East Timor Gusmão invites Indonesian leaders to independence celebrations

The Indonesian President thanked Mr. Gusmão for the invitation but has yet to formally announce whether she will attend the 19-20 May handover ceremony that will mark East Timor’s independence. The territory has been under UN administration since October 1999.After arriving in Jakarta this morning, Mr. Gusmão also met and delivered invitations to Foreign Minister Nur Hassan Wirajuda, Co-ordinating Minister for Politics and Security Bambang Yudhoyono, and former Foreign Minister, Ali Alatas, among others, according to UNTAET.Mr. Gusmão, who was elected East Timor’s president on 14 April, is scheduled to leave Jakarta tomorrow morning for South Sulawesi, where he will join the head of the UN High Commissioner’s (UNHCR) East Timor office to discuss the repatriation of some 1,000 East Timorese refugees living on the island. These discussions will include the Governor of South Sulawesi, refugees and their leaders.Meanwhile, East Timorese and Indonesian representatives on Thursday completed a Joint Reconnaissance Survey (JRS) aimed at demarcating the common land borders between the two countries.The joint survey team – which included surveyors, geographic engineers and geologists from Indonesia and East Timor – visited seven locations along the common border as they attempted to locate old border markers and study geological features and technical issues.The team also discussed the location of the treaty border with communities from East Timor and West Timor, Indonesia, the leaders of which accompanied the team throughout the 10-day survey.The findings of the survey will be reported to the Technical Subcommittee on Border Demarcation and Regulation, which is part of a bilateral committee between East Timor and Indonesia.The launch of the border demarcation process before the end of the transition period has been a major goal of UNTAET. read more

Security Council decries deadly terrorist attack in Yemeni capital

The members of the Security Council expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the family of the one person killed in today’s attack – a French citizen – and extended their sympathies to those injured, as well as to the Governments of Yemen and France.In today’s statement, the body’s 15 members reaffirmed that terrorism “is criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of its motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed”, and “should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group”.Reiterating their determination to combat all forms of terror, in accordance with the responsibilities listed under the UN Charter, Council members further “urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Yemeni authorities” so that perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism can be brought to justice.In March, the Council condemned an attack in Hadramawt, Yemen, in which 20 soldiers were killed. Yemen has been undergoing a democratic transition, with a Government of National Unity, which came to power in an election in February 2012 following the resignation of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.Security Council members have voiced strong support for the political process in Yemen. In February of this year, they set up a sanctions regime that includes an asset freeze and travel ban against potential ‘spoilers’ who would obstruct or undermine the successful completion of the political transition. read more

Diverse range of speakers in car sales debate reflect on the changing

Presentations from a broad range of speakers debated the changing face of car retailing in the UK, ending with a lively Q&A session at the SMMT International Automotive Summit this afternoon.First on stage were Neel Desor, Commercial Planning Director at Haymarket Motoring and Rob Ellis, Founding Director of COG Research. Desor and Ellis presented new research into buying behaviour conducted between the two companies, which specifically challenged the traditional funnel model, instead stressing to manufacturers and dealers that they’re never really off the shortlist.David Vernon, European Practice Manager at Urban Science, was next at the podium. His presentation focused on the changing attitudes to online automotive retail in the UK, comparing marketing spend and lead generation efforts in this country against the situation in the United States. Vernon’s key points related to the methods that dealers are currently using to prioritise leads from both independent and OEM sites, and how he anticipated this changing over the next few years.The third speaker from the panel was Neil Packham, Sales Director at Manheim Retail Services, who discussed varying approaches to lead management in retailing, analysing in particular the performance of dealers against established benchmarks. One of Packham’s most surprising findings was that some 40% of dealers that they monitored were either using a paper-based system or no system at all when it came to managing and actioning their sales leads.Antony Sheriff, Managing Director of McLaren Automotive, brought the vehicle manufacturer perspective to the panel debate. Whilst McLaren’s franchised dealer approach has been referred to as traditional, Sheriff’s key point was that this model was by no means incompatible with high value sales. Indeed, his own view was that a good franchised network can tick all the boxes in a way that neither company-owned network, nor an automotive agents’ model can.Click through for more information, news and photos from the 2011 International Automotive Summit.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Widow to marry homeless man who used to rummage through bins outside

first_imgMs Neininger, who went on to become a mental health campaigner, said: “People with schizophrenia are imprisoned by the voices.”Ken believed everything these voices were telling him, so it was very difficult to have a relationship. I did not know anything about it, but I soon learned.”Because of Mr Selway’s illness, the couple’s relationship has always been celibate, but Ms Neininger believes this has made them even closer.And this meant that for several decades Mr Selway and the Neiningers all lived happily together.Ms Neininger added: “I married at 16 and Norman was a wonderful man and a lovely husband and father. Because there was no sexual jealousy it was fine and Ken and Norman were like brothers. It was like a little paradise, just Ken, Norman and me.”After Mr Neininger died of a heart attack, Mr Selway developed health problems that meant he eventually had to move into a residential home, where he was later joined by Joan. Joan Neininger and Ken Selway at a wedding in GloucestershireCredit:SWNS For a long time, Mr Selway refused all offers of help and money, but he eventually opened up about his own life. He revealed that he had been born in London and had been evacuated to Wales.When the Welsh man he regarded as a father died, he returned home, but his mother could not cope with his mental health problems.After being made homeless, Mr Selway slept in railway stations and shop doorways until he went to Gloucester looking for relatives of his evacuee father and stumbled across a derelict house to sleep in at night.His only belongings at the time were a set of clean clothes, a radio, a fossil he once mined and a few personal pieces that he hid behind a wall.He frequently considered suicide, but Ms Neininger said she spotted an “innate dignity and a measured way of speaking” that made her realise he was from an educated family.Over the next few years, Mr Selway came in and out of the family’s life, but caring for him took a toll on Ms Neininger’s 30-year marriage.At one point, Mr Neininger issued an ultimatum and she moved out into a caravan which Mr Selway would come and stay at.At first they were happy, but Mr Selway’s mental health problems made him unpredictable and he could “fly off the handle”. Mr Selway had become friendly with Ms Neininger and her then husband, but following Mr Neininger’s death, the pair started a romance.Ms Neininger, a great-grandmother with three children, lives with her husband-to-be at a residential home in Gloucester.She said: “When I saw him ferreting through the bins outside a fish and chip shop near my bookshop, I never thought for a minute it would end like this.”But although he was living on the streets, I knew straight away that Ken was a lovely man with a beautiful soul.”Ms Neininger said that from their first meeting, she always felt Mr Selway was different. She spent years battling with Mr Selway’s schizophrenia before proposing last year.They will now become husband and wife on Ms Neininger’s birthday, four days after Valentine’s Day, at Cinderford registry office.She said that when she first saw Mr Selway he was smartly dressed and drank only milk so she presumed he was staying in a B&B and just had nowhere to go during the day.But she said that after reading Down and Out in Britain by Jeremy Sandford, she realised that he could be one of the many people slipping through the welfare state safety net.Ms Neininger added: “The first time I saw him searching for food in a rubbish bin, I silently broke my heart.”She began leaving sandwiches in the bin for him because he would not take any money and eventually, with the blessing of her then-husband Norman, she invited Mr Selway in for a meal. The first time I saw him searching for food in a rubbish bin, I silently broke my heartJoan Neininger Joan Neininger with her first husband, Norman (left), and Ken Selway at a pub in Gloucestercenter_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Joan Neininger and Ken Selway at a wedding in Gloucestershire Joan Neininger with her first husband, Norman (left), and Ken Selway at a pub in GloucesterCredit:SWNS A woman is set to marry a former homeless man she fell in love with after striking up a friendship when she found him rifling through a bin.Joan Neininger, 88, took pity on 89-year-old Ken Selway when she saw him looking for food outside her bookshop while he lived on the streets.She started to make him sandwiches and, over the the years, the couple grew close as she helped him overcome his many demons.The couple’s love story, which began in spring 1975, will now have a happy ending when they tie the knot at a registry office next month.last_img read more

Column We walked for the living the dead and everyone who suffers

first_imgDarkness into Light is an annual fundraiser for Pieta House which aims to raise awareness about self harm and suicide. Tens of thousands of people took part in this year’s event, across 20 different venues in Ireland. Here, writer Adrian Millar recalls his experience. IT’S 2.15AM and it’s time to get up and get on my bicycle and cycle into Naas from Prosperous for the Darkness into Light walk, and I’m thinking, am I mad? Could I not just roll over in bed and say I forgot?But I haven’t forgotten, and now I’m dressed and on my bicycle, following the route into Naas along the canal. To my relief, the faint moonlight illuminates the rain-filled potholes, for I don’t have a light on my bicycle. Besides, I’m on red alert for ghosts, though there’s no sign of anything right now, just the sound of water and the wind in my ear – eerie enough. But I talk to the dead, anyhow: Frédérique in France, Tokunaga in Japan, Emile in Belgium, Kelley in the USA, and a few friends of mine from Clane and Prosperous, all of whom have lost their lives through suicide. “I’m doing this for you,” I tell them, but there is no answer, thankfully. Instead, a woodpigeon takes flight from among the bushes, frightening the life out of me.Soon, to my relief, I am leaving the darkness behind me and entering Sallins. I cycle like the clappers up Monread Road. I’m ten minutes late. I reach the gates of Naas Racecourse. I spot a few cars in the car-park. At least, I’m not the only fool up at 4am, I think to myself. And then I see them: dozens of cars, and then hundreds. I’m flabbergasted.I park my bicycle and fall in behind the tail-end of a small group of walkers – a few women with dogs in the yellow Darkness into Light T-shirts. “Which way has everyone gone?” I ask them. They direct me towards the Blessington Road.People young and old took to the streetsI pass a few walkers – mothers with children dragging their feet. My heart swells with admiration for them. A car comes up behind us. The driver winds down the window. “It’s well for some travelling by car,” one of the walkers shouts out to the driver. “Have you lost the power of your legs?” We chuckle. The driver is one of the organisers of the walk and is protecting walkers from traffic from behind.I catch up with a group of walkers – men and women. “It was worth getting up at 3am this morning …” I overhear a woman say to her husband as I pass them by, “… because seeing you at that time of the morning was like an apparition.” Their friends burst out laughing. I chuckle to myself. “It’s incredible how something like this can catch the public imagination,” a man says to his mates, and he’s right.Just then a sea of yellow comes into view – young people, old people, grannies with toddlers in prams. Thousands of people are here. People with their friends. Couples holding hands. Elderly people with walking-sticks. People walking alone. An early cock crows from a housing-estate. I check my watch: 4.20am and the streets of Naas are thronged as far as the eye can see.I pass Naas Hospital. The crowd winds it way up the street towards Naas Main Street like a festive yellow Chinese dragon. An ambulance exits the hospital and puts on its siren. The crowds silently step aside to make way for it.“Talk about the parting of the Red Sea!” a man says beside me, and there is more laughter.We reach the Main Street.A mother pulls her son towards her and places her arm around him. “You’ll soon be the same size as me,” she says. “Next year you’ll be up to here.” She points at her neck, and I’m warmed by her dream for her child.Blackbirds sing.Life’s little intamaciesWe pass the courthouse and make our way up the street past the town hall. I can see people all the way up to Marks and Spencer now, and beyond. I pass out two women. “My wedding ring and engagement ring don’t fit me anymore,” one of them says to the other. “I’m after starting to carry them around in my bag.”I take note.Life’s little intimacies at 4.30 in Naas.We reach the Blessington Road. A community on the move. A group of teenage girls cut in through the garage on the corner. “You’ll have to do the whole walk all over again,” the mother of one of them calls out to them as they rejoin the main group, and we all laugh some more.We reach the finishing line.“Well done! Well done!” a volunteer calls out to us as we pour into the pavilion at the racecourse. “Be sure to bring along all your friends next year and make it even bigger and better!”I promise myself to return with friends next year.I mill among the hundreds of people queuing up for sandwiches and refreshments, then take my leave.I cycle home. Hares bolt at the sight of me. A fox greets me in a nearby field. A fisherman takes his seat along the canal at 5.30am. Life is returning to the world. The darkness is receding. Rain comes on.Walking for everyone suffering from depressionAnd then it hits me: I’m not doing this trip for the dead. I’m doing this for the living. I’m doing this for all those who suffer from depression. I’m doing this for all those who have ever felt like ending it all, like I once did myself 20 years ago when I left the Jesuits and felt that my world was falling apart and I went down to the water’s edge in Dun Laoghaire.And I want them to be here next year with me. I want them to walk the streets of Naas.We all do.We want them to laugh.And they will.I did.Lots.Adrian Millar is a stay-at-home father of three daughters, with two PhDs and a passion for the beauty of everyday life. People follow his various shenanigans on Facebook, on Twitter, in his Dad’s World column in the Feelgood section of Friday’s Irish Examiner, and on Linkedin. Feel free to join them. You can also keep up to date with happenings at adrianmillar.ie. His novels have received praise from Marian Keyes, Patricia Scanlan and Cathy Kelly – and you can buy The Quiet Life, a family drama, much loved by Marian Keyes, on Amazon Kindle or in print at Lulu.com. It can also be downloaded to your iPad at Smashwords.com. TomaYto, TomaHto, his forthcoming novel, will be published in June 2013.last_img read more

Three children 24 adults killed in Baghdad café bombing

first_imgA LATE-NIGHT bombing at a café in west Baghdad killed at least 27 people and wounded more than 50 others, security and medical officials said tonight.The blast struck at 10pm (local time) at a small shopping mall in Amriyah.Three children were among those killed, the officials told AFP.The Dubai cafe, where the bomb went off, lies on the 2nd floor of a small shopping mall in the predominantly-Sunni neighbourhood, and is frequented by young men playing billiards and video games.The mall, however, is often filled with families as it also contains restaurants and clothes shops.Read: 10 years ago today: Saddam’s statue topples in Baghdadlast_img read more

Man slashed across the face in Dublin assault

first_imgA MAN IN his 30s received facial injuries in an assault that took place in Dublin in the early hours of this morning.A garda spokesperson told TheJournal.ie that the assault took place at 2am at Kearn’s Place in Kilmainham. The man, who is in his early 30s, was with another male friend when they were approached by, and became involved in an altercation with, two other males.During the incident, the man was slashed across the face with a knife, from his forehead to just above his eye. He was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken by ambulance to St James’ Hospital.Gardaí in Kilmainham are now investigating the incident and can be contacted on 01 6669482 with any information about it.Read: Man sustains serious head injuries in Galway assault>last_img read more

The closer you live to Denmark the happier you are Its science

first_imgA car plowed through the main hall of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York The Pixel watch that never was: An inside look at how Google’s smartwatch efforts beat Apple to the punch, but then broke down and never recovered (GOOG, GOOGL) SpaceX is trying to buy a hamlet inside its Texas rocket-launch site because it ‘did not anticipate’ there’d be any ‘significant disruption’ to residents who live there The US is building a case against Iran in the attacks on Saudi Arabia, but Trump is in no rush to act ONE SECRET TO happiness may lie in genes, a new study suggests.Denmark and other Scandinavian countries regularly top world happiness rankings, and while many factors influence happiness, genetics may play a larger role than previously thought, according to the study authors.The new research examined the average genetic makeup of people in more than 100 countries, and compared how similar their genes were to people living in Denmark — a measurement called genetic distance. They found that the greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported well-being of that nation.The findings held even after the researchers took into account other factors that could affect happiness, such as GDP level and cultural differences, said Eugenio Proto, a professor of economics at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and one of the researchers on the study.Proto and his colleague, Andrew Oswald, compared the genes of people in 131 countries, and used data on happiness from the Gallup World Poll, World Value Survey and European Quality of Life Surveys.Countries near Denmark, like the Netherlands and Sweden, ranked among the happiest. Given their close proximity, these countries are some of the most genetically similar to Denmark. Countries that ranked particularly low on the happiness scale, like Ghana and Madagascar, have the least genetic similarity to Denmark.The researchers also looked at the relationship between people’s well-being and the mutation of a gene that governs serotonin, a chemical linked to feelings of happiness. The research is controversial, but some studies have found that individuals with a mutated, shorter copy of this gene report lower happiness levels. Read: Is a Terminator-style robot apocalypse a possibility? Source: AP/Press Association Images Lars Ulrich of Metallica… A Dane, and therefore naturally happy – apparently.For this part of the study, the researchers looked at people in 30 countries and compared how many people had the mutation in each country. They found that Denmark and the Netherlands have the lowest percentage of people with the mutated shorter copy of the gene, and also ranked the happiest. Italy had the highest percentage of people with the mutation, and ranked the least happy of the 30 countries.Finally, the researchers looked to see if the link between genetics and happiness was passed down from generation to generation. They examined well-being surveys from a group of Americans, and then traced the origin of their ancestors. They found that the happiest Americans descended from immigrants from the happiest countries.David Meyers, a professor of psychology at Hope College in Michigan, who was not involved in the research, said there are many other factors that influence happiness, like sleep, exercise and the quality of relationships in a person’s life. Still, genes likely play a role, too, he said.“There’s ample evidence from twin studies of a genetic influence on happiness,” Meyers told Live Science in an email.Genes matter, much like the influence of genes on cholesterol levels.  And just as cholesterol levels are also influenced by diet and exercise, so happiness is also influenced by behaviors under our control.Proto said more research is needed to explore the possible link between genetics and happiness.- Kelly Dickerson Read Terrifying swarm of flies in US so massive it shows up on radarlast_img read more

Gracia is impressed by Watfords crazy match

first_imgHis club and Bournemouth scored six goals in 27 minutes, or four goals in just a six-minute spell in yesterday’s English Premier League gameWith a 2-0 lead, Watford though it could get the victory against Bournemouth yesterday.But the local team never gave up and the game ended up in a 3-3 draw after four goals were scored in a six-minute lapse.And Watford boss Javi Gracia is impressed at how crazy the game went.“We conceded in the moment two goals from two free-kicks,” said Gracia to the club’s official website.What to expect from Watford V Arsenal? Taimoor Khan – September 8, 2019 Arsenal are set to take on Watford this weekend and the game is definitely going to be quite a peculiar contest between two sides…“We had to defend better. I knew we needed to defend well because I was sure Bournemouth would create chances because they always do it.”“We conceded two goals from two free-kicks and it was difficult to accept,” he added.“After that, we competed well and we were looking for victory until the end.”“Maybe if it could have worked differently but we kept working. It was different moments in the game,” he added.“We started well and after they scored two goals as well it was a moment without control but we controlled it better in the second half and were more organized to contain them.”last_img read more

Gas leak outside Kaiser facility prompts shelter in place order in Midway

first_img SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A natural gas leak Friday prompted a shelter-in-place order for around an hour at a Kaiser Permanente facility in the Midway area, officials said.The gas leak was reported shortly after 7:05 a.m. when a contractor doing excavation work ruptured a 1 1/4-inch gas line outside a Kaiser building at 3250 Fordham St., San Diego Gas & Electric spokeswoman Allison Torres said.No one was evacuated, but authorities told people in the Kaiser Permanente Point Loma Medical Offices to shelter in place, San Diego Fire- Rescue spokeswoman Monica Munoz said.No injuries were reported.Utility crews arrived on scene around 7:25 a.m. and shut off the gas around 8:05 a.m., Torres said.To prevent such mishaps, SDG&E officials urge anyone planning excavation work in the county to first notify the utility company, which sends personnel to mark the location of underground gas lines, Torres noted. Those wishing to take advantage of the free service are asked to call 811. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Gas leak outside Kaiser facility prompts shelter in place order in Midway area September 21, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, Posted: September 21, 2018 KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Six Months since Chinas First Retaliatory Trade Tariff Imposed on US Soybeans

first_imgIt has been a full six months since China retaliated against President Trump’s 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. That tariff, which took effect July 6, 2018, has rocked the foundation of a decades-old trade relationship U.S. soybean farmers built with China, the largest market for American beans. And, it has resulted in halted sales, plummeting crop prices, and a lack of security for farmers seeking funding for the 2019 season.Davie Stephens, a soybean grower from Clinton, Ky., and American Soybean Association (ASA) president stated, “We are anxious to see real progress to end this trade war quickly. With Ambassador Gregg Doud of the Office of U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and Under Secretary Ted McKinney of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) among the delegation in China to discuss trade today, we are hopeful that real progress is forthcoming.” Stephens continued, “This has been a long and costly half year for farmers, and we need stability returned to this market. We cannot withstand another six months.”The value of U.S. soybean exports to China has grown 26-fold in 10 years, from $414 million in 1996 to $14 billion in 2017. China imported 31 percent of U.S. production in 2017, equal to 60 percent of total U.S exports and nearly one in every three rows of harvested beans. Over the next 10 years, Chinese demand for soybeans is expected to account for most of the growth in global soybean trade, making it a prime market for the U.S. and other countries.U.S. soybean growers have realized a nearly 20 percent drop in soy prices since the threat of tariffs began last summer, and the future of soy growers’ relationship with China continues to be in jeopardy. China has pursued new means to procure soybeans and other protein crops, including maximizing soybean imports from other exporting countries, particularly Brazil.Growers have taken to Twitter and other social platforms today with the hashtag #185DaysStillNeedTrade, along with the popular #RescindtheTariffs hashtag to continue demanding that the Administration bring an end to its lingering trade war with China and help restore certainty and stability to the soy industry.last_img read more

PeaceHealth mulls Ridgefield sites potential

first_imgThere’s yet another large piece of the local economy that PeaceHealth, in becoming the corporate parent of Southwest Washington Medical Center, has assumed control of: 75 acres of land just off Interstate 5 in Ridgefield that figures prominently in plans for growth in North Clark County.One development you can scratch off the list of possible uses for the land is Bellevue-based PeaceHealth’s planned headquarters. That site will harbor the nonprofit’s relocated corporate offices and some back-office employees from its other locations, eventually bringing 340 new jobs to the Vancouver area.Peter Adler, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for PeaceHealth, said the 75-acre parcel is not in the running.Nevertheless, Adler said, the Ridgefield site does have potential. It could become home to new clinical services, for example. A retail development to go along with some type of medical complex on the site is a possibility, too, Adler said. “It’s very strategically located,” he said.Southwest, which purchased the 75 acres from the Port of Ridgefield in 2007, has planned for the parcel to be developed into a medical campus. That’s not changing with PeaceHealth’s new role as the parent of Southwest, Adler said.If anything, the merger broadens what could be done with the land, said Ken Cole, spokesman for Southwest. That’s because the Ridgefield parcel is situated between two PeaceHealth hospitals — Vancouver’s Southwest and Longview’s St. John Medical Center.last_img read more

Amazon Restaurants fooddelivery service on the chopping block

first_img Mobile Share your voice 0 Post a comment Just some of the food available on the Amazon Restaurants website — for now. Screenshot by CNET via Amazon Restaurants Amazon’s food delivery service is up for the chopping block.Following its shuttering in London, Amazon Restaurants is also slated to close up shop in the US later this month, according to GeekWire.The service is four years into its run, after beginning life in Seattle in 2015 and then branching out to 20 more cities in the US as well as London. For Amazon Prime members, it provides the same services as other food-delivery apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, seeing meals delivered to their houses through Prime Now or the Amazon Restaurants website.The service packed up its bags in London in November, and Amazon confirmed to GeekWire it would end on June 24 in the US.”As of June 24th, we will discontinue the Amazon Restaurants business in the US,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement shared with GeekWire.”Many of the small number of employees affected by this decision have already found new roles at Amazon, and others will be provided personalized support to find a new role within, or outside of, the company.”Heard of Daily Dish? The Amazon-owned food delivery service focused on bringing lunch to the workplace will also close up shop on June 14.Despite these shutterings, Amazon hasn’t entirely left the food-delivery game. Not only will its groceries delivery service continue from Whole Foods via Prime Now, it’s poured funding into UK-based food delivery company Deliveroo, keeping its competition with Uber Eats and Grubhub on the heat. Tags Amazonlast_img read more

Heres why NIA court sentenced fake Jet hijacker Birju Salla to life

first_imgSalla had done all this in the name of love and over affection. A married Salla allegedly had an affair with a woman working with Jet Airways and had married her three months before he planted the threat letter. He wanted her to stay with him and take care of his ailing father which made him take this extreme step. He reportedly planted the letter since he wanted the woman to quit her job with the airline.It is reported that the threat letter was filed from Salla’s office in Mumbai. He typed the letter and translated it into Urdu with the help of Google to make it seem like a potential terror threat. He planted it in the tissue holder inside the lavatory of the aircraft’s business class section, which was later found by a crew member.”Flight No. 9W339 is covered by hijackers and aircraft should not be land and flown straight to POK. 12 people on board. If you put landing gear you will hear the noise of people dying. Don’t’ take it as a joke. Cargo area contains explosives land Delhi. Allah is great,” read the threat letter made by Salla.A B.Com graduate from Mumbai’s Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Churchgate, Salla had ventured into several businesses including gold and construction after separating from his father’s business in 2006.Salla was arrested by Ahmedabad’s Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) and the case was transferred to the NIA. Birju Kishor SallatwitterA 38-year-old Mumbai-based businessman has become the first person in India to be convicted under the Anti-Hijacking Act, 2016. Birju Kishor Salla has been sentenced to life in prison and fined Rs 5 crore by a special court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA).Salla was found guilty of placing a hijacking note in the washroom of a Mumbai-New Delhi Jet Airways flight in October 2017.The money from the fine will be distributed among the pilots, crew and passengers of the flight. The pilots will get Rs 1 lakh each, the cabin crew members will be given Rs 50,000 and each of the passengers will be given Rs 25,000.Punishment under Anti-Hijacking Act, 2016:(a) with death where such offence results in the death of a hostage or of a security personnel or of any person not involved in the offence, as a direct consequence of the office of hijacking; or (b) with imprisonment for life which shall mean imprisonment for the remainder of that person’s natural life and with fine, and the movable and immovable property of such person shall also be liable to be confiscated.The rules are in line with the Hague Convention of 1971 and the Beijing Protocol of 2010 of the UN body International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The incident took place on October 30, 2017, when captain Jay Jariwala and co-pilot Ashutosh Newase were informed about the threat letter on board Jet Airways flight 9W-339. They had to make an emergency landing at Ahmedabad without informing the passengers. The threat later turned out to be a hoax.The NIA had filed the chargesheet under sections 3(1), 3(2)(a) and 4(b) of Anti-Hijacking Act, 2016, which stated that Salla had intentionally planted the threat letter to disrupt the airline operations. Planting of the threat note amounted to credible threat to commit the offence of hijacking.”There are only two kinds of punishment under the new anti-hijacking law — life imprisonment until death, or a death sentence. If a hostage is killed, the punishment is death. In lesser circumstances the sentence is life. So the judge had only these two options,” Salla’s lawyer Rohit Verma told The Times of India.last_img read more

Lee Daniels Entertainment Announces Diverse Creative Workshop

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Represent is a free online network backed by Original Media Ventures that gathers storytellers with the mission of encouraging new and diverse voices in the entertainment industry.Lee Daniels Entertainment produces “Empire,” “Star” and the upcoming “Ms. Pat.”Daniels is currently in post-production with the television film “Good People,” which he wrote and directed. He has long planned to direct a remake starring Oprah Winfrey of the 1983 “Terms of Endearment,” adapted from the the Larry McMurtry novel of the same name. Popular on Variety center_img Lee Daniels Entertainment and the online entertainment network Represent by OMV have launched a diversity-focused creative workshop to promote a diverse group of new writers.The workshop will be held from Sept. 25-28 in Los Angeles, with travel provided by American Airlines. Industry professionals will mentor aspiring creatives from underrepresented communities with workshops, meetings with LDE and Represent executives and studio visits.“It has been my goal to create opportunities for diverse creatives and to tell inclusive stories. I have always been about giving all creatives a chance and the LDE Creative Workshop  is another step in driving diversity and inclusion in Hollywood,” said Daniels.Aspiring writers looking to participate in the workshop must follow the submission guidelines, including following Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Applicants should also submit a 15 seconds Instagram or Facebook story video describing why LDE and Represent by OMV should select the applicant for the program and tag LDE and Represent by OMW official accounts. Deadline is Aug. 31.last_img read more

There is no stopping PUBG Fortnite games among Indian youngsters

first_img“Ye PUBG wala hai kya?” Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked a mother who raised concerns about her son being too involved into online games during the “Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0” event here on Tuesday. The ground reality is that online, multi-player games have taken over the millenials big time in India, sending the earlier individual mobile games like Candy Crush and Temple Run almost into oblivion. Youngsters in smaller towns and cities can now be seen playing two such battlefield Internet games – PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) and Fortnite – as smartphone penetration increases in leap and bound (there are nearly 430 million smartphone users in India now). Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThese “survival of the fittest” games where mobile users fight each other in real-time using virtual warfare techniques, have eclipsed single-player mobile games. According to a report by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Kantar IMRB in association with POKKT, a smartphone advertising platform for mobile games, the mobile gaming industry in India is projected to reach $943 million in 2022 driven by rising smartphone use and growing mobile app market. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”We also have post-millennials who are heavy on gaming and smartphone brands are responding to this by pushing devices with greater processing power than before, as a result of which, games like PUBG and Fortnite are here to stay,” said an industry experts. According to the report, three out of four Indian gamers play mobile games at least twice a day, for an average of over 60 minutes, each day. Mobile gaming is also prevalent in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, with similar amounts of time spent by the users, the report added. According another expert, “consumers have taken to mobile gaming in a big way, yet it still remains a relatively untapped advertising channel in India”. Since single-player mobile games were rendered monotonous at some point, players did not get aggressively hooked on to them as compared to the adrenaline-pumping, multi-player online games. The New-Age games are regularly updated with newer features, allowing the gamers to experiment with creating their own avatars, styling their own looks, choosing their own weapons, reading maps, making strategies and more. In a quest to experiment with newer career opportunities, young adults are also exploring gaming at a professional level today. With the proliferation of smartphones, gaming as a concept has picked up in India and the market is also ready now for PC gaming. Micro-blogging site Twitter recently revealed that it recorded one billion tweets on games with role-playing mobile game “Fate/Grand Order” topping the charts, closely followed by Fortnite and PUBG. With the kind of loyalty towards games has been noted in recent years, it would not be wrong to say that from just being a mode of recreation, group mobile gaming has risen to become a new dimension of existence for millenials in India.last_img read more

Qantas to transform negative outlook

first_imgMoody’s Investor Services lowered the Australian carrier’s senior unsecured rating to Ba2 (outlook negative), following a decision to place the company on review in December 2013. “The Group has made significant progress over the past two years to reduce costs and increase competitiveness, as part of Qantas’ biggest transformation since privatisation,” Qantas chief financial officer Gareth Evans said. An update on the Qantas Transformation program is due to be released in February 2014. The downgrade was issued in response to Qantas’ projected underlying losses before tax of up to AU$300 million for the first half of FY2014. “In addition to cost-cutting, substantial reductions to our planned capital expenditure pipeline will be vital to ensure a return to positive free cash flow in FY2015 and beyond. Qantas Airways has responded to Moody’s Investor Services’ outlook downgrading, emphasising its ongoing transformation program will assist in retaining financial strength and flexibility.center_img Source = ETB News: P.T. In a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Qantas said it had reduced gross debt by AU$1 billion over the course of FY2013, substantially extending its debt maturity profile through a range of transactions. The airline also declared that it has no significant debt refinancing commitments until mid-2015. “However, earning conditions have deteriorated rapidly in recent months and we now face some of the most challenging circumstances in our history, including an uneven playing field in Australian aviation.”last_img read more

At their recent AGM held at The Grace Hotel Sydney

first_imgAt their recent AGM held at The Grace Hotel Sydney, Skål International Sydney elected Walter Nand from Avalon Waterways as its new President.Nand said he was honoured to follow in the footsteps of some of the giants of the travel industry and is looking forward to continuing the initiatives started by Past Presidents as well as developing new ideas to make this dynamic global organization more meaningful and relevant at a local level.Skål International Sydney was established in 1960 with the aim of ‘Doing Business Among Friends’ and is part of Skål International with more than 14,000 members across 354 clubs throughout 82 countries.Skål International Australia has 23 Clubs across all six states and both territories.Register to attend an upcoming Skal International Sydney event here.last_img read more

Laconic tales – Cyprus 1974

first_imgBy Steve ComerSo much has been written about the recent history of Cyprus, especially 1974, that it would be easy to think no more could be usefully added, but it can, and this book could be a start.This is equivalent to oral history, a series of short biographies of 16 Cypriots, ten Greek Cypriots, four Turkish Cypriots, a Maronite and an Englishman. Their dates of birth range from 1939 to 1958, but all have vivid memories of 1974.Each chapter is dedicated to one person’s memories but follows the same template. Their dates of birth are put in the context of what was happening in the world at that time. There then follows a brief summary of their life, family, education and work leading to their memories of 1974. Just as the rest of the world remembers where they were when J F Kennedy was assassinated, all Cypriots have very personal recollections of where they were, and what they were doing during the momentous events of July and August 1974. We hear what happened to them, both in the immediate aftermath and subsequently.The book ends with 40 short stories, mostly quotations from books covering this period, together with extracts from official records, and some mini-biographies of actors in the drama.Elias Pantelides has his own chapter, which was four years in the writing. He started recording his own memories in 1975, then found the other contributors, many of whom have also written books or articles. You can see their photographs on the front cover and Elias’ beloved Yialousa in the Karpas peninsula on the back.These eye witness accounts from those who were caught up in the Greek Coup, the two phases of Turkish invasion, and the brief cease-fire in between, are far more powerful than any academic history. They show clearly how these unexpected events had a dramatic impact on those caught up in them.It would be unfair to single out any specific memories, or quote from individual memories, but reading these 16 biographies there are some recurring themes worth exploring.The book illustrates the general atmosphere of chaos and confusion on Cyprus back in 1974. There were bitter and worsening divisions between Makarios, the police, and his supporters on the one hand: and military Junta Greece, their Officers in the National Guard and ELDYK, and EOKA B terrorists on the other.With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that something was about to blow, but the coup and the attempted assassination of Makarios seemed to have taken most by surprise. There are many accounts of people expressing grief or elation on hearing the news that Makarios had been killed, and the opposite once it was clear that the rumours were incorrect.News of the landings of Turkish paratroopers and amphibious troops on Cypriot soil were initially treated with disbelief. The call-up of reservists was patchy and haphazard. There are accounts of poor, sometimes verging on non-existent, communications between various armed units. As often in war, combatants spent hours and days on the move, but the poor deployment of defending forces described by several contributors must have hastened the end result.There are several harrowing accounts of Greek army officers abandoning their mostly Greek Cypriot forces in the field, even before the Colonels fell and Karamanlis returned to Athens to announce that Greece cannot help Cyprus because it is too far away.The end was as confusing as its beginning. There was no demobilisation plan; some people were told they could leave their units, others just went home. Of course, some could not do that as their families had become refugees in their own country. Some were prisoners who would be freed under the exchanges in the autumn of 1974. Many were not so lucky – they had lost their lives in the conflict, or were listed as ‘missing.’After the cease-fire, the line was patrolled by UN soldiers, so to travel from one part of Cyprus to another involved a round trip via Athens and Istanbul, or vice versa.Not surprisingly many decided to leave for the UK, other European countries or the Persian Gulf. Many did not to return to their island home until years later.It is striking that, despite the experiences that all these contributors had in 1974, all have maintained their love for this island.And all have been hoping for a united, peaceful, safe Cyprus.This review first appeared in Friends of Cyprus Report. Friends of Cyprus was founded in London in 1974. Its first Chairman was Lord Caradon (Hugh Foot, the last British Governor of Cyprus).Its current Chairman is Nicholas Bethell MEP.The three MP Vice-Chairmen are Robin Corbett (Labour), Roger Gale (Conservative) and Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat).The members of the Committee are mostly British parliamentarians in the Houses of Parliament and the European Parliament.Elias Epiphaniou Publications, 2017 Nicosia, Price:€20, 296 pp, ISBN: 978-9963-271-36-8You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. 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Prasad said the ou

" Prasad said. the outgoing Managing Director of Access Bank,”We weren’t able to find a direct causal link between breastfeeding and children’s cognitive outcomes,com. "Even though it (Congress) thinks its fundamental right is to criticise the Centre for its policies regarding Jammu and Kashmir, Gupta reminded Azad of the situation in 2008 when he was the chief minister and of 2010 when Congress was sharing power with National Conference. “Therefore, “ Call the state chairman of the party and ask him why his party agent is not here. of course.

American Apparel said that because it tripped a debt covenant with a key lender, which is organizing a contingent of Liberian-born doctors and nurses who want to volunteer in Liberia, the pull hasnt been strong enough." said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich after his team’s second straight defeat. This happened like 28 years ago. who was not her student, Prince George," Syd finishes the thought: "If everything happens for a reason, and thats not a phrase,The British Government has spoken concerning the kidnap of four of its citizens and the subsequent killing of one of them.

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