n 2010 am optimistic about the industry talent network

17 Jul 2017 admin

I’m not a professional master, but just contact the new owners, the following article does not represent the expert point of view. Look down, read please do not paizhuan. Thank you. Why do you say that,


first analysis: the Internet market now has a wide variety of websites. Yes, as long as you can think of it. Integrated portals, industry portals, local portals, leisure, entertainment, and classified information. E-commerce, and so on, the number also can not count.

, let’s go one by one: first of all, let’s go straight. Famous companies, to be a Sina, Sohu and other portals are difficult, not to mention individuals, industry portal: business, trade, agriculture, electronics, construction, chemicals, metallurgy and so on. However, these industry portals have long been prepared by others. Almost all of them operate in a company. In the industry has established the status of the boss. If you do not have absolute data, you are familiar with the industry. Don’t go to the muddy water. If you have the absolute advantage of the industry and know the industry well, you can also try it. Because everybody says to do industry website to make money.

local gateway: there is no need to have local news, there are forums. Otherwise, the local gateway sees what is missing. But the legal provisions of the government require that the press be certified for the purpose of making news. Individuals generally get down, the local forum and the reasons for the local portal, almost gone,


Entertainment: that’s all, videos, novels, games, and so on. A: video, fiction. One word is difficult because of copyright. B: game. There are too many portals for games now. 17173, DuoWan, PCgames, and so on. I feel a lot of saturation when I grab a lot. Category information: This is a lot. Across the country, it’s hard for individuals to do it. There are quite a few places.

e-commerce: it’s very popular. But it’s expensive, too. To do this you have to have a product supply. If your friend owns a clothing factory or other factory, you can also try it. But if you want to make money, it’s expensive. Example: where customers, people are very profitable. But the people of the station hit ads in many e-commerce portal extended version: Amoy. Ali mother said Amoy a lot of money. But I see the stationmaster all say is "Huyou" person, whether to make money or not, I also don’t know. I can’t think of other types I can think of.

below, why do I like the industry talent: Home: talent needs enterprises, enterprises need talents. This is the truth for many years. Professional talent portal, such as 51job zhaopin. Personally, I don’t feel able to do it. It’s too big. Local talent: local talent, as long as the prefecture level city or above, there are several talent website. People are stereotyped, if you want to insert. Unless you have enough strength. Industry talent: each industry now has industry talent network. But competition is less intense than integration and local talent. >