Listen to WeChat weixin com the seller the captain tell the story

17 Jul 2017 admin

renamed Chinese ( April 16th news, a few days ago, "WeChat domain sold 30 million yuan" news like a deep bomb, let the domain ring instantly raged, all from the There were many discussions. The details of the transaction, the buyer is not Tencent, are you pull out of the the seller is to be captain all envy minon. Now let’s ask the captain to talk to you.


: Captain

150 yuan to open an extraordinary domain name, experience

said that, because the captain or senior high school students learn to do "started the first contact with the domain name, when he was completely unaware of the domain name can make money, because until the music website at home, registered by the local bar owner watch and bought, earned 150 yuan, for this then a year accommodation fee will be 60 yuan of the captain, but not a small sum of money. Found the opportunity to captain, "slowly squeeze the meal to register the domain name".

In addition to the meal

extrusion to register the domain name, then a hand and need the domain name in Hongkong is also a great impact on the senior captain, "when he opened the forum, I am very happy, I sent the moderator, moderator fee 200 dollars each month, can register a domain name, then to as much as he has the best result to the domain name, did not realize today".


is the domain name domain name registration investors early, but the captain said do not have what good domain name, because at that time, no one is going to pop phonetic domain, are like Yahoo OO and Pinyin + digital "8" such complex meters, so he registered a lot of complex domain, and also missed some it is also a good domain name value.

When the

fan Weigang fire, a friend and I, at that time do music website, check the without being registered, we want to do an entertainment station, analyzed while junk domain registration music station, Datong said a continuous development, or valuable. Good dt8u8."


: domain name investment


domain name investment is to be able to endure loneliness


over the years, the captain successfully sold the "Android", "", "Ford", "" and so many top name domain names. The, which is owned by the famous online store system brand HiShop, also sold to the biggest toy maker MATTEL.

so many domain name investment experience, let the captain of the deepest feelings is the domain name >