nternet grassroots Adsense winter

17 Jul 2017 admin

, here I mean "winter" means the Internet, this meal is getting worse and worse,.

recently went to the Internet Forum in the South without any leisure. (it’s better not to go, it doesn’t make much sense!


is there to hear one of the things that Tao Zhi said about the winter. I have a great influence on it,


yes, there are more and more people eating the internet. I used to get rich by advertising. Now it’s hard to mix


so far, many people rely on their own meager income to maintain their station operations


is in the coldest winter in the webmaster! Need everyone new Adsense to solve the problem of eating! (Love asked: www.uu315.com.cn) in thinking about doing big things!


for winter, I take the strategy myself. Garbage station innovation.

now, the Internet needs innovation to have a better future. Just like a literary stand (Shandong literature station: www.pp716.com.cn). What a mess on the Internet. You follow me. I don’t think much of it.



previous glory, former League, previous money making. Have become the former. Now the vast majority of personal webmaster, what is it,


I know a lot of professional webmasters, people who live on websites.

Most of the

is not as good as it used to be. Many people rely on Google, Adsense, and Baidu traffic.

but, in the past 2 months, I’ve been through many webmaster experiences. Baidu big K station. Baidu almost K all my stations overnight. I also despair, I also confused.

, but there’s Google, and adsense. I still have hope. A few days ago my Adsense account was also K. I have a good friend’s number was also K.

although I have several Adsense numbers. I feel like I’m getting a little further away from me.

I think these two months by Baidu K webmaster also many, by Google Adsense K people also quite a lot. All belong to relatively large-scale cleaning. Plus our gov forum filing.

, As, winter, gets, near., we can eat less and less. In WebmasterWorld, the foreigner said that in July the United States spent the holidays, and EPCM dropped a lot. It’s the worst month in years.

now comes another alimama, and it shouldn’t be much better.

winter should be cold again. Many people go to the foreign language acquisition of the family station. I often receive letters from other foreigners. What do you infringe on people’s copyright?. Or do…