Let Baidu stop the station to restore the flow of the past

last year bought Marx, so, a happy, on the same data template, similarly, a movie station, done on the same server, think that Baidu can included more traffic!


who knows, in less than two months, Baidu blocked my server IP, so the site fell into the water tank, cold,

although very sad, but it can not be turned off, you do not turn off, and have to pay the server costs, so I think of a way,

, I keep on updating everyday,

then I put some switching chains into the empty ad position so that one of my IP can be converted into multiple IP, because there is a simultaneous exchange of multiple chains, so there are more than one IP! read more

Baidu K what are you doing after you

believe that many webmaster have web site by Baidu K energy, I also webmaster online search for some information about Baidu K station, everyone said is better. Say here today, my station was Baidu K, what am I doing?.

, a song and dance duet for me. The website was made at the beginning of the year. I personally like the song and dance duet. I feel more interesting than watching a sketch or comic dialogue. So they are looking at online video, MP3, 3GP, find the video download, it is no exaggeration to say that at that time I was on the dance duet possessed, I often go to the Baidu search, Youku, 6 rooms, is the thunderbolt download, I can go to a place of times, also recently collected the relevant information and a lot of video data. It made a meal, and later a friend said love you so why don’t you come to collect things on a website to share with others, let the same people avoid love Errenzhuan like you in the online search to search for. I heard this suggestion well, so I put all the information or video I collected into my station. I didn’t realize that it would be less than a month before someone came to see my stuff. Later, more and more people, I have more identification of the service and everyone and their confidence. So I come back every night and send out the latest video or downloaded address that I see that day, and share it with people I share. Later, I sorted out some recent information and celebrity information. Anyway, I was trying to satisfy my fans and fans. The station also in me and everyone’s support is more popular, the truth can be what web interface is rubbish, but the content I diligently update, so visitors like me and also so care interface, and concentrate on the website content. read more

100% sales promotion of product conversion

conversion Frank is a pleasant surprise and headache indicators, high conversion rate, fear of instability; conversion rate is low, it is simply waste of traffic, traffic is money ah. The conversion rate of the product is not high, but it is affected by many factors, and the most important one is sales copy. Sales copywriting is a part of persuading visitors directly, and writing good sales documents can greatly relieve customer service pressure.

many friends write sales copy there is a problem: logic is not clear. Logical sales copy should be progressive, interlocking, small strokes began to put into the final resorted big move, so that visitors want to buy more and more; and the logic is not clear the sales copy, may begin to move to make out, left behind are small strokes, see no more desire to buy. So what is clear logic? I made a picture, look at: read more

Did Baidu take the chance to adjust SEO’s confidence

since the founding of Baidu Adsense community, you can say that Baidu will carry out two major updates every month, each week will be a small update. Before, Baidu update is only a little update, blow is also reasonable. But now the general big update, will innocent hurt many websites. In the end is Baidu’s technical setback, or Adsense more and more will not optimize,


according to reason, each webmaster in accordance with the search engine guide to operate, can achieve certain optimization effect. However, Baidu’s update this year will always hurt part of the site. read more

How can we make a stand

There is every kind of website

on the Internet, but what kind of website is a good website? You may soon think of the major portals, because their information are few websites like the original content is the most, but I think that a person, a a good website is not a famous website, they provide detailed, but also to improve their flow, click rate, in order to attract visitors, often use the title to attract the attention of others, this is the title of the party.

is really good with the user. Www.7zyx.com, for example, is a web site dedicated to martial arts heroes. Rich in content and quick to update news and information. Meet the needs of users. read more

A5 webmaster B2B website operation training experience dry sharing

participated in the A5 webmaster network second period B2B website operation training, my mood is still more excited, or even excited. First of all, we must thank A5 for providing a powerful and dry training platform. Thanks also to the instructor, Liu Pu, for sharing and patient guidance. Liu himself has extensive experience in Internet operation, teaching is really meticulous, patient and enthusiastic, there are also a lot of dry sharing in the course. Let me really realize that teaching fish is better than giving fish. And finally thank the passion of the children’s shoes, laonie, Ding Sheng, thank you for sharing in the group, and common progress. read more

Clever use of 139 e mail free monitoring their website every move

as a webmaster always worry about their website problems, who want to stabilize their website, how to realize the monitoring of it, we all know that the webmaster nanny http://s.bm.chinaz.com, which most are paid for, oh, how free? Webmaster helper free membership only by mail notice can not use SMS notice, even SMS notification is money a 2 hair! Now we use the free membership function realization of SMS notification (full free!)

mail.139.com first to register a mailbox, free it! Use your mobile phone number, China Unicom and China Telecom is not enough Oh, why do I need to register? Because the 139 mailbox is free to mail mobile phone SMS alert! Is that each send a letter to your mailbox 139 your mobile phone will receive a SMS alerts, remember: This is a dedicated mailbox number. Don’t publish it anywhere, otherwise spam will be sent to you. Your cell phone is going to suffer, read more

have a sense of feeling Amateur webmaster view A5

I intend to

originally in the Admin5 code is no longer anything, because of psychological sour grapes is too heavy, but yesterday saw this post is graph king sigh the change


animation, the hacker community, webmasters and so on, the word out for me is not strange, why want to retire? A lot of Boss hackers, or many webmaster has rarely appeared in the network this is why


I personally feel that people often do not understand what they really need, is the abalone? Just a shell thickness, blood shells, shark’s fin, is nothing more than a little tough "fans Rice noodles", ginseng? But is a grass root! And tend to accumulate life can to reach your dream and after will feel that this is not their ownership, do not know if you do not see, which may explain why 1 people 20 years ago would be a doer, after 20 years will be read more

Lu Songsong what kind of online ads attract people

network advertising is different from traditional media advertising, traditional advertising is released what users only see what advertising content, but the network advertisement is different, if you don’t love this advertisement can use the browser, the system optimization software to screen these ads. Network advertising is characterized by the number of audiences can be accurate statistics, advertising can change in accordance with the needs of advertising content, a strong interaction and sensory, network advertising costs and so on. read more

Do it by heart not by SEO alone

, a lot of people ask me why your gm500 will be in such a short period of time on the GM, the keyword first, my reaction was: "ah, ranked first, I don’t know,.


really, I do so long the site is really little to check my site in the end in the Baidu page, but more attention is paid to the contents on the website, I have more time in front of the computer, so always written in some related articles, but also often to some similar to the station to see what the latest information, the in site inside what one sees and hears recorded recently. Traffic statistics to add up, before just look at the number of hits of the article, click on the small, I will find out what the problem is, I write this article is not suitable for everyone to see it, or you already know. A few days ago a friend told me that the key Chinese GM base your site row to page second, will soon be the first ~ I feel Baidu is friendly although I don’t know him well, but From the traffic statistics I recently added the 50% flow or from Baidu search to the 20% other sites to the left is to directly enter the URL, if one day can directly enter the URL to the flow of more than Baidu, then I would be happy to die, because I think do not rely on the engine can develop station is good. read more

Chinese webmaster to do English station entrance

first, you do not have the correct attitude, language difficulties, because you will eventually understand that English is not good, it will not affect you as a English station. Don’t take the idea of the domestic garbage station to the English station. Even if you decide to open an English garbage station, the rules are quite different from the Chinese ones. I’ll talk about it later.

you need to prepare a domain name, a space, both need foreign, even if you want to register domain name in the country, also must bound DNS abroad. Because you are facing English users, and because of the Internet the Great Wall in China, so the domestic visit abroad is generally very slow. The choice of domain name must be com, other do not consider. It shows the theme of your site, but do not take a meaningless name to use, because this is the first step in the search engine to get. Let me give you an example. You do a game, an article, a station, a game + article, a domain name, a combination of English words, just like our Pinyin domain name. read more

Better die than live local forum operation introduction

today my mailbox received space expiring information, remembered their operation in Yuyao forum has been more than 10 months, very ashamed, he did 10 months up to now still not popular forum, once vowed, confidence day has gone from me, just to see the day.


forum has no what members post ad is a few every day and do the SEO outreach in the post, so every day I go to clean the sensitive advertising posts, thank you very much for them, at least

they help me update Baidu search forum, the Yuyao forum has mostly been ranked in the top three, my forum address is: http://s.0574yy.com/, welcome master ariadne. read more

Grassroots webmaster of natural flow of the latest reading

site traffic is our ultimate goal to do SEO optimization, the direct source at the same time it is also our webmaster gain, then what is the website traffic? What is the dominant natural flow in web traffic accounted for? Below the author for the webmaster interpretation of what is the natural flow of


first of all, what we need to know is the value of natural flow and why we should do natural flow. Natural flow is more targeted, in the natural flow, there are some customer demand for our goods. Just like: if you want to buy a laptop, you can search for some information about the laptop on the Internet. These traffic are our potential customers. The behavior of natural flow can also be called behavior data. If a website is entirely based on promotion, then your customers are not your real customers. Do natural flow can help our site gain, also can help our site retain customers. read more

Baidu will not abandon you when you insist on updating

also sent two articles in Admin5 before, recording the process of doing a new station. From the beginning of May Guangdong exam net, because you have no resources, so it can’t find a good connection, the only thing you can do is here a two article, then I will update every day (acquisition and human have), every day in the Baidu site is a disappointment, but let me back, all the way up to the beginning of June for a month of Baidu is not, at this time the mood and I do believe that many novice webmaster have the experience is. Also consider giving up (people say I am, but I also refuse station) is not what good things, it can only insist on doing it, in mid June, Baidu finally included my station, although the number of included is not much, but it is for me to do it. Courage. So, as long as we insist on updating, Baidu can still see it. I have another station (is AD) hair net (www.faxingnet.com) as before how management, later revised once dropped by Baidu K, but I still did not abandon it, continue to update, now Baidu not included recovery, and the ratio of I before the revision also included many, also in the steady flow pick up. read more

copied the product like this because of plagiarism so excellent

personally feel that the product design of the Internet is a fast iterative process first, followed by a constantly being copied, copied, copied and so a big iterative process, the whole process is a spiral. The condition that you can become a good designer is whether you can copy". Because copy, so copy more.

yes, I am a copying designer of Internet products.

I don’t deny this. If a product module is not designed, I’ll hesitate to take a copy of my competitors or something like that. Then I will give my users the test, and finally revise and perfect it. read more

How profitable personal website Reprint

network to engage in a few years time, large and small sites do not dozens, because did not adhere to make their own efforts. Although he knows some small East, there is little opinion on the Internet economic profit, but because I was born to by others, not always in the tube bundle, some companies mixed. Some official appointment today to idle, features some of his experiences to share with you


network is popular in China since about 01 years, from then on, large and small personal websites have emerged a number of, because of the particularity of personal website, at home should belong to a blank area of no control, can also be said that this piece of national pipe bundle is not rigorous. There are a lot of ideas of personal webmaster, do a bit of erotic edge ball station can also earn advertising fees, membership fees to earn; apply for an advertising alliance, hanging some ads on the site, by some means of cheating, or by some malicious script propaganda can also stand point increase traffic to their own, earn advertising fees; for a message to the SP alliance, even cheat with Hu you can also call the user’s mobile phone monthly, to bring their own station of commission income. With the formal development of the network, the road will be more and more narrow, many of these stations will disappear in the vast sea. For the majority of the individual owners profit is the first purpose, of course, also have a lot of friends in order to interest and do stand! Want to gain friends should not go the other way, it should be more profit seeking personal website, the station’s own short-term profit read more

How does your website skills attract target customers

A lot of

in the early days of the enterprise will encounter many problems in the website operation, one of the most important issues is to build brand awareness, and then need to want to be famous in the market mixed Lianshu, attracting a large number of target customers. For an inexperienced entrepreneur, it is not a simple matter to get a large amount of traffic on your own website. To publicize the brand and train the user groups, it is far from enough to have financial support, and whether the enterprise brand has online competitiveness is the key. read more

Baidu please don’t leave the station alone


should be Chinese owners are most concerned about the number of search engines, Baidu included will directly affect the income, every day most of the time, is in their own site to have a good ranking and work hard. From the point of view of search accuracy, Baidu really did a good job. But for more comprehensive data, I think Google is more user-friendly. The mechanism of punishment Baidu sometimes too harsh, resulting in a lot of good websites have been abandoned, perhaps Baidu is to provide more accurate retrieval, no doubt is a guarantee in search of the user, but this invisible threshold has blocked a large part of Qin bitter maintenance of the website. read more

How will the new on line game station within a month to do P500

had a little time before, and wanted to do another station for himself to test SEO optimization. Because I’m a rookie, I’m learning SEO, I’m just getting started. I just want to use what I’ve learned. Originally, I have been based on the knowledge of the optimization of a novel site, but after all, that is the first time, I do not know is the optimization, or the site itself, ranking is pretty good. Many novels have a good ranking, forget it, bring a little traffic. But these words are not popular, each word brings 50-100IP unequal, keyword more, more scattered. read more