n response to the frequent adjustment of Baidu in 2013 how should the novice webmaster cope with i

with Baidu search engine technology promotion, 2013 Baidu often adjustment algorithm has become a homely food, for the old owners, for many years of practical experience in SEO has already allowed them to make timely adjustments to the new algorithm, so for the novice webmaster, should how to deal with? The following small share of personal experience, hope for the novice the webmaster can help


one, select the high-quality old domain name

It is best to use the

domain name no bad record of the old domain name, the domain name old than the new domain name has obvious advantage is that the old domain has innate advantages: included fast, as long as every day to update the site according to the law of one month, basically can form the second phenomenon; Baidu audit period shortened, which is about three weeks. As long as the good rankings are generally good. As to where to find high-quality old domain name, novice webmaster can go to A5 domain name trading zone to see. read more

How do select a good hosting space

is now more and more websites on the Internet, mainly for more and more people personal website, personal website is generally less likely to choose independent server, so personal website mostly buy virtual hosting space.

how to buy a good host for the first time the construction site of people is indeed a very confusing problem, because it is the first website, so often with play or try the psychological, so most people generally do not want to spend a lot of money, so those people most love at first site is a kind of the price is very cheap in the space business. But in general, cheap goods are not good, but this is not absolute, and sometimes expensive goods are not good, so how to buy a satisfactory virtual host space is indeed a relatively difficult thing. read more

Grassroots webmaster how to survive in the crevice


profit threat to grassroots Adsense

1 owners too much, Monk Tang Shao, forces are too scattered most Adsense still belongs to the closed doors, anti risk ability is poor.

2, the financial crisis, the external environment is bad, greatly reducing the influx of Internet hot money. By the union that little commission to live, has been hungry to the back of the chest, the heart is still not practical.

3, traffic income in the hands of Baidu and GG, as a brother said: "the human body’s 2 testicles" in the hands of others, we can be comfortable read more

Doing emotional products on the nternet may not be good soon

How to do Internet plus

traditional enterprises, the successful experience of millet, WeChat and Yu Ebao are worth learning. As the Internet in recent years, three of the most successful products, user experience needless to say, if it has feelings of the product, the three cross-border PC to mobile Internet "with feelings", summarize the successful experience of millet, WeChat, Yu Ebao, the expert concluded: "now the promotion of a slow Wesley today is very dangerous products. If you don’t brush it up at once, it’s very difficult to popularize. No one likes the time when Fang Fang died……" read more

Late Lai watercress whether it can catch the wave of mobile end

I dark horse: watercress eleven applications undoubtedly dismembered the site’s comprehensiveness. However, compared to the previous snail speed, the integrated application took only one month to develop. Unfortunately, it is still relatively shabby and not satisfactory. But if we can improve ourselves according to the feedback from those loyal users, we can still make a difference.

for the vast text of green pseudo Wen Qing, the "watercress" APP on-line may be an exciting news. Look at the continued release of watercress before 11 separate applications, is not everyone’s first reaction is: finally no longer entangled in the end which is just under the read more

Fast electricity supplier era of fast fashion brand how to play




big Taobao platform (including Tmall, Juhuasuan) has accounted for more than 80% of China’s online retail market share, if the electricity supplier competition is now Taobao platform, competition between businesses is not excessive.

big Taobao platform has nearly 7 million sellers, each has its own resources, each has its own magic power, competition is not fierce, all can not. Competition means that the pace is accelerating. We are trying to speed up the new product, customer service response speed, order processing speed, logistics speed, inventory turnover speed, capital turnover speed. Electricity supplier environment is getting faster and faster, I call this phenomenon: "fast electricity supplier."". read more

Grassroots webmaster some is desperate spirit

I always say that I am a grass-roots entrepreneur, why? Because I want money, no money, experience, experience, education, no qualifications, resources, no resources. So it’s hard for me to start a business. But I never gave up because of difficulties, I have always been on the difficult side.

I am a stranger to Shanghai Chuangdang roots, 04 years after graduating from college came, and then accidentally entered the network industry, rooted from the network. The final choice of entrepreneurial projects is the network’s current partnership with a friend to do a personal and family online billing platform — money online, perhaps is luck, had 06 years to start doing, all my friends are opposed, said accounting habits of people in particular, I was wandering, I persevered, I just try to do one thing, can make the score. Up to now, we have developed more than 250 thousand of the users and proved the huge number of accounting people with data. At the same time in 2007, soaring prices, wages do not rise, and enter the 08 years after the financial crisis, more and more, many media reported US money online, many people began to join our money online account. It can be said that God helped us a great deal. This day, Austria is not inborn, but also by our efforts, we rely on the usual accumulation and achieve, once online accounting network there are a lot of people, some do more, but because there is no stick down. read more

Dry goods Fuzhou decoration company soft Wen how to write

has been working in the SEO industry in the last year. Today, Fuzhou decoration company in the home page of the site http://s.hq020.com/, for example, give you a brief introduction, decoration industry website optimization, how to operate the soft text.

before and after doing intermittent, about three or four years of soft Wen, soft Wen quality has always been the webmaster is very concerned about the problem. So how can we make high conversion, high-quality soft Wen?. Here are some of my experiences: read more

t’s enough to do 2 hours a day

one day, a young boy was studying in the attic. When his mother called him down for dinner, he could not see anything, so he had to bring the food up. A boy reading, side unconsciously dish clip up to his mouth, and soon they will be swept away. When the mother came up to pick up the dish, she asked, "how does caviar taste?" "caviar?" the boy was baffled. "You just ate it!" the mother was baffled. "Is it caviar?" the teenager was deeply sorry. You know, this is his favorite food, and mother made a special dish for him today. Who knows to read a book, did not know to eat actually is the dish of caviar that has longed for a long time. read more

Fresh electricity supplier Webvan bankruptcy revelation twenty years ago to do O2O 2 years burned

Abstract: the entrepreneurial approach of rocket launching has many fatal defects from the methodological point of view. The core of the problem is that it is not user centered, but self centred.

was founded in 1996 in the United States O2O WEBVAN in fresh enterprise users don’t see, burn $40 million to build a warehouse after the expansion is also a great writer, until the collapse, they burn $1 billion 200 million — it was 2001.

has become a disastrous failure in the history of American entrepreneurship, which has made venture capitalists talk about "online fresh", and made American online fresh 20 years ago, but now lags behind china. However, Amazon did the same thing, but in another way, he succeeded. read more