Jackson Mississippi Bets on a Cooperative Local Economy

first_imgShare114Tweet50Share3Email167 SharesOctober 19, 2017; Common DreamsIn June 2017, Antar Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. He promptly pledged to make Jackson “the most radical city on the planet,” according to a Jackson Clarion-Ledger article. According to the Huffington Post, Lumumba’s platform included a pledge to invest “more in education, reinstating a 1 percent sales tax to rebuild the city’s aging infrastructure, and reducing crime through community engagement.” The Huffington Post also notes that “he is a founder of Cooperation Jackson, an organization that’s trying to create a network of worker-owned cooperatives throughout the city” and that “as mayor, he plans to start an incubator for local businesses that includes such cooperatives.”So how did a sleepy state capital in the Deep South become the home of a new model of community organizing and community economic development? This is the story outlined in a new book. Titled Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi and edited by Ajamu Nangwaya and Kali Akuno, it details a highly provocative experiment in “radical social transformation.”As the book makes clear, neither the mayoral victory of Antar Lumumba in 2017 nor the victory of his father, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, in 2013—whose term was tragically cut short when he suffered a heart attack less than eight months after assuming office—were mere electoral campaigns. Rather, these electoral achievements were the product of decades of economic and community organizing work.This comprehensive undertaking involved the development of a series of institutions. At the national level, there was the New Afrikan People’s Organization and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. At the local level, this included the Jackson Human Rights Institute, the Jackson People’s Assembly (by which community decisions were made), and Cooperation Jackson (an entity that has been developing cooperative and community-owned businesses).These new institutions take their cue from another iconic African American institution. During the last six days in December and the first in January, many African American communities celebrate Kwanzaa. Emerging at the height of the Black Power movement, it is the only holiday created by African Americans. At the core is Nguzo Saba, seven days of seven principles: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani.Residents in Jackson are seeking to make the fourth principle, Ujamaa, or cooperative economics, a reality. Cooperation Jackson is the vehicle for this transformation. According to the founders, “Our roots lay deep within the struggle for democratic rights, economic justice, self-determination, particularly for Afrikan people in the Deep South, and dignity for all workers.”Specifically, the group is laying the foundation to establish a network of co-ops and initiatives, including housing, daycare, construction, Freedom Farms urban farming, and a community land trust. Energizing the Jackson community to “educate, motivate and organize,” the group’s goal is to draw from its founders’ knowledge and Mississippi’s history of cooperative farming to make the long-term project a success. The group has worked incrementally to secure and grow its power base within Jackson’s political, educational, and economic institutions and the creation of institutions of its own. The founders are aware that this is a daunting task, but one they believe can come to fruition.The kernel of the idea was planted in 1971 when the first generation Lumumba arrived in Jackson with experience in multiracial organizing and the goal of achieving self-determination for African Americans through economic self-sufficiency. The city of Jackson, based on demographics, is well positioned to realize this ambitious design. The city’s current population is one percent white and 79 percent (some say 85 percent) African American, with the remaining people “of color.” This is not necessarily a guarantee—see Apartheid-era South Africa’s demographics—but the numbers indicate a fighting chance, and the community is fighting. The idea has already proved its longevity, if not sustainability, by existing over decades with founders understanding that change does not happen overnight. The Jackson Cooperative has researched the cooperative model and points to the success of the Mondragon Corporation, founded in 1956, and today a worldwide cooperative reaching almost every corner of the globe.The rationale for what many see as a radical idea was the contradictory state of affairs for African Americans in Mississippi. Mississippi has the highest number of African American homeowners of any state; at the same time, African American workers are paid only 69 percent of what white workers make. In terms of building and sustaining community wealth, of the billion dollars in regional annual public spending, only five percent of that goes to African American businesses. Consequently, in 2014, one of the last acts in office of the current mayor’s father before he died was to secure a $1 billion bond for infrastructure spending. Part of that money was earmarked for developing cooperatives, providing the initiative’s fighting chance. The city government in Jackson hopes to leverage that funding source to facilitate the creation of a cooperative bank, a training center, and a cooperative business incubator.The publication of Jackson Rising can only serve to further spotlight the groundbreaking work taking place within this city in the center of the old South. In January 2016, Jackson was one of five cities, along with New York, D.C., Chicago, and Baltimore, visited by the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner’s Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent during its US fact-finding tour. The group’s goal was to assess the status of African descendants in the worldwide diaspora. Each American city, as well as other world cities, will have distinct experiences, issues, and stories to share. But in the opinion of this author, no strategy to build sustainable wealth in African American communities will be as comprehensive as Jackson, Mississippi’s.—Mary Frances MitchnerShare114Tweet50Share3Email167 Shareslast_img read more

Telecom Italia has agreed to sell its 100 interes

first_imgTelecom Italia has agreed to sell its 100% interest in its free-to-air station La7 to Cairo Communications.The firm, which is run by Urbano Cairo, a former associate of Italian media magnate and politician Silvio Berlusconi, agreed to pay a consideration of €1 million for the channel, in a complex deal that will see the channel then recapitalised so it has a financial position of at least €88 million.“The transaction will allow Telecom Italia Media to stop providing financial support to La7, while at the same time keeping the network operator Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting within the Group,” the firm said in a statement.It added that as part of the deal, Telecom Italia will waive financial receivables due from Telecom Italia Media for a total of €100 million.Cairo Communications emerged as the front-runner for La7 last month when it was reported that it was in exclusive negotiations to buy the channel.last_img read more

TeliaSonerabacked Estonian service provider Elion

first_imgTeliaSonera-backed Estonian service provider Elion grew its IPTV subscriber base by about 10% in the year to March, ending the quarter with 160,000 subscribers.Elion had 216,000 broadband customers at the end of March, up 6% year-on-year.Elion CEO Arti Ots said the company would focus on network investment over the coming year. The group invested €6.5 million in upgrading its network in the first quarter. Elion this month also introduced the first in a number of digital home management services.last_img read more

Facebook is reportedly upping its TV credentials b

first_imgFacebook is reportedly upping its TV credentials by starting to offer data from the social network to the four biggest TV networks in the US. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Facebook will this week begin sending weekly reports to the channels to indicate how much buzz their shows are generating on the site.This will include information on the number of comments, shares and ‘likes’ relating to specific shows, with the data to be shared with NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and a small number of other selected partners, said the WSJ.The news comes a month after Facebook made steps to make it easier for TV channels to integrate Facebook conversations into their broadcasts or coverage, giving them access to public posts of real-time activity about any given topic through its Public Feed and Keyword Insights APIs.It is also the latest example of Facebook pitting itself against Twitter in the TV space. Its rival recently acquired social TV analytics firm Trendrr and in February bought another social analytics firm, called Bluefin Labs. In December last year Twitter also partnered with media measurement company Nielsen to create a ratings system based on the amount of Twitter conversation around TV shows.last_img read more

Danny Cohen The BBCs director of television has w

first_imgDanny CohenThe BBC’s director of television has warned arts channel BBC Four could go the same way as younger-skewing BBC Three if budgets continue to tighten.Yesterday morning, the British pubcaster confirmed rumours it would shutter BBC Three in autumn 2015 following a series of cost-saving measures.Hours later, Danny Cohen admitted BBC Four was also under threat of closure when asked on BBC Radio 5 Live.“The honest answer is no, I can’t [guarantee its future],” he said. “We don’t know for certain what will happen with BBC Four in the future. The reason we made this change for BBC Three is because we face a series of financial cuts the like of which the BBC has not had to cope with before.”The result for BBC Four was that if “future funding for the BBC comes under more threat then the likelihood is we would have to take more services along the same route”.Cohen pointed to the fact BBC licence fee payers had been force to pick up the £245 million (US$410 million) bill for the BBC World Service radio platform as a direct reason for cuts elsewhere.The BBC’s licence fee was frozen until 2017 four years ago as part of a government renewal settlement, which lead to a wide ranging Delivery Quality Firm cost saving initiative that has resulted in cuts across the board. BBC director general Tony Hall linked the BBC Three closure in 18 months to the agreement.Both his and Cohen’s comments come ahead of the next charter renewal at the end of 2016.last_img read more

Yoshio Tamura Industry profits for 32inch LCD pan

first_imgYoshio TamuraIndustry profits for 32-inch LCD panels are will decrease by 22% in the first quarter of 2016, after increasing by 24% year-on-year in Q1 2015, according to IHS.The research firm said that the steep decline in profit margins for 32-Inch LCD panels – a key display revenue generator – will likely mean manufacturers shift their 32-inch LCD production to larger sizes, thus reducing prices and increasing demand for displays larger than 48 inches.“Most LCD TV panel prices began to fall after the first quarter of this year, and prices will reach their lowest level in the second quarter of 2016. Since equipment depreciation cost is factored into 8th-generation fabs, the total LCD profit margin is expected to turn negative next year,” said Yoshio Tamura, senior director of research and analysis for IHS Technology.last_img read more

Didier Lupfer Canal Group has renewed its deal wi

first_imgDidier LupferCanal+ Group has renewed its deal with Disney Media Distribution for exclusive first run and SVoD rights to Disney movies.The deal will give Canal+ rights to air to Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Disney Pixar and Lucasfilm movies including Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.The deal will also see SVoD service Canalplay include ABC Studios programmes including Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives and Castle in its offering, as well as Disney and Disney Pixar films including Robin Hood, Cars, Monsters Inc and Toy Story.“This agreement marks a new stage in our partnership with Canal+ Group. We are convinced that Canal+ subscribers will be able to fully benefit from an ever greater variety of the most compelling characters and captivating and moving stories from Disney where, when and how they want, across a unique catalogue of films and TV series,” said Astrid Barbot, CEO of Disney Media Distribution France.“We are particularly proud to to renew our agreement with Disney, both for Canal+ and Canalplay. We can therefore offer to our subscribers the greatest productions from the prestigious Dinsey studios, including the films of Marvel Studios, Disney Pixar and Lucasfilm, beginning with the highly anticipated Star wars: The Force Awakens,” said Didier Lupfer, head of cinema at Canal+ Group.last_img read more

Netflixs international streaming subscriber base

first_imgNetflix’s international streaming subscriber base will reach 140 million by 2025, according to a research note by L&F Capital Management.The US-based boutique equity investment group claims that by 2025 Netflix’s international subscriber count will include 55 million customers from Europe and almost 45 million from Asia.“In short, we think the international total addressable market (TAM) is just over 750 million households, and believe NFLX can net 140 million international streaming subs by 2025,” said L&F in a note published on finance site Seeking Alpha.In Europe the research identifies Germany, France, the UK and Italy as the biggest potential markets – where it claims Netflix has seen “mixed success thus far” – and says Europe’s addressable market by 2025 will be 225 million households.Asia, excluding China, will hold even more opportunity with an estimated addressable market of some 290 million homes. India and Japan, where Netflix has already announced original content plans, are the biggest addressable markets in this region, according to L&F.In the Americas, the research estimates that Netflix can target a total market of roughly 120 million households, with Brazil and Mexico the biggest potential markets.In Africa the market opportunity will be roughly 85 million homes and ”given urbanisation and population size, we think the Africa market is bigger than both the Middle East and Oceania,” said L&F.In its first quarter earnings announcement Netflix reported that it had 34.53 million total international streaming members, and 46.97 million in the US.Netflix said it expected to add 2.5 million members in the second quarter of 2016 – 2.0 million internationally and 500,000 in the US.last_img read more

Arnaud de Puyfontaine Attempts to find a resolutio

first_imgArnaud de PuyfontaineAttempts to find a resolution to the battle between Vivendi and Mediaset have so far failed, according to the French media giant’s CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine, speaking to the Financial Times.Despite press speculation in recent weeks that a new deal was in the offing, there has been no discussion between the pair since July last year, with the exception of a single meeting between De Puyfontaine and Pier Silvio Berlusconi in December, according to the FT, citing an unnamed source.Despite no deal currently being in sight, De Puyfontaine told the FT that Vivendi remained committed to expanding its presence in the Italian market and southern Europe generally. He said Vivendi did not intend to sell of its 24.9% stake in Telecom Italia, which Vivendi says is part of its core strategy of forging close partnerships with telecom operators.De Puyfontaine has previously said that Vivendi remains open to a deal with the Italian broadcaster amid reports that the media group would be willing to restart talks if Mediaset dropped its legal action against it. Speaking after Vivendi’s end of year results were published in February, he told analysts that the company was “still willing to build a strong industrial relationship with this company” which fitted with Vivendi’s southern European strategy.More recently, he told attendees at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that he was hopeful that a deal with Mediaset is still possible.“We are creating a new story for Telecom Italia and [we want to] build a southern European player with Mediaset. We will find a solution and make it work. I’m pretty sure about that,” De Puyfontaine said at MWC.De Puyfontaine told the FT that Mediaset provided “misleading” information to Vivendi during the pair’s negotiations over the future of the Italian broadcaster’s pay TV unit last year.He reiterated that Vivendi had pulled out of the April agreement that would have seen Vivendi take over Mediaset Premium and Vivendi and Mediaset take 3.5% stakes in each other because it was “not happy” about a gap between “the nature of the information provided to us” and the true financial situation of the pay TV unit.Vivendi’s account has been disputed by Mediaset, which said that the April deal followed a month of due diligence.last_img read more

Qatarbased teleco Ooredoo has partnered with Star

first_imgQatar-based teleco Ooredoo has partnered with Starz Play for the launch of its mobile TV app Ooredoo TV Go.The recently released iOS and Android app gives users access to more than 6,000 hours of TV shows and movies, with Starz’s catalogue of on-demand content available alongside live TV channels.“Being able to watch your favourite movie or TV show any place, any time and on any device, live or on-demand is now a reality and soon will become a way of life,” said Ooredoo chief commercial officer, Johan Buse.“This is only the beginning for Ooredoo TV Go. We will have more content and channels added in the future and we also have ambitious plans to have it optimised for television.”Starz Play CEO, Maaz Sheikh, said that the Ooredoo TV GO deal is a “solid example of how to deliver the maximum value and convenience to customers.”“The combination of SVOD platforms and telecom operators now brings Arab consumers the premium content they want at an affordable price, and offers them greater control over what they watch, when they watch, and what device they watch it on.”last_img read more

M6 has invested in a new digital terrestrial TV D

first_imgM6 has invested in a new digital terrestrial TV (DTT) station that is due to launch in the Ivory Coast in 2018 called Life TV.M6 chairman Nicolas De Tavernost and Voodoo Group CEO Fabrice SawegnonLife TV will be a general interest channel with a varied programme schedule spanning entertainment, news, films and talk-shows.The channel will broadcast local content, produced in-house in a new production studio, as well as programmes from the M6 Group library.M6 has acquired a 33% stake of Life TV and will collaborate on the project with Fabrice Sawegnon, CEO of Ivory Coast communications company, Voodoo Group.Vincent Broussard, who has led several television channels in France, including Teva, TF6 and Serieclub, will be CEO of Life TV.“By joining forces with Fabrice Sawegnon, founder of Voodoo Group, with this equity investment the group is entering Africa via an Ivorian market poised for significant growth and confirms its position as a major player in French-speaking TV,” said M6 in a statement.“This agreement is in line with the proactive policy of risk taking and innovation implemented by M6 Group since its creation.”last_img read more

Love Nature 4K a joint venture with Blue Ant Medi

first_imgLove Nature 4K, a joint venture with Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks, has launched its linear TV service on Turkish pay TV platform TV+.Turkcell subscribers will have access via IPTV and OTT to Love Nature 4K’s library of original programming, which includes hundreds of hours of natural history content in 4K and HD.“Turkey is one of the largest pay-TV markets in Europe and Love Nature 4K’s launch in the region is a significant milestone for the brand’s ongoing global expansion,” said Ward Platt, CEO, global networks and kids, Blue Ant Media.“This partnership with Turkcell is a great opportunity to share our stunning 4K natural history programming with wildlife and nature fans across Turkey.”TV+ business director at Turkcell, Baris Zavaroglu, added: “We pride ourselves on offering our subscribers the very best documentary content and high-quality broadcasting channels within our packages – so we are delighted to now carry Love Nature 4K, which is a great fit to our subscribers and adds a new dimension to our offering.”“In order to give the best experience to our subscribers, Love Nature 4K is dubbed to local language and is available in UHD. The channel is now live on TV+, via OTT and IPTV, and TV+’s SVOD categories.”last_img read more

Hollywood stalwarts Jeff Sagansky and Harry Sloan

first_imgHollywood stalwarts Jeff Sagansky and Harry Sloan have announced the launch of Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp.The company, which will launch with a US$400 million (€357 million) initial public offering, is the fifth acquisition firm launched by the pair since 2011. Such companies have grown in popularity and momentum with the technologically-driven disruption in the market as a means for investors to capitalise on new players.Diamond Eagle’s primary focus will be investing in media companies.Investors will take some confidence from the fact that the pair’s other companies – Global Eagle Acquisition, Silver Eagle Acquisition, Double Eagle Acquisition and Platinum Eagle – have raised a combined US$1.6 billion (€1.4 billion) in investment. In his three decades of work in the industry, Sagansky has served as president of CBS Entertainment between 1990-94, CEO of Paxson Communications from 1998-2003, and as president and CEO of WillScot Corporation from August 2015 to November 2017.Sloan was the founder, chairman and CEO of Europe’s second-largest broadcaster, SBS Broadcasting. More recently, he had previously worked as the CEO and chairman of MGM between 2005-09, prior to the completion of its restructuring which came as a result of a prepackaged bankruptcy.last_img read more

Vivendi has explicitly criticised Mediasets plans

first_imgVivendi has explicitly criticised Mediaset’s plans to combine its Italian and Spanish units in a single Netherlands-based company as the foundation for the creation of a pan-European broadcast outfit.Vivendi, which directly holds a 9.6% stake in Mediaset and a further 19.9% through Simon Fiducaria, in which it was forced to vest the shares to comply with Italian regulatory requirements, said that the price offered to shareholders that wish to exercise their withdrawal rights is too low and contrary to the interest of minority shareholders.A Vivendi spokesperson, cited by Reuters, said that the company “denounces the real objective of Mediaset” which is to “overturn the fundamental principles of shareholder democracy”.The intervention comes after Vivendi moved to take legal action against Mediaset to assert its shareholder rights following attempts by the Italian broadcaster to block it from participating in shareholder meetings.Mediaset revealed last week that it had received a writ of summons from the French media giant via a Milan court requesting the annulation of a resolution approved in April at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting and demanding the right to be registered in the shareholders’ list thanks to its 9.6% holding.Vivendi wants recognition that it is the legitimate owner of the shares it holds and can exercise the rights associated with that.The media outfit also wants to be able to exercise certain rights related to the 19.9% of Mediaset held by Simon Fiducaria, the group in which it placed all shares above a 10% threshold to meet the requirements of Italy’s TUSMAR rule, which holds that companies may not simultaneously hold large stakes in telecommunications and media companies.last_img read more

Alcino Lavrador Altice Labs general manager Alci

first_imgAlcino LavradorAltice Labs’ general manager, Alcino Lavrador, discusses IP delivery, the advent of 5G and unpicks some of the biggest technical challenges facing the TV industry today.What television or broadcast projects are currently occupying most of Altice Labs’ time?At Altice we want to offer the best and most unique user experience to our television customers. For that, Altice Labs is working on an “Altice User Experience” supported over a unified platform for all access networks: FTTH, Cable, xDSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G. This means, among others, and not to mention the technological challenges of merging platforms, presenting content in a more thematic way, less siloed in channels. On the mobility side, our efforts are to bring more and more functionalities previously restricted to fixed-access IPTV, namely better personalisation and seamless continuity between platforms.What do you think are the biggest technological challenges facing the TV industry in 2017?Customers today want to watch TV not only on the big screen but also on the move and on more and more portable devices, even at home and simultaneously. So, WiFi delivery inside the home, supporting multiple streams with the same quality that the customers are used to, is probably the biggest challenge. To deliver 4K TV consistently over WiFi is no small feat today. 802.11ac with 4×4 and mesh extenders will help and will have a big push in 2017, but compatibility issues with existing STBs will come up. In addition we will see growth in data mining and analytics about customer behaviour – aiming at a better personalised offering and also a new revenue stream for advertising. Not least, as digital content availability is growing exponentially, new and easier ways to discover real-time and stored content must appear in order to enhance the customer experience.How useful is full duplex DOCSIS 3.1 for maximising cable bandwidth and what technology or technologies will come after that?Full duplex DOCSIS 3.1 and other such evolutions for cable can represent additional tools in our toolbox for delivering the best possible bandwidth to our customers as a very efficient value-for-money proposition. It’s possible that it will be used in some places, and in other places maybe GPON is a better solution. Or we could keep the cable plant as it is or with small improvements and just do a selective subscriber migration, putting the most eager customers on FTTH/GPON, which leaves more bandwidth for the remaining ones. We need to remember that FDX DOCSIS 3.1 comes at a price, with added complexity, without MPEG-TS Video and an all new silicon solution required. At Altice Labs we are working on NGPON2, developing our own equipment and technology, because we believe this will be the future for next-generation access networks.What challenges will arise from the greater move towards IP delivery of content?At Altice Labs we don’t see this move as a set of challenges but more as a new opportunity. In Portugal we have, for a long time, had a full IPTV solution in place and we think that IP delivery of content is a significant improvement. For instance, as a multi-national group, Altice can leverage our data networks in completely different geographies to allow us to produce content in one place, complement it in another, and deliver it to all the group operators. To do that in a non-IP network can be a nightmare, but with IP it just leverages our existing infrastructure, knowledge and investment. Most cable operators are already using IP delivery of content as the back-end for QAM muxes, for VOD or catch-up TV, so most times you just remove the QAM muxes. You need a correctly dimensioned CDN. However, you should have it in place anyway since most of the growth in consumption is in on-demand and is happening in additional devices that are already IP-only.How important do you think 5G will be to the future of TV, as viewers increasingly stream content on the move and to different devices?Although the big screen TV will continue to be a staple of our day to day life, and people still want to see the hottest content on the biggest screen, there is no doubt that personal and mobile video consumption will continue to grow. 5G will have an important role in that respect. According to research, by 2020, more than half of all mobile traffic will be video. People are watching it on small and not so small screens with increased resolutions, some with 2K and 4K screens, so video quality really matters. What also matters is latency and buffering time, all areas were 5G promises to improve the customer experience. We also expect that in the future, people will increasingly broadcast self-produced content as has been demonstrated by trends like Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. 5G will allow for this kind of experience in crowded spaces, like music festivals, where today’s technologies have a huge challenge. These are only a couple of examples. We expect new uses cases in line with the increasing digitisation of our society enabled by current 3G/4G with services like Uber and other digital platform-based services.Do you think traditional over-the-air broadcast will eventually become obsolete? If so, how long until that will happen?If you’re talking about DTT, yes I think that it will become obsolete. The main reason is that these frequencies are a prime asset for telecommunications and there will be a point in time that people will place more value on this spectrum being used for ‘mobile data’ than for broadcast TV. People will get all the TV they want as ‘mobile data’ anyway. It will take some time but it will happen.What do you think about the long-term viability of DTH satellite TV as a mass-market delivery mechanism? I don’t believe that DTH will go away anytime soon. It’s a completely different proposition than DTT, there are countries like Brazil that have a massive area with people scattered all over the place that will only be able to get broad, good quality content this way. In these countries it will still be a mass-market proposition. In other countries, like in Europe, it will be used more as a complementary solution for places that the fixed network will not reach. Even the foreseen 5G will not be suitable as an alternative to deliver 4K, 8K or whatever resolution we will have at that time. DTH will always be able to solve this.How does Altice Labs divide its efforts between its teams in Portugal, the US, France, Israel, Brazil. Do you all have different remits and responsibilities?We try to take advantage of what is being done better in each geography avoiding overlap and duplication of work. If we have a good application developed in France, the United States, or whatever geography, we’ll try to use it in all the group operations. The origin of Altice Labs dates back to 1950 with over 66 years shaping the telecommunications evolution not only in Portugal but also in all the places where our technology has been deployed. Achievements like mobile prepaid services that we pioneered in 1995 have been of worldwide benefit. Over our 66 years of history, much more could be highlighted, like one of the first commercial interactive cable TV service in 2001. More recently, in August 2015, we did a field trial of NGPON2 technology with Verizon, the first with tuneable optics offering symmetrical broadband speeds of up to 10 Gbps, with the potential to go even higher – up to 40 or even 80Gbps in the near future. An existing innovation ecosystem in Portugal, supported by strong partnerships with universities, industry and startups, and complemented with R&D collaboration projects under European Union Framework Programmes like H2020, enables a continuous flow of innovation. This is feeding the process of developing new and advanced products that are being deployed in over 40 countries in the world, not just in Altice’s geographies. We do not simply follow the technological evolutions; we are part of them!What are Altice Labs’ key aims for the year ahead?The first objective is to support Altice’s aggressive expansion providing state-of-the-art technology enabling a clear differentiation to competitors. Besides being an R&D lab, we have a solid product orientation strategy with a market positioning and growth ambition. We believe we are a key factor that can help turn Altice into the most innovative CSP in the world. We are committed to evolving our products for the most efficiency practices, incorporating the results from R&D exploratory projects in network architectures – like SDN and NFV for our product lines of network systems, OSS, convergent charging and policy platforms, and TV solutions. Of course, maintaining the creativity culture that has been in our DNA  for years, in parallel with the committed and quality delivery of solutions to the market, is the main challenge in a fast-paced industry.Alcino Lavrador will speak at Cable Congress in Brussels this week. He is due to appear on the ‘Fostering Innovation’ panel at 16:45 on March 8, 2017.last_img read more

The Tower Museum A new programme aimed at helping

first_imgThe Tower MuseumA new programme aimed at helping visually impaired visitors to access information at the Tower Museum will be launched tomorrow.From Wednesday, February, 3, the Discovery Pen Programme will allow those with limited vision to access detailed audio descriptions of the objects on display in the Story of Derry exhibition.Speaking ahead of the launch, Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Elisha McCallion, said the new audio aids would be a fantastic resource at the Museum.“I am delighted that Derry City and Strabane District Council is introducing the Discovery Pen Programme at the Tower Museum. The pens will really bring the exhibition to life for those whose visitor experiences are limited and allow them to access all the information they need to enjoy the Story of Derry.“I hope that the pens will really make a difference to anyone visiting the exhibition who is visually impaired.” ShareTweet Education Officer with the Tower Museum, Margaret Edwards, said: “Our primary aim at the Museum is to make the story of the city open and accessible to all, and with the new Discovery Pens we can now make the exhibition even more inclusive.“I think that the pens will be an extremely useful resource and will open up the museum to new audiences.”Shaun Canny from the Royal National Institute for the Blind will join the Mayor to launch the Discovery Pens and will examine the benefits of the programme before a short demonstration of how to use them.The event is free and takes place on Wednesday February 3rd at 10am. Anyone interested in attending should RSVP to tower.reception@derrystrabane.com TOWER TO LAUNCH NEW DISCOVERY PEN PROGRAMME TOWER TO LAUNCH NEW DISCOVERY PEN PROGRAMME was last modified: February 2nd, 2016 by John2John2 Tags:last_img read more

Never leave a child unattended in the bath or play

first_imgNever leave a child unattended in the bath or playing in a paddling pool – even for a second, bath seats are not a safety aid, use a non-slip mat in the bath. Always pull the plug as soon as bath time is over;Turn your pond into a sandpit, fence it off or securely cover it while your children are small;Always empty your paddling pool after use and remember to store it upside down – this also applies to buckets and pots that can collect water.Mayor Boyle reminds parents of the drowning risks for children was last modified: June 19th, 2018 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet ChildrenDrowning Prevention WeeMayor Boyle reminds parents of the drowning risks for childrenMayor John Boyle DERRY City and Strabane District Council are highlighting the dangers of water, particularly for children under 5, as part of the Royal Life Saving Society Drowning Prevention Week.The Council want to remind parents and carers that it is never okay to leave children unattended in and around water.Accidents can happen so quickly but can easily be prevented. Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor John Boyle added: “Very often when we think of children and the risk of drowning we relate this to a swimming pool or open waters however.“But the stark reality is that most babies and young children who drown do so at home in the bath or in the garden and it can happen in as little as 3-5cm of water.“Young children don’t yet appreciate the risks posed by water so are relying on adults to keep them safe. We are asking parents to take simple steps to reduce the risk of drowning.”Top tips to ensure safety include: last_img read more


first_img Google+ Pinterest Tumblr Previous PostTwo people injured after Raleigh County crash Next PostGino’s Top 5 Plays of the Week – May 20 Linkedin RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – One person has been sent to the hospital after a semi-truck overturned.The incident happened on Airport rd., according to Raleigh County dispatchers.Dispatchers say they received the call at 12:21. One person has been taken to the hospital but the severity of those injuries are unknown.There was a slight road closure until the scene could be cleared.Beaver Fire Department, Jan Care and the Raleigh County Sheriffs Department responded to the scene.The cause of the accident is unknown. Terell Bailey Bio Coming Sooncenter_img Mail Local NewsNewsWatch Semi-Truck Accident Sends One To Hospital By Terell BaileyMay 20, 2018, 20:47 pm 459 0 Facebook Home NewsWatch Local News Semi-Truck Accident Sends One To Hospital Twitter Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Websitelast_img read more


first_img Tumblr Next PostMore than 100K pounds of ground beef recalled due to possible E.coli contamination Previous PostTeacher says she’s ‘extremely grateful’ after students surprise her on last day of chemo (AP)- A 26-year-old Austin, Texas, man has been arrested on federal charges for allegedly sending threatening letters to pop star Taylor Swift and showing up at her record label in Nashville, Tennessee.Federal prosecutors in Nashville said in a press release Thursday that Eric Swarbrick has been charged with interstate stalking and sending interstate communications with the intent to threaten. Pinterest Daniella Hankey Home NewsWatch National News Man allegedly sent threatening letters to Taylor Swift Google+center_img Twitter Facebook He is currently in custody in Texas and will be brought to Tennessee at a later date.According to prosecutors, Swarbrick personally delivered letters threatening to harm Swift and himself to the Big Machine Label Group office on multiple occasions and was arrested by Nashville police on Aug. 2. He was released from custody, but continued to send letters and emails. Mail Linkedin National NewsNewsWatch Man allegedly sent threatening letters to Taylor Swift By Daniella HankeySep 21, 2018, 05:09 am 298 0 last_img read more

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first_img Matt Digby Matt Digby is the Sports Director at WOAY-TV. He joined the station in January 2015 – right in the middle of Big Atlantic Classic Week. Read More Google+ Home Sports News Sports WV Miners Split Season-Opening Series Pinterest Twitter WOAY – After losing their season opener 1-0 on Tuesday, the West Virginia Miners rallied to win 4-1 over Kokomo Wednesday to improve to 1-1 in the Prospect League.Greenbrier East alum Colby Johnson hit a go-ahead two-run home run in the ninth inning, with the Miners adding two insurance runs, after being held scoreless for the first 17 innings of the season.West Virginia returns home for the first games of the season at Epling Stadium. The Miners will face Butler on Thursday and Friday at 7:05. Facebook Linkedin SportsSports News WV Miners Split Season-Opening Series By Matt DigbyMay 31, 2017, 22:03 pm 726 0 Mail Previous PostNorth-South Baseball Classic Rosters Announced Next PostJenkins Announces Flood Grant for Rupert/Rainelle Tumblrlast_img read more