Development status three stages and future of tourism website DMS

17 Jul 2017 admin

for any comprehensive tourism website, DMS Marketing System (Destination) is an unavoidable topic. What kind of DMS is the best destination guide in the minds of netizens? What is the current level of DMS in the domestic tourism websites? What’s the next development trend?

Very proud of

famous foreign destination guide series "Lonely Planet" publisher Maureen introduced them to my lady in the series: "Lonely Planet is the most interesting place in the guide book, in the book you can not only know the advantages and disadvantages of which hotel, the hotel next to the restaurant’s food is delicious, even even the boss is pretty or not, can be found in the book, this is a can let the tourist map book." My heart gave away the feeling of DMS. "Can let the tourist map" is a good DMS, and the site there are more advantages than the book, such as a web site can be updated, users can real-time interaction, the scope of the website more widespread.

The direction of

DMS construction can have, how to achieve? Don’t be like LP hired hundreds of professional writers to travel around the world and fill out this information? Travel website DMS construction has no unique way? Lotto travel after years of exploration and practice, we have found several stages the construction of DMS, DMS and Lotto have come in the domestic tourism website product forefront, I would like to share with you the results of our work today.

here, we first according to the current domestic tourism website DMS product construction present situation and stage, according to the form of expression, product function is divided into four stages to express.

phase 1: the collection page (listing) phase

in the WEB1.0 phase, when the final page is added, the destination tag is added, and each destination set hinge is listed in the order of the final page release time. Basically imitate the media ideas of Sina News, the content of the basic news, information, forwarding friends travel mainly (Figure 1),


technology background is simple. You only need to add a destination property in the CMS background, and then DMS can call directly by properties.

disadvantages: 1, no classification according to the needs of users. For example, all the information in accordance with the release time order, rather than the demand for users listed together, net users experience is not good;

2, community interactive content, airline tickets, accommodations and other information are not included in the collection page;

second stage: channel (topic) phase