How far is my journey from WAP to WWW

17 Jul 2017 admin

for a long time did not write, think there are about ten years, so now is not what literary brothers saw don’t laugh! Diving in the ADMIN5 also have a few months, have seen many webmaster experience experience. Laugh, cry…..

because the family is poor, I have not graduated from high school, the volume of implantation was, a person went to the big city, gave up my dream, then the feeling is waiting for the melancholy, how sad…

from 2001 I started the Internet, international practice is QQ from the beginning, and then to the game.. later access to personal homepage… Is the establishment from last year began, because have no time nor technology, but I cannot leave the network, always try my best to close the network, so a free on the Internet using a mobile phone for global intelligent mobile phone forum, later learned that the imperial free website, also can hang their own domain name, so do my first WAP station, the extension is mainly to do the intelligent network, intelligent mobile phone forum, well, that is how happy, so excited to see a I called him to the WAP station to see, oh, now think of it, he couldn’t help laughing myself…..

because no computer, only to the management of Internet cafes in my WAP station, every day is post ah, pull hair ah, resources ah, so hard for more than a month, but still see a little, but I still did not give up, only themselves to blame the lack of time, so that when you have a dream computer. At first I just want to love some friends to engage in intelligent mobile phone forum, we study together. There is no intelligent mobile phone to use it to earn, because in the home above was put on my QQ, so there are people who add me as a friend, I say is * * * * alliance and I stood in his production code, I’ll have only after I was tempted to put it in a lot of software download address. After a month, check, there is 70 dollars. The original can make money.. so I have to do the station this idea. But I’m Wangzhuan to The first money, though not enough, I spent the whole night three nights, but I am very excited, but this is the virgin money we do stand!!


Province seized by eating a few months, lost 20 kilograms, finally out of the province to buy Computer + broadband money. This more convenient. Still insist every day post, every day to help friends mobile phone to solve the problem, but not much money, then slowly less, finally 0. Forum’s popularity is not good. There is a station system of others, do what all change, something free limit is. Then there is the background to write their own ideas, every day on the Internet, day and night, almost even jobs are lost, one month down, also have a little achievement, simple to learn the point: ASP, JavaScript, AJAX, in a simple background out, but not WAP, because in the learning time, the idea has changed. Finally, after much consideration, so I decided to do the animation station. A small I >