Grassroots webmaster some is desperate spirit

17 Jul 2017 admin

I always say that I am a grass-roots entrepreneur, why? Because I want money, no money, experience, experience, education, no qualifications, resources, no resources. So it’s hard for me to start a business. But I never gave up because of difficulties, I have always been on the difficult side.

I am a stranger to Shanghai Chuangdang roots, 04 years after graduating from college came, and then accidentally entered the network industry, rooted from the network. The final choice of entrepreneurial projects is the network’s current partnership with a friend to do a personal and family online billing platform — money online, perhaps is luck, had 06 years to start doing, all my friends are opposed, said accounting habits of people in particular, I was wandering, I persevered, I just try to do one thing, can make the score. Up to now, we have developed more than 250 thousand of the users and proved the huge number of accounting people with data. At the same time in 2007, soaring prices, wages do not rise, and enter the 08 years after the financial crisis, more and more, many media reported US money online, many people began to join our money online account. It can be said that God helped us a great deal. This day, Austria is not inborn, but also by our efforts, we rely on the usual accumulation and achieve, once online accounting network there are a lot of people, some do more, but because there is no stick down.

as a grassroots entrepreneurs, make money online from the large do the hard work, I only experienced people who can appreciate. Although money online after 2 years of development, already has more than 250 thousand users, and become the largest online network of accounting Chinese online accounting industry. But money online can be developed, and not rely on the money, do not rely on what experience, rely on the spirit of hard.

money online team is not what the rich network operation and promotion experience, no money to promote, have team spirit is desperately. Remember in the summer of 07, I tell people flat-share, rented a small room, small room 2 wall sun room, no air conditioning, back from work every day, open the computer to promote money online, have to work during the day, only at night, sitting in front of the computer, sweating. I could have gone to the living room to rest and watch TV, but I told myself I had to hold on. Maybe if I went to watch TV, maybe my opponent would try to promote it. I also told myself that if I could keep working hard in such an environment, what would I not do?


online publicity money every night desperately, what impressed me most is when I’m ready to sleep every day, across the floor in the dark all alone in my room, the light is still on. Every time I lie down on my bed, I have a special pain in my waist. I really feel that my bed is such a good thing in the world. Because of the heat, I lie awake at night, sweating, maybe sleepy, and falling asleep soon