How do the stationmaster deal with all sorts of problems now

17 Jul 2017 admin

Now we have found

station is more and more difficult, individual owners also face not eat it!! in the face of so many problems, how to deal with personal webmaster network on 90s we seem very far, which was used the telephone line, even if the 56K good

earliest solution network is super text – HTML, we contact every day, 96 years, once the climax of the site. Many people enter the network, but when they are basically blank, very simple, what station seems to be all the same HTML prepared out: pictures and text is the mainstream. It can be said that now any webmaster to do out of the station than when 100 times stronger, if you have now the level of DIV+CSS, Ding Lei want to ask you to be a teacher, the function is simple. But what was the driving force behind the development of personal networks? Advertising. Early websites were mainly foreign advertising, and there were ads in Liuhe, C, and so on.

, when a considerable number of people earned a lot of dollars, Liuhe C government at that time very little management, so a site is quite profitable. Later, the movie station and beauty picture station success, personal station mainstream, 2004-2006 years SP development hot, publicity and other large advertising alliance, mainly rely on SMS SP to revenue. When is the monthly income of 10000 yuan, personal webmaster every day registrations are more than 1000, very few a person registered 10000, each profit in about 8-10 yuan.

at this time, Baidu slowly grew up, the site of the discovery through Baidu can get traffic, GOOGLE can also get part of the flow. Then there was a SEO thing. Some simple optimizations can be done to Baidu’s home page,

had a cook, get free movie website, through the Baidu optimization, earned about 200000, and a variety of personal websites in the forest site.

one thing to heyday may perish, then the country started to manage SP, part of the SP minor league has been closed. Then there was the two confirmation of the move. In 2006, SP plummeted, and the SP industry was essentially at an end,

in the middle of the so-called "GOOGLE heat", the size of the webmaster have hung GOOGLE, do GOOGLEADSENCE earn dollar slogan put forward. But when we all stepped in, we found a lot of problems,

unit prices are lower day by day, and GOOGLE’s credit is getting worse every day. Account security is no longer guaranteed, plus new sites for the record, the operating website for the ICP record.

copyright issues become more serious, Chinese webmaster entered the ice season. How do you get through the station’s Glacier season? Who knows when the glaciers will thaw,


has so many directions:

, I said above, a line on the line under the direction of development, we have not forgotten it, forget it again