Grassroots Adsense breakdown of two years experience in the station

today think of writing this, is to give yourself two years to do a simple summary of the station, but also hope to let the new station leaders take less detours, and I hope to help you. I thought I’d quit,


goes straight to the subject:

cheated through one:

I was the first station in August 08 years or so to do, just remember to do when standing, are looking for some free source code on the Internet, even if their modification is completed, all traffic routes, the later found himself on the website of the promotion is not, give up the flow line, because of the start a feel suitable for local station domain name, Shenyang is the 024 code, "5" means, 0245 for Shenyang, so I want to be a local station, relying on local resources to do, finally decided to do a local classification and information network (in fact now "Shenyang business network" predecessor). So, when the first decided to spend money to buy the source code, we find a good source, election to election, I chose the art at the time can also be a source of forest information network "(here," a ", do not say specifically, believe that knowledge of source market all know what is the price) it is not expensive, 240 yuan, other details not say, said cheated, the most serious is the customer service service, buy the source code, like a warm heat pig, after buying the source code after you fool, completely disappeared, don’t bird you, installation, modification of such source never reply, no way, I can only modify their own source code, after the modification, the most ridiculous is that he took me as a model of the station building project, spread everywhere, said the station is the source of his, how well do I (home art, according to the pattern of self The idea has changed some of the results), finally a bunch of people and I QQ ask me some procedural issues, and these customers generally feel cheated, procedure is not technology, and customer service, he will never reply, do not give any help! It seems I’m not the only one, that this person has a personality problem no! Service is easy to handle, I have to solve, but finally I have to give up the main reason of this website is spam, the site did not guard at the time of the sending machine, garbage piles. Delete the information every day have to delete half a day! Have to give up, in vain my efforts! read more

How to avoid domain name hijacking Enhancing awareness of conservation is key

in the era of the Internet economy, the domain name is the most intuitive link between the enterprise and the Internet, but also business on the Internet ", which contains a gilded signboard" internal brand value has been regarded as an important intangible asset in the era of network economy. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of the domain name market transactions, the trend of domain name registration has also escalated, and the "network trademark" defense war from four onwards. read more

Do not understand the code but also station rookie webmaster should be confident

I am

from August 2006 to the beginning of the web and the progress is very slow!!! (my network knowledge is poor, such as I know in December 06 QQ group and learned to speak, hehe! Almost no download anything, including songs! How, for their own confidence. Sure! If I could, that each of you can! And will do better than me!)

my official website is 06 years from the December start of the station, a few days ago to check PR value reached 4! Even I did not expect! Here I can tell you the website called "pretty woman"! Do not believe you can view the disguising! My poor technique also does not talk! What experience! Here I will talk about my experience of the site read more

Forum operation series two forum and forum moderator



wrote an article "a series of forums operations (the content is king is cheating)" article, get a good response in some Adsense nets, urge me to finish operation forum series of articles, write about today at the forum in the operation of another important role "moderator". Thank you for your continued attention.

The development of

forum depends on moderator,

has read a lot about the operation of the forum before, and many experts say that the development of the forum depends on the moderators. In fact, this statement is also very misleading. read more

Godaddy’s P Oolong

in addition to the new, I also have a sexual health station, forced domestic network to vulgar tide, the site moved to foreign Godaddy space, the speed is not reduced and the monthly flow of 1500GB, from a few days ago to calculate flow blowout, limited to 20 minutes 500 online number, like this at least in the domestic flat-share server configuration can be realized, and also must be trusted flat-share server.

, but Godaddy is not so perfect. Changing IP is a bad habit. Of course, it’s a bad habit not to check it regularly. read more

After the Baidu K how did get it to include thirty thousand pages again

first explained here, although my film site was established in December 07, so far has half a year. But I think I still belong to the ranks of rookie webmaster. At that time I was bored and wanted to play a website. Spent 300 yuan to buy a Marx movie program, so it can be said that the "confused" become a so-called webmaster.

website just started, I did not think of any SEO, just hope that Baidu can be included in the OK. Memory was included in the Baidu is 2 months later, the beginning is dozens of pages, slowly, up to thousands of pages. As a rookie webmaster I saw this kind of situation, the heart is also a time of happiness. read more

Don’t let these criminals harm our website

high weight web site should pay attention to. Beware of criminals using our websites to post harmful letters. What I do is Lianyungang information network. A lot of useful information is registered on my website every day. Part of the information is collected. After more than 1 years of hard work, IP is now over 1000. Because it’s personal. Information cannot be read every time. At first, I let users publish automatic passes. This decision, let me find a few times by supervisor. It started with poison messages, and then smuggled cars. Finally, there is no way. The IP of the information publisher can only be limited to this province. It’s much better now. For a long time there is no supervisor call, really still want them; read more

nternet start ups small business big business

is currently in the peak of the Internet business, have seen many Internet entrepreneurs, most of the models have their own unique, but to be honest, really innovative, or technological innovation of rare. Even so, the Internet field still has the best entrepreneurial soil, especially for Chinese entrepreneurs, which is not available in other areas of entrepreneurship,

The benefits of

‘s Internet start-ups lie in the Internet itself as an open platform, and its spirit is open, collaborative, shared and shared. This is different from many resource-based and relational barriers to entrepreneurship. read more

10 years and 2 Wangzhuan upsurge passing

has been very regret, and the 2 upsurge of Wangzhuan pass, but I believe that I will not miss the next time! What his experience.


itself is the design, from the beginning of 1999 contact web design, then this is really not much, remember to do a website for the qware computer, but also earned 1000 yuan, good, even in the mad rub a few meal.

officially graduated in September of 99 and left the University. The information was rich in soil, and he lived a career as an office worker. Suddenly one day, and students contact, just know he began to rely on the site to make money. At that time, I was surprised to know that I would probably apply for advertising and make money by clicking on it. Austria, right away, at that time free space is everywhere, advertising also supports free space, so vigorous began. My classmate at that time every day 4-5 Wan flow, hang up a connection in him, very easy, every day also have a 3-4 thousand stream of traffic, at that time popular list, also hang up, anyway how to flow, how to get?. It was not long before I realized that my ad was coming. When I was 8848 to 1000 yuan, I refused to pay for it. It was a bad website, and it fell down. Anyway, busy for a few months, the domestic advertising did not receive a penny, 2 foreign advertising revenue came, remember, as if there is a goto search to $40, an ad in Hongkong to 100 Hong Kong dollars. Soon the foreign advertising does not support the Chinese website, immediately feel Wangzhuan come to an end, will slowly give up update. My classmates because of traffic, and timely make a transition study, by the American fancy, signed a 1 year contract, earn a lot. But as the entire online advertising industry is gloomy, it hasn’t lasted much longer. I don’t know if our friends of this age still remember a website called "waterfall". read more

How should a local talent station be operated by an example

losers have their failures, but winners are the same. A short sentence can explain many things. The reason why there is such a feeling, because the surrounding have a lot of friends often say NO to some not tried things like their recruitment industry website, since operating after the crisis, qianchengwuyou performance decline, many people began to badmouth the industry, said the industry has no go to the money. I think this view is somewhat limited, because what the industry has to make money and lose money, the key lies in how to operate, in the combination of my own website to introduce experience, not just preaching, communication, because I am also a grassroots webmaster. read more