‘ve been a station experience for so many years

17 Jul 2017 admin

honestly I started to contact the computer is in Tai’an in 2001, when the company with a computer for the office, before (98 years) in the school of Business Administration major is accounting, there are computer classes in a week is 2 day (computer classroom on the 2 computer, 386) I once had don’t go off.

office with computer, office of minimum 6 people I was 18 years old, people do not get the computer, I was the first contact, a start is to play the game, to sell the computer (the impression is called a giant shop) with a lot of game play enough to buy CDs, then. There is something wrong with the computer said, let them come and put the game (not). Why don’t you surf the Internet? It was 3 yuan an hour online, or dial-up. The office didn’t let it on. I’m afraid the call won’t come in.


on the computer because I didn’t think so utterly ignorant of, over what to do on the Internet (stupid? Now think that the time domain name to register now to what price? Then 3 pure letters and numbers are all away, not a look ah), only to retain a company name FUO, or cn. That is, around 2004, began to explore their own station, pure HTML update is manual. And then bought the first set of news programs cgi. During the past few years have done a few stations, are looking for people to do, and update themselves. Finally also sold, in the past few years, the site revenue just bought a house.

What do you want to

now, because I am a football fan, I bought a www.qiumi365.com domain name, professional football video website, ashamed to say so many years or not to understand the procedures and code, estimate I can’t eat this bowl of rice.

ha ha, afraid to challenge everyone’s patience, simply remember a running account. Webmaster news list www.admin5.com/top