Du Dance the stationmaster pays as long as he works Continued

once wrote the site experience, the equivalent of your profile, is the webmaster, thank you brother top friends here, thank you www.admin5.com for my approval, so I have a deep feeling of release is original or preferred A5, the article did not see you again reading it, this time for everyone to write a sequel to http://s.admin5.com/article/20090702/163156.shtml.

following an article written on it, said a "more often to the webmaster, more can maximize the value of personal website!" people have doubt, say, but how hard? In what direction? How to achieve maximum value? Below I will talk about this problem. read more

Listen to WeChat weixin com the seller the captain tell the story

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) April 16th news, a few days ago, "WeChat domain weixin.com sold 30 million yuan" news like a deep bomb, let the domain ring instantly raged, all from the weixin.com There were many discussions. The details of the transaction, the buyer is not Tencent, are you pull out of the the seller is to be captain all envy minon. Now let’s ask the captain to talk to you.

: Captain

150 yuan to open an extraordinary domain name, experience

said that, because the captain or senior high school students learn to do "started the first contact with the domain name, when he was completely unaware of the domain name can make money, because until the music website at home, registered by the local bar owner lian8.com watch and bought, earned 150 yuan, for this then a year accommodation fee will be 60 yuan of the captain, but not a small sum of money. Found the opportunity to captain, "slowly squeeze the meal to register the domain name". read more

From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster two

thank you for your support, I will continue to write down this experience, the previous one did not see, you can go to my space, or (www.jz286.com) this site to see. Hope that users read, give some advice.

, with the help of my boyfriend and T, my first personal website was finally built. Free time every day on the Internet, watching their own step by step to do out of the site, very pleased. But strange is, the flow of the website is not much, after asking a boyfriend to know, the flow of the site with the web site keywords and external links and so on have certain connection. Key words and external links are another new word for me. I began to check the relevant information online slowly. However, for the information and as mumbo-jumbo; again into the labyrinth. In the maze, my boyfriend shows me the way like a light. With his help, start making links. read more

A grassroots webmaster for two years to do station experience

from the university to the business, from the station to sell a year of painstaking efforts Xianlin network. Junior year began to do the station, seeking cheap, in the sunshine Internet Registration promotion org, but also only org for me to register. In 06 years in November registered the domain in 07 years began in May as a station, after 2 months, the first sell advertising, 1000 pack years later, more and more advertising revenue, in December sold the website of money, advertising revenue sword 5K, which has been very satisfied, because the investment is small then, the virtual host and the cost of the domain name, do not add up to 1000. In December, I had only half a year left to graduate from college. I might leave the place where I studied and lived for four years. It intends to sell the site, find the same type of webmaster in Baidu, the price of 10000 yuan to play 5% off sold the website, but the domain name transfer to a problem by the sunshine Internet pit, again under serious contempt. read more

Master must understand nine graphic design common sense

itself is a designer, while children have some free time, in the webmaster online postings, the effect is free to produce logo, in exchange for website connection (I believe many people have seen), half a month to get more than 80 personal stations or corporate logo, understanding to the many webmaster, they are very good, but some owners due to the knowledge of art is too scarce, cause such as let me add to the picture directly connected to orange as cold tone and other people is very helpless, hereby code the article, we hope to help. read more

Li Ze in order to operate the website well we must rely on sponsorship marketing

recently this November, is an Internet news month, first of all, there is 3Q battle, and now out of an Internet force, "28 push", in the industry is very attractive to everyone’s attention. However, it is perhaps for this moment of opportunity a lot of hard personal webmaster or Internet Co, and many IDC have been overlooked some network marketing details, this is the network marketing and sponsorship.

said the network marketing, many of my friends are very familiar with, SEM, SEO, SRO and so on can say a few words, but today I and everyone is talking about the sponsorship in network marketing, this knowledge do good, if sponsorship is a lever, it would be able to move the ball. Just need to find a fulcrum, can be 42 pounds. Sometimes, just a little bit, it starts to explode. Good operation. Overnight, our website or company’s brand is likely to be famous both inside and outside. In other words, sponsorship marketing is a "way."". With this "Tao", can be born a road, a lifetime of two, two, three, do infinite read more

Dare to challenge Sina to do information network

may have some friends, a talk about Sina face is full of disdain, think sina is just a reprint polymerization, think oneself do station will be different from them, will be able to go beyond them. Personally think, if you want to do news, information, web site, the first object of study is sina.

maybe someone says, "what can Sina learn? Don’t take Sina for granted.". In my first year of formal entry, I once thought so. And the new year, it is increasingly agreed to Sina’s argument. For a very simple example, when you see a doctor, believe that a 10 year veteran of the doctor still believe that a just graduated from the nursing home nurse? News website, especially startups don’t have much time for beginners to exercise and to practice, because of the loss, not only money but also opportunity and development. read more

Economic winter expects independent third party statistics

According to the authoritative

technology newspaper reported that many market research companies will regularly publish website traffic statistics data for advertisers reference, web site managers will also publish their data, but these data are often quite different, so that Internet companies and advertisers are not important. The reason for inaccurate or even inconsistent data is the difference of technology and the driving of commercial interests. The reason why advertisers do not push more promotion budgets from traditional media to the Internet is that the scientific and reliability of traffic statistics is the main factor to limit this revolutionary transformation. Careful analysis shows that the discrepancies in statistical data resulting from technological differences are minimal and that more differences arise from commercial interests. So, looking at the domestic, we flow around the statistical market and what? read more

As an electricity supplier operation have you really paid attention to the importance of category a

high-rise buildings from the ground floor, compacted bottom structure is too important to do electricity supplier is also true. The nature of the electricity supplier is to sell goods, operations, promotions, etc., the ultimate goal is simply to attract customers to buy these goods, commodity management is an important part of the operation. And category and attribute management is the basis of commodity management, then today, I’ll talk about how to build and adjust the class attributes of electronic business platform, the overall operation of the platform plays a huge role in promoting. read more

Grassroots individual AdSense for success half of the factors

yesterday evening to idle and university students to talk to him a few years to do the experience, the more talk the more vigorously. I listen to the ecstasy, deeply felt his as an ordinary grassroots personal webmaster bitterness, for he lost many opportunities, deeply sigh.

my classmates 06 years graduation to return home in Ji’nan, was in Ji’nan to find a network company engaged in web design work, a colleague at the start of the study of personal website in this network the company he found, in the colleagues and suggestions (wages 1000+ own a little better than to stand strong to work, is always a matter of expediency), my old classmates also make their own personal website. Now after a lapse of 3 years, his colleagues rely on their own to do a foreign forum early resignation home became a full-time personal webmaster, earn 6000RMB+, my classmates 3 years have done a few websites, eventually still only a small. He and I chatted about this a few years do stand experience, in 06 years he began to do stand when several stations planned are Ji’nan local industry website and do the first, profit model is also clear and absolutely effective (because he didn’t do it to others with his mode of success). But because of the time and many other reasons, a few small didn’t survive, finally summed up his own failure to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and he said: I do not mainly Tashi station, bent bigger, originally kindergarten resources website is very good, but the lack of what to do, early education, breeding, nutrition, child what all done, the results are not good, even if not do his best when the station operators have several companies to work with him, but he didn’t have time for work and busy. read more

Light nternet webmaster future development trend

present, eat station station station station with this situation obviously, the Internet is a capital game! Why does everyone think of the Internet to dig a pot of gold! Because the Internet had too many IT rich people have seen when people succeed, but did not see when people start, there is a the reason is that we think the Internet business threshold is low, that buy a rice, buy a space station, a flourishes, is this kind of psychology, make too many people lost in their own dream of getting rich Internet fantasy and a narcissistic read more

‘ve been a station experience for so many years

honestly I started to contact the computer is in Tai’an in 2001, when the company with a computer for the office, before (98 years) in the school of Business Administration major is accounting, there are computer classes in a week is 2 day (computer classroom on the 2 computer, 386) I once had don’t go off.

office with computer, office of minimum 6 people I was 18 years old, people do not get the computer, I was the first contact, a start is to play the game, to sell the computer (the impression is called a giant shop) with a lot of game play enough to buy CDs, then. There is something wrong with the computer said, let them come and put the game (not). Why don’t you surf the Internet? It was 3 yuan an hour online, or dial-up. The office didn’t let it on. I’m afraid the call won’t come in. read more

mpression notes face bankruptcy how about 1 billion worth of corporate death

(Preface) impression notes, valued at $1 billion in 2012, only registered users in China in 2015 has reached 15 million.

This icon is cute baby

notes, not only launched a little creativity and emerge in an endless stream, at any time any place can be synchronized to log in to your account, so many people give up Word to a new recording mode, it is also a change in the Silicon Valley of the American Technology Corp in China only lessons of cognition, is created an era.

however, when the famous Silicon Valley investor, Bill ·, predicted that in 2015 there would be at least one dead Unicorn company. Impression notes, unfortunately, has become recognized in 2015 will be the first to die "unicorn" company (company of venture capital industry, valued at more than $1 billion called the "unicorn" company) today to analyze why investors have serious impression notes to decay. read more

How to keep the soft cycle of long term

what is soft text? Here I will not translate, and go to search for yourself. I think a lot of writing soft friends have experience, published soft Wen three days ago, really can see the soft text brought real effect. But after basically no, and this is why, because the general soft text is published in some relatively large stations, and these stations update frequency is relatively high. So soon, your soft Wen is someone else’s new soft Wen squeezed to the background, so greatly reduce your soft text appear in the reader’s sight of the opportunity. So we should also pay attention to long-term benefits when writing soft text, so we can not let our results be so short-lived, and then sink into the sea. Now, I share some of my experience with soft writing, and I may not be able to experience it. Ha ha, but I think it should be shared. read more

Diary serial Student webmaster site four

May 4, 2009,

today early morning update, notify the students call results: check to school! As the saying goes, the gun fight bird, I got the bid of · · · · station has not been at Baidu, who first taught at the office.

maybe this article today is written a little non mainstream, because contrary to some opinions and will usually teachers inculcate. But anyway, I want to write it out. I hope someday, someone will understand our special group student stationmaster.

students webmaster, I don’t know whether you and I also helpless. Every day, someone asks, "do you play games every day in your dorm? Is that interesting? I’m a station owner. What’s the station? read more

5 years’ survival and development of public welfare websites

;       survival survey of public service websites

background: with the popularity and development of the Internet, more and more websites appear in the Internet. They play different roles in different roles. In these websites, they can be classified into profit and commonweal. As a public welfare website, it can be maintained and run by individuals and groups. The Internet has more and more public service websites because of its timeliness and strong dissemination. read more

Expert advice 10 ways to protect good DNS server

DNS software is a target for hackers eager to attack, it may bring security problems. Here are some of the most effective ways to protect DNS servers.

1. uses the DNS forwarder


DNS forwarder is a DNS server that performs DNS queries for other DNS servers. Use DNS to turn

The primary purpose of the

processor is to mitigate the pressure of DNS processing by transferring query requests from the DNS server to the forwarder and potentially benefiting from the larger DNS cache from the DNS forwarder. read more

n response to the frequent adjustment of Baidu in 2013 how should the novice webmaster cope with i

with Baidu search engine technology promotion, 2013 Baidu often adjustment algorithm has become a homely food, for the old owners, for many years of practical experience in SEO has already allowed them to make timely adjustments to the new algorithm, so for the novice webmaster, should how to deal with? The following small share of personal experience, hope for the novice the webmaster can help


one, select the high-quality old domain name

It is best to use the

domain name no bad record of the old domain name, the domain name old than the new domain name has obvious advantage is that the old domain has innate advantages: included fast, as long as every day to update the site according to the law of one month, basically can form the second phenomenon; Baidu audit period shortened, which is about three weeks. As long as the good rankings are generally good. As to where to find high-quality old domain name, novice webmaster can go to A5 domain name trading zone to see. read more

How do select a good hosting space

is now more and more websites on the Internet, mainly for more and more people personal website, personal website is generally less likely to choose independent server, so personal website mostly buy virtual hosting space.

how to buy a good host for the first time the construction site of people is indeed a very confusing problem, because it is the first website, so often with play or try the psychological, so most people generally do not want to spend a lot of money, so those people most love at first site is a kind of the price is very cheap in the space business. But in general, cheap goods are not good, but this is not absolute, and sometimes expensive goods are not good, so how to buy a satisfactory virtual host space is indeed a relatively difficult thing. read more

Grassroots webmaster how to survive in the crevice


profit threat to grassroots Adsense

1 owners too much, Monk Tang Shao, forces are too scattered most Adsense still belongs to the closed doors, anti risk ability is poor.

2, the financial crisis, the external environment is bad, greatly reducing the influx of Internet hot money. By the union that little commission to live, has been hungry to the back of the chest, the heart is still not practical.

3, traffic income in the hands of Baidu and GG, as a brother said: "the human body’s 2 testicles" in the hands of others, we can be comfortable read more