Do blog marketing how to write blog to enhance the weight

17 Jul 2017 admin

network marketing can not be done overnight, must be bit by bit. The first 2 Ouyang to share with you about the site outside the chain "and" network marketing need to master basic skills "(specific Baidu Ouyang SEO ‘blog), now Ouyang Zaiyu to share with you how to do blog marketing. General SEO staff, through the blog to do promotion purposes, first, in order to increase the weight of the site, but in order to leave a lot of the chain. Ouyang’s own experience, the use of blog to do promotion, in fact, really effective, or increase the weight of the site. Speaking of blog marketing, there are many online, the best is the blog sprocket, here is unknown plus, Ouyang mainly share with you how to improve your blog right, do blog sprocket,

1, you need to know what blog


Ouyang has been blogging for several years and has some ideas and ideas about blogging. How to write a blog well, how to improve blog weight is also a lot of attention and concern. Blogs and websites are different. Blogs built on blogs are not blogs. What is blogging? I define the blog concept, which is a domain and some aspects of life that blogger himself pays attention to. I use my own words to record the online public platform shared by my colleagues and users.

2, personal blog weight how to improve


first of all, personal blog must comply with the original, single-minded, sustained three points. Blog log content, more than 90% to adhere to the original, if you can not write your own ideas, using words as an expression, then you do not do very well blog marketing;

is single-minded, that is, we should concentrate on one of the familiar technical areas, or some aspect of life. Need to pay attention to, we do SEO write blog, and general friends write blog also have different places. Ordinary friends write blogs just to share their worries and joys with good friends and relatives, without special attention. And it’s different for us to write blogs for professionals. For example: Ouyang now focus on pushing a private plane network website, blog content is then written around the theme of "private aircraft", this will be useful to my site, or do more is useless;

continues, that’s what we’re going to keep on writing. Several friends who exchanged friends with Ouyang, the latest blog content, still 10 years, and this habit is very bad for blogs. If it is too busy, not a day out, it is better to fight for two days, the worst is to fight for a week. Every article carefully pick up, not cheating. Do these three points, your blog weight, of course, have a good improvement, to exchange similar blog connections or similar web site connection, speed up the weight of expansion and personal popularity. (Note: if it is reproduced other classic content, but also try to sum up yourself)

then, you do not engage in professional blog, his blog, this is not conducive to the brightly coloured, blog promotion and >