Economic winter expects independent third party statistics

17 Jul 2017 admin

According to the authoritative

technology newspaper reported that many market research companies will regularly publish website traffic statistics data for advertisers reference, web site managers will also publish their data, but these data are often quite different, so that Internet companies and advertisers are not important. The reason for inaccurate or even inconsistent data is the difference of technology and the driving of commercial interests. The reason why advertisers do not push more promotion budgets from traditional media to the Internet is that the scientific and reliability of traffic statistics is the main factor to limit this revolutionary transformation. Careful analysis shows that the discrepancies in statistical data resulting from technological differences are minimal and that more differences arise from commercial interests. So, looking at the domestic, we flow around the statistical market and what?

in China, once also once appeared the martial arts list, and some have been unified, Tai Chi chain all-powerful website traffic statistics tool. But with the development of Internet technology and the user experience requirements are fine year by year, due to various reasons, they have long been no longer the scenery, more than 2 months ago, "Wulin list" end free service is the best proof. In 07 years, Baidu, Yahoo search engine and a series of Internet giants have also developed their own traffic statistics system, this already very intense traffic statistics market added a bit of gunpowder, a posture to carve up the world. For a time, including the majority of the market share statistics, I would like to count, including almost all statistical institutions have done a good posture. But later found all over the neural response — traffic data collection statistics tool portal giant, but its purpose is to analyze the user search behavior, good user experience, so that their service to perfection; instead of killing has been a free service for personal standards of statistical services. On the contrary, when actively coping with the challenges of personal statistics such as ‘s Statistics – still with meager income to maintain a smooth running web site, sustained and stable for the majority of users, especially to use the Internet to the big stage of entrepreneurship to provide free services to the grassroots webmaster.

may be because of the saturation of the traffic statistics market in recent years and the intense competition atmosphere that has been promoted after the entrance of the portal station, many domestic institutions have already begun to seek new ways of development. As mentioned above, the collapse of the "Wulin list" illustrates the problem again. At the same time, I want statistics to add some new features to increase its market competitiveness, CNZZ has been injected foreign investors IDG, turned to the commercial operation of the road. Others such as PkPki, ItSun also gradually accumulated, in order to market traffic statistics service has insisted for many years — the principle of free, reliable, third party (not involved in any commercial operation, for their own interests), a space for one person.

08 years to go, with the economic winter, more traditional enterprises in order to prepare for this "winter" enough food, will certainly be more funds into each other