Lu Songsong talk about the authenticity of the domain name verification abroad is not good

17 Jul 2017 admin

last night canceled the Sichuan region more than 4000 sites for the record access, today will be canceled tomorrow, the country is expected to around 10 thousand of the record access (after the abolition of access to become a shell site, no access provider). This part is more than half expired and is part of the original domain name, the domain name here in our host was not in, there is a part of the host domain are, but directed elsewhere! If a customer asked, can let customers buy the host and apply for access in a month, otherwise the authority will be cancelled in a months later


verify the authenticity of domain names

friends Chinese name, Li and Lu Songsong spoke with the thunder’s website is the cancellation of the record number, "record" has become the focus of attention of the webmaster again. From the beginning of this year, the ministry began to strike the site of false record, then began the "authenticity" of the domain name of the verification of the record, with the development of more and more sites were canceled record number, it means that your website is illegal in the territory of China.

abroad is not good, perhaps the foreign domain name will shield

Because the whole

record is more and more difficult, many small owners have fled abroad, the Everything will be fine.? No, followed by the introduction of new regulations: all domestic and foreign affair "domain name, must be filed.


space, the Yellow giant wind Network (QQ 100201470) also confirmed this point of view: now in order to control the domain name registered abroad taking the registration, they will put the domain name DNS fengdiao, well, go abroad to do so, who have not run away. Many of my customers registered foreign domain names, and later found that foreign DNS was blocked by the the Great Wall firewall, because of the existence of the the Great Wall firewall, perhaps in the future will be blocked out of the domain name and web site abroad.


(international domain name verification content and.Cn domain name the same)

The original intention of the

policy is good,

now introduced two policies: first, check the website registration and verification of authenticity; two, verification of the authenticity of the domain name. That is to say, not only to check your record number, but also to check your domain name is true, both if any one is wrong, may be canceled the record number.

in order to fear that the owner of the domain name is virtual, fake, such as "private service", "Liuhe color" and other websites, is expressly prohibited. And many webmaster are not willing to write their own name, a false photo. In order to regulate the Internet industry, a series of policies have been introduced.

can also have a lot of drawbacks, such as the record of the domain name, once changed the space, you need to submit information from the new record, and has led to many websites have been inexplicably canceled the record number.

put it on record,

Now, the new

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