Fast electricity supplier era of fast fashion brand how to play

17 Jul 2017 admin




big Taobao platform (including Tmall, Juhuasuan) has accounted for more than 80% of China’s online retail market share, if the electricity supplier competition is now Taobao platform, competition between businesses is not excessive.

big Taobao platform has nearly 7 million sellers, each has its own resources, each has its own magic power, competition is not fierce, all can not. Competition means that the pace is accelerating. We are trying to speed up the new product, customer service response speed, order processing speed, logistics speed, inventory turnover speed, capital turnover speed. Electricity supplier environment is getting faster and faster, I call this phenomenon: "fast electricity supplier."".

is efficient in this environment, but many costs are also increasing. Now Taobao platform, more and more private brands. Back to the previous year, we provide service for the brand customers, scouring the entire system rankings are done relatively well, or "shallow and deep SKU inventory", in order to create the explosion of nothing, or CRM for precision operation of large, rely on old customers to enhance the overall sales. But last year, when we meet the customer service at issue is the customer is going to profit or to the tone of the brand? Many customers said that they know the importance of brand shop and influence, but in Tmall’s operating costs, short-term to create explosion models, to impulse, to cope with the changing situation of Tmall.

in this fast electricity supplier environment, "fast fashion" brand is more easily adapted. Let’s look at the noun explanation first. The so-called "fast fashion", mainly contains three aspects of meaning, namely, the new product speed, parity and follow the fashion trend. Such as ZARA, H&, M, Me&, City, Forever21 and other brands.

although your brand is not necessarily positioned in the "fast fashion", but look at the "fast fashion" brand operating ideas, there will be some reference.

what kind of brand and brand suitable for fast fashion line? In addition to clothing brands, in fact, clothing, food, FMCG, and even cosmetics, can learn from the "fast fashion" brand operating ideas. Take clothing and apparel as an example, the advantages of fast fashion are: (1) low inventory requirements; most products are in safe stock; if they are semi standard or standard, lower inventory requirements. The customer viscosity, with the tone of the brand promotion, promotion will become more easily. The competitors are smaller than the "Big Bang" shop.

What is the

fast fashion shopping crowd customer psychology? How to do the operation idea? Although I do not own brand, but I this several ten in operating its own brand, here are some of my ideas, although some copycat, but to a reference for the down to earth.

1, brand story

a brand must have its story, even if the story is apocryphal. Everybody first!