Master must understand nine graphic design common sense

17 Jul 2017 admin

itself is a designer, while children have some free time, in the webmaster online postings, the effect is free to produce logo, in exchange for website connection (I believe many people have seen), half a month to get more than 80 personal stations or corporate logo, understanding to the many webmaster, they are very good, but some owners due to the knowledge of art is too scarce, cause such as let me add to the picture directly connected to orange as cold tone and other people is very helpless, hereby code the article, we hope to help.

1. source files, PSD, AI, CDR difference,

PSD files are created with Photoshop and must be opened with Photoshop, of course.


AI file is Illustrator’s.. They’re from Adobe company. AI files can also be opened with Photoshop, but they are loaded into the same layer when they are opened.


CDR file is CorelDRAW’s..

2. on CMYK and RGB color patterns

CMYK are Cyan (cyan), Mageata (Pin Hong), Yellow (yellow) and Black (black), which are commonly used in printing.

, R, G, B is Red, Green, Blue (red, green, blue) three colors, RGB mode is the superposition of three colors for primary colors, and simulate the natural color of the color combination model. This pattern is used in everyday colors such as color computer monitors and color televisions.

3. vector

The biggest difference between a

bitmap and a bitmap is that it is not affected by resolution. Therefore, in printing, it can be arbitrarily enlarged or reduced graphics, and will not affect the clarity of the figure

vector graphics rendering is based on the geometric characteristics, the vector is a point or a line vector can only rely on software, internal files take up less space, because of the separation of the image file of this type contains independent, can be reassembled without limit free. It is characterized by the image will not be distorted after amplification, and resolution is irrelevant, the file occupies less space, suitable for graphic design, text design, and some logo design, layout design.

, AI, CDR are vector graphs.

4. image files JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP difference,

: BMP is not compressed by using lattice representation of color images, the larger

disk space

GIF: is compressed, can only represent 256 colors, take up little disk space, often used to demonstrate the color of a single block of cartoon patterns, GIF, there is one can be >