How do you raise a glass to 1 million 350 thousand All the chips in the end how to play

17 Jul 2017 admin


how much is a cup worth? One thousand readers have one thousand numbers in mind, but the answer is: 1 million 350 thousand. From 13 years December 17th to 14 January 16th, Cuptime through the congregation raised platform named time, a total of 1358583 yuan to raise funds. Cuptime is an intelligent water glass, the developer for the wheat team. Although carrying a smart name, but still use it as plain as ordinary drinking glasses. Cuptime is connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth 4, and also has a built-in algorithm to remind you to drink water at the right time. You don’t have to look at your cell phone reminders at any moment. The glass itself can sound to remind you that you should drink water.

a few days, we will finish the congregation to raise the preexistence, and clarify the four modes of the country to raise the public’s. Can not talk about the end of the fun, it is better to take a look at Mai Kai, how to achieve 1 million 350 thousand from the cup from 1.

1. Why did you choose all the chips?

1 million 350 thousand raised all the results, beyond the expectations of CEO Li Xiaoliang. But all accidental existence is inevitable. As early adopters to raise public Hardware producers, Li Xiaoliang in the eyes of the congregation has four major advantages:

1) users experience the product for the first time. Li Xiaoliang said, the product listed sub rhythm, preheating link is very important. But preheat first need to promote costs; secondly, users see the propaganda news, but can not get actual products. As time passes, the production speed can not keep up with the propaganda progress, and the product is forgotten by the consumers. Simple warm-up, time-consuming and laborious, but can not change the real purchasing power.

2) collect user feedback in time. All the chips in the form of a unique advantage. Supporters involved in the discussion can produce feedback in the discussion area, and the majority of these participants are opinion leaders, who make their opinions and comments hit the nail on the head. When the product has not been finalized, the opinion leaders have made a great reference value. After studying the user’s opinion, collecting and screening valuable and landing information, the product can be corrected in turn.

3) enhanced user interaction. Not every product can attract supporters, Cuptime early on-line performance will be strong, so Mai decided to invest more energy to run the public raised. Not every user’s opinion is beneficial to the product, even if the user’s suggestion is not accepted, they will actively respond to the message, they will not ignore it. Continuous interaction not only promotes the brand stickiness of the users, but also helps to transform the supporters into brand fans.

4) retain old users and expand new users. All chips are not for profit, the supporters into fans, and then through word of mouth effect to attract more peripheral crowd is the core purpose. All chips in the process, timely release surprise, become an effective way to maintain heat. In a one month fundraising period, Cu>

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