Cool Peng net CEO every Ming snow talk about electronic coupon marketing

17 Jul 2017 admin

current topic: Cool Peng nets, electronic coupons marketing expert

the guests: Feng Ming, kupengwang CEO

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806


1, website background

Fang Qingbin: Welcome cool Peng net CEO Mr. Ming snow, welcome to the city business interview (, first of all, please Mr. Pang Mingxue for you to introduce specific cool Peng nets!


Pang total:

thank you, Mr. Fang. It’s a pleasure to be here to exchange views with you!


cool Peng network was established in 2004, has been, we have focused on electronic coupon marketing. In 2006, the United States successfully flying Li Kairui $5 million in venture capital, kupengwang began rapid development, have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Railway Station. A number of franchise stations were also recruited. The content of the website has also changed from providing information to electronic coupons. Website service also by the original only to help businesses release electronic coupons, and now to promote integrated marketing for businesses.


2007 years, cool Peng net already developed for domestic banner electron coupon sale expert. We have good reputation in the industry and the leading position based on China Mobile began to cooperate with us, all the preferential content Monternet provided by kupengwang.


in fact, in the United States, coupon marketing has become very common, 60% of the turnover is brought by coupons. China’s coupon development is still in its infancy, there is still a lot of room, of course, there is a long way to go, basically, we are groping.


The key to

coupon marketing is to differentiate users through electronic coupons, and what we bring for the business is the price sensitive, wavering user. For loyal users of the brand is not the focus of our marketing, but for those brands are not high loyalty, price sensitive people, coupons are very good marketing tool.


cool Peng network, a vision of electronic coupon marketing is advertising merchants pay by effect, and this effect is not the number of coupons to download, print, but the actual amount of consumption to the store. This is difficult for average companies to do.

in addition, we attach great importance to mobile phone coupons because mobile phone marketing, we will bring the portable communication tool, has the characteristics of convenient, mobile, whenever and wherever possible and the effect is good, mobile phone SMS also more environmentally friendly than print electronic coupons. Working with China Mobile enabled us to have an official channel of promotion and a partnership with China Mobile in the future, when it comes to licensing SMS advertising

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