is because of this, we sometimes speak not to hide, but sometimes I think maybe we like a pair of lovers, because too familiar, so it is easier to cause harm.

last month female friend’s birthday, but I was really work out, I think we all love for so many years, miss a birthday, give her back up, so I texted her, when she did not say what I think like this in the past, but since then in her attitude towards me changed, then my friend said, three days of woman life the most important birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day. So I regret, I’m not the kind of person who easily give up, I also want to buy what gadgets to make her happy, but now the circulation is so developed, what can not buy, read more

Local talent network information collection and pseudo original skills

network recruitment industry, although ten years of development all the way rough, but because the profit model is clear, personal Adsense get started simple, network with local city, various industry talents, web site emerge in endlessly. As a result of the acquisition of the phenomenon, and the collection of objects is a single 51JOB station, resulting in the current personnel website information repeated. How to find another way, collect enterprise recruitment information, update talent website, and then by Baidu and other search engines included and favored, has become in front of a large number of small and medium-sized talent webmaster in front of. Focused on the original information of Baidu to enter the market after the site personnel must be able to collect information directly without being processed out of the publishing practice, or face a Baidu update, Baidu K will not be the fate of the station. read more

nternet grassroots Adsense winter

, here I mean "winter" means the Internet, this meal is getting worse and worse,.

recently went to the Internet Forum in the South without any leisure. (it’s better not to go, it doesn’t make much sense!


is there to hear one of the things that Tao Zhi said about the winter. I have a great influence on it,


yes, there are more and more people eating the internet. I used to get rich by advertising. Now it’s hard to mix


so far, many people rely on their own meager income to maintain their station operations read more

have some experience in doing web work

some time ago I also made a movie website, as a long standing management experience is not enough, because the website development process is the need to meet the difficulties, which is very difficult to predict, in order to improve themselves in order to learn more of the treatment station experience, have more than 1000 times access to a variety of treatment station experience and experience, but rather let I regret very much content, such as the withdrawal of a no what novelty, even very much name under the banner of "promotion help promote friendship and the real guise for their own website to increase the bargaining chip, tailored advertising posts, some language skills less points to the" reference "very much has been written about the contents of the article, for the prosperity of the Internet give counsel mutual aid situation, is very touching. read more

Cool Peng net CEO every Ming snow talk about electronic coupon marketing

current topic: Cool Peng nets, electronic coupons marketing expert

the guests: Feng Ming, kupengwang CEO

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806

1, website background

Fang Qingbin: Welcome cool Peng net CEO Mr. Ming snow, welcome to the city business interview (, first of all, please Mr. Pang Mingxue for you to introduce specific cool Peng nets!

Pang total:

thank you, Mr. Fang. It’s a pleasure to be here to exchange views with you!

cool Peng network was established in 2004, has been, we have focused on electronic coupon marketing. In 2006, the United States successfully flying Li Kairui $5 million in venture capital, kupengwang began rapid development, have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Railway Station. A number of franchise stations were also recruited. The content of the website has also changed from providing information to electronic coupons. Website service also by the original only to help businesses release electronic coupons, and now to promote integrated marketing for businesses. read more

How do you raise a glass to 1 million 350 thousand All the chips in the end how to play

how much is a cup worth? One thousand readers have one thousand numbers in mind, but the answer is: 1 million 350 thousand. From 13 years December 17th to 14 January 16th, Cuptime through the congregation raised platform named time, a total of 1358583 yuan to raise funds. Cuptime is an intelligent water glass, the developer for the wheat team. Although carrying a smart name, but still use it as plain as ordinary drinking glasses. Cuptime is connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth 4, and also has a built-in algorithm to remind you to drink water at the right time. You don’t have to look at your cell phone reminders at any moment. The glass itself can sound to remind you that you should drink water. read more

How to optimize the banner of travel website banner RO

, a guest article published by TravelSpike CEO and co founder Ryan Bifulco.

we know almost no one clicks on banner ads, does it? A good banner has a 1/1000 click rate, so even if your ad is displayed 1 million times, it’s only 1000 hits.

even if you put in a lot of advertising budgets, you may get only 1-2 bookings from these 1000 clicks. But what about the other 999000 browsers who don’t click ads?

facts have proved that many visitors will go directly to your website in a few weeks, so that you can make a reservation. read more