Do stand attitude determines success

17 Jul 2017 admin

I was more anxious, noise is caused by individual families, want to make money through the network, but no matter how to do, did not earn. For just learning SEO I, the site was K rate increased significantly, when no learning SEO, I do not know what the site is K off that is, never encounter things, ha ha

I did a lot of garbage station, also called the experimental station, to test the results of SEO (the heart is actually trying to make money) website done, do the next, the first is not included in the tube, and a few days later it was K out, I am very experienced several times disappointed ah, 5 months down to earn only $30. The company paid enough. 100 dollars are brother valley began to pay.

that’s a hurry, only to make money, but a few months down but failed to do so, then I think the right way to their own way, or to see the tutorial Internet that is, last November things. I see tutorial in the network, in China SEO data station to see the SEO group. I am very happy, I went in, want to Study hard, every day with you exchange, but in the group discussion environment is not good, most of them in the chat, the group appeared an announcement, said what grassroots network established in 3 groups, I called Liaoning cuisine bird at the time, we look at me name, know I have many dishes, ha ha.

my real growth is from being a moderator, starting.

to the grassroots network, learning a few days, will apply for moderators, at that time did not expect to soon gave me a reply, I right down, I am proud to serve as a grassroots network novice consulting moderator, I am very happy to answer questions in the forum every day in the novice, unconsciously actually, feel restless mind not originally, has calmed down, the netizen problems every day, I can answer the answer, answer to do experiments, the results found after the answer, as a moderator, every word must be the version of the friends of a serious and responsible.

earnings start here,.

after that, every day I manage grassroots network and maintain their own website, of course this attitude is absolutely not to make money, but the real into the study and experiment, at the end of the 11, I made a Baidu Research Institute, just over a month of time, in the fast development of grassroots, I the station is also developing rapidly, just like a personal diary, but through their own experience and understanding of many issues, has been able to do a good ranking in the end of December. The Academy I began to make money, from $30 to $133 directly, just a few days time. At this time I do not see light suddenly actually imagine a less complex.

The next

from early January until now, there are more than 200 knives, although I earn is not much, but for your own life, for the web server is enough, do not need me to come up with a.

server’s wages

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