From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster two

17 Jul 2017 admin

thank you for your support, I will continue to write down this experience, the previous one did not see, you can go to my space, or ( this site to see. Hope that users read, give some advice.

, with the help of my boyfriend and T, my first personal website was finally built. Free time every day on the Internet, watching their own step by step to do out of the site, very pleased. But strange is, the flow of the website is not much, after asking a boyfriend to know, the flow of the site with the web site keywords and external links and so on have certain connection. Key words and external links are another new word for me. I began to check the relevant information online slowly. However, for the information and as mumbo-jumbo; again into the labyrinth. In the maze, my boyfriend shows me the way like a light. With his help, start making links.

as you think, I have most of the links in the forum were deleted, and very few people do links with me, I have said that the PR value is not high, the site is not included, I really did not have a clue. As in the online search like look for a needle in the ocean, inadvertently see the site A5, A5 found this site there are a lot of network promotion knowledge. Those knowledge, at that time, I did not understand.

boyfriend is like my encyclopedia, he told me: PR is more than 4 of the site is usually better, and my website’s PR value is only 0, definitely no one to exchange links with me. My boyfriend asked me to have some free exchange Links forum where the quality of some of the posts out, such as writing or writing techniques with incidental links, like this post to see the moderator will delete the post, because these will improve traffic forum. Then I did it my way. Slowly also understand the BBS posting skills, page included more can exchange links with him, and sometimes good luck, also find some PR value high personal website with me to do links.

this situation probably after more than two months, my website’s PR value has finally risen a bit, and the maximum flow is also 300, and I am very pleased. With this good news to find a boyfriend, and he gave me a great blow: he told me that the site SEO is not just the PR value, with the external links, there are many other factors. For example, search engine into the anchor text, Title tags, website content, website maturity… The importance of various factors… Are different, because the search engine is on site inspection according to different standards. For example, some search engine links will take into account the link on the page in the location, the surrounding text and the direction of its source and some other search engines on the link is not very important, but for the maturity of the website becomes more important. Therefore, the weights of these factors and methods of calculation are constantly changing.

faces these technical problems, only found on the Internet or in books