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17 Jul 2017 admin

entertainment station now estimated to have been flooded, but today it is going to talk about the entertainment station "original", after all, entertainment is a big cake, as the content is not very limited, free space is still very great. My small station is also new, at the same time, I also want to communicate with you more, and hope to make common progress. Entertainment news, in general, has been monopolized by several large sites. Small entertainment site is nothing more than to collect the contents of these, and then enrich to your site. So, how exactly can you make your home website content more explosive point, easier to be included in the engine? In fact, it is very simple, modified Bai, you can not afford to do the paparazzi,


a large mining over the hand, at least they want to see it again, personal advice does not collect text content, because the entertainment station users are holding the novelty psychology, the look is a word, too lazy to see off the page to leave forks. So I strongly suggest that every article should be in the top picture. The more the picture, the better. If some excellent articles do you really think it is necessary to use their own to stand up, then I suggest you go to Baidu search library a few pieces of matching with the graph to match up, at least, the person must have a map, see the entertainment section of users to see people concerned about their own, often will have to understand on impulse, if your article or Madden wonderful, the user will feel that your station is worth watching, maybe it will collect you.

article format has been said above, must be accompanied by graphics and text. What about a very important title, a lot of friends love mass acquisition, and acquisition. What matter, this is what they call every day to update your own website, I think, with its large volume acquisition, as in a large site manually select some suitable articles to edit. He edited articles, editing, can be an original, you said Baidu love duplicate content ten thousand articles or love their ten edited "pseudo original", the answer is obvious.

here, I recommend a few of my own collection address, we can refer to.

network: http://s.xiaby.com/


China Entertainment Network: http://s.67.com/

Tencent Entertainment Channel: http://s.ent.qq.com/

Sina entertainment channel: http://s.ent.sina.com.cn/

China Network Entertainment: http://s.fun.china.com/

How to write the

title? Is certainly eye-catching things! I have been using the "secret" and "exclusive" "Mengliao" such practices, such as the original text for the title: "XX XX is at a junk, XX anger with a coke hit XX on the face, I will.