have some experience in doing web work

17 Jul 2017 admin

some time ago I also made a movie website, as a long standing management experience is not enough, because the website development process is the need to meet the difficulties, which is very difficult to predict, in order to improve themselves in order to learn more of the treatment station experience, have more than 1000 times access to a variety of treatment station experience and experience, but rather let I regret very much content, such as the withdrawal of a no what novelty, even very much name under the banner of "promotion help promote friendship and the real guise for their own website to increase the bargaining chip, tailored advertising posts, some language skills less points to the" reference "very much has been written about the contents of the article, for the prosperity of the Internet give counsel mutual aid situation, is very touching.

learning chapter:

I have been a voice chat network administrator movie website administrator, personal and Internet companies are confident management ability is not bad, I can stand on my own prompted by a sudden impulse, to want others to "hit a lifetime" why why can’t depend on others, own a website of their own that is also affected by the Internet "incites" finally decided to elaborate their own sky". However, I think is not so simple, the station started very much to their own experience, and even did not know the forum installation and some plug-ins do not understand, have to spend the time to learn, behind the early work, which I saw a glimmer of hope.

done something to promote, or make a good website because no one to see is a pile of empty machine, then traveled to many sites, access to many promotional articles, here I talk about their own views;

1 promotion is a long-term action, and in the process of promotion should pay attention to the proper method, can achieve good results.

2 group I don’t approve of, from a long-term perspective, the Internet has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many people, even the farmers also know that we think of the Internet is more and more have their own views, can do a survey of 80% against received "untrue" advertising information, it and many people in order to promote their website exaggerated secondly allow users to suffer, it is very unwise, if things go on like this the site will eventually produce a shadow in the hearts of users.

3 is very much the promotion articles have no value; why, you might find a few articles in contrast, the real point of how much, how much effect, the most direct and most effective way is to take an example,? A website promotion used in positioning strategy which method? Management technology application user survey optimization of recruitment training and so on… Finally… The site through a series of rectification will be what kind of effect, these are what we need, you are not in a strong emphasis on "key words" and "standing" included "fuzzy extension", with my words these people waste "