Li Ze in order to operate the website well we must rely on sponsorship marketing

17 Jul 2017 admin


recently this November, is an Internet news month, first of all, there is 3Q battle, and now out of an Internet force, "28 push", in the industry is very attractive to everyone’s attention. However, it is perhaps for this moment of opportunity a lot of hard personal webmaster or Internet Co, and many IDC have been overlooked some network marketing details, this is the network marketing and sponsorship.

said the network marketing, many of my friends are very familiar with, SEM, SEO, SRO and so on can say a few words, but today I and everyone is talking about the sponsorship in network marketing, this knowledge do good, if sponsorship is a lever, it would be able to move the ball. Just need to find a fulcrum, can be 42 pounds. Sometimes, just a little bit, it starts to explode. Good operation. Overnight, our website or company’s brand is likely to be famous both inside and outside. In other words, sponsorship marketing is a "way."". With this "Tao", can be born a road, a lifetime of two, two, three, do infinite


in the current Internet wind generally impetuous situation, the major companies website network promotion and network marketing are playing low-cost marketing card, is a good choice. Soft Wen promotion, QQ promotion, marketing and so on are fast, but if now tell these Internet companies before they have to spend 80% of the money to be able to do good things, now as long as the original 20% can also run! So companies will be very interested in, will have the intention of cooperation. I think this is also the majority of webmaster and business owners are loved by the way.

do not know if you have any concern now 28 to push the rapid development of the site, the first day of on-line membership exceeded one thousand, three days of nearly three thousand webmaster audience, five day posting nearly six thousand posts. As far as writing is concerned, the author is the sixth day of the 28 push development. For such a ferocious website, in addition to the study of how he can develop more, we as a webmaster should also think about another problem, for such a potential site, how can he use to produce economic benefits of our own. That’s what I want to mention in today’s online marketing tutorial:

by sponsoring several brands

network company too understand some basic promotion and SEO work, and often ignore the fundamental, the development of an enterprise is the brand, the brand is the reputation and authority of the foundation, how to create what reputation and authority? Sponsorship is undoubtedly the best method, because the Internet Co. You can through very small cost, in exchange for a great brand return. Such as the recent 28 push events, IDC sponsorship 28 push a server will push on 28 webmaster members have a positive effect not small and brand value, and currently occupy the initiative, more conducive to the promotion of the website as IDC network marketing to do more implantable promotion work, this is my.