A little present saved my love affair with my girlfriend

17 Jul 2017 admin

all the time, I was careful to maintain the relationship with my girlfriend, we were both in Shandong and Liaocheng, grew up in a small, perhaps it is because of this, we sometimes speak not to hide, but sometimes I think maybe we like a pair of lovers, because too familiar, so it is easier to cause harm.

last month female friend’s birthday, but I was really work out, I think we all love for so many years, miss a birthday, give her back up, so I texted her, when she did not say what I think like this in the past, but since then in her attitude towards me changed, then my friend said, three days of woman life the most important birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day. So I regret, I’m not the kind of person who easily give up, I also want to buy what gadgets to make her happy, but now the circulation is so developed, what can not buy,


thought for a long time, just try holding the mentality to find online, hey, let me find a company called Han Chi monopoly shop, exclusive custom gifts, I think right now is the summer, very hot, love girlfriend wear T-shirts, why not a Custom T-Shirt please her


so I did three, five, two, in this shop made a personalized, ha ha, printed on my girlfriend and i…. Hey hey, this can’t be made public. The final outcome, of course, is that we are as good as ever. I swear I will be with her on her birthday.

also thanks to the store, the owner is very enthusiastic, because I will not PS, I have only photos, the owner is very helpful to help me deal with pictures, like one. At the same time, we must remind you of the enthusiasm of men and women, these three festivals must not be forgotten, otherwise… Consequence.

, this store’s Web site is http://s.shop401561.taobao.com/, so let’s go and have a look. I’ll go on with my work,

haha, they have a QQ group, you can go to learn a good gift under what. QQ group number: 9827414

, look at my customized couple