nternet business success six practical website promotion method

17 Jul 2017 admin

internet promotion is a big topic, but for the website, how low-cost and effective marketing, allowing users to know the site as soon as possible, is the key to the site after the establishment.

one, website preparation before

two, great energy word of mouth promotion,

three, new website traffic promotion strategy


network platform for rapid promotion website

five, through the offline promotion website

six, advertising promotion effect is quick,

seven, promotion of actual combat, advertising, promotion,

eight, PPC and Google Adwords

nine, statistics and analysis of promotion effect

ten, more detailed website log analysis

More than

content details can be "Internet business success" (six): promotion effect statistics and analysis "reading.".

eleven, practical website promotion method

1. platform

website promotion by Q & A

: Introduction: in answer to quiz website promotion website, even from a way by ourselves.


utility index assumes you

method of anatomy: now includes Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Search ask, etc., are relatively large online quiz website. So many webmaster in this kind of website in answer to their website type related problems, and then in the problem to join your website connection to promote the website.

but generally speaking, if you just write a web site, such an answer is difficult to adopt. So some owners will have the appropriate way, such as the problem of smart answer, into their web site; through the introduction of the induction, let users interested in opening the website; the problem is not finished, only that part of the first half, and provide their own way behind.

Even some webmaster will use

to register more than one username, answer way to ask and answer questions, and then answer as the best answer. For example, we can see a similar question: "what website is the fastest way to watch movies online?" the best answer to such a question is a movie site. This is actually a lot of owners from a way by ourselves in the promotion of offbeat website.

pros and cons analysis: if the answer is really valuable, can solve the problem of friends, then this extension of persistence is very good, you can continuously bring traffic for the site. But a lot of answers, and these contents are added to their advertising, light may cause problems are removed, a large number of advertising done will disappear in a short period of time; while the website address is Q & a platform directly shielding, for Baidu know that Search Engine >