Analysis of profit model of industry websites

17 Jul 2017 admin

from the Internet Conference this year, in addition to the traditional industry website profit pattern need to innovation, in the next few years, SNS, web games and various wireless Internet website profit model is also in constant exploration, although [happy] profit model of the network operator may be based on relatively good, but still encounter development bottleneck. In the website profit pattern to find and determine when you first need to know to do what kind of website, because website positioning and strategy website [] fundamentally determines the profit model, if your site is of course, do industry website, have their similarity, most of you can learn from, such as said: Chinese chemical network, but also because of the difference between the characteristics of the industry profit point, then we need all kinds of methods of industry website profit made segment, you can find the profit place, then the implementation of the plan. Here are some ways to profit from the industry Web site:

industry: to achieve a comprehensive membership profit profit through membership fees, to provide differentiated services between fees and free, to provide comprehensive services to customers through your membership fees; website marketing network marketing integrated and interactive product promotion, access to network resources and endless advertising benefits.

targeted advertising industry profit: through various publicity, corresponding to certain influence in the region or industry to produce the corresponding visibility, website advertising revenue can bring huge income; gradually get profit.

publishing industry, electronic magazine subscriptions and other forms of value-added telecommunications: the use of Web sites to provide value-added services to members, in order to obtain significant profits and benefits.

through the industry website sales or procurement of products: through the construction of business platform to achieve product sales, and can bring some profit margins.

the introduction of the industry to develop venture capital: trade platform has a certain scale, both international and domestic companies to venture investment, expand the scale, profits have also doubled the calculation, but also qualified for listing applications.

platform acquisition and resource exchange between the industry: business platform has a certain user base, for major companies to acquire, merge, resulting in additional high profits.

is roughly the above points: if there is a better model, will continue to add, welcome everyone brick beat.

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