Adhere to is king Baidu reopened difficult

17 Jul 2017 admin

              that perhaps we do not believe that, Baidu really put my station.. before that, I always think that Baidu is no favors, also went to the anti Baidu Union made a lot of information on Baidu can be described as love hate. I have always been the same as other people think, once the Baidu seal station, equivalent to breaking into the 18 layer of hell, very tired, very hard. But Baidu does my solution.

my station is called global hospital network, domain name, the original domain name is not all of my own, buy this domain name is a lot of effort. From the original to this piece what all don’t understand, pour now. In fact, to be experienced to know something is on the stick, below I talk about my experience.

at the beginning of February, due to the original domain name to do not understand, because I want to make a global network of hospitals at this station, the domain name Then go to the Internet to find the registration information. Then contact him, looking for intermediaries, trading domain names, everything is going well.

in mid February, I hung the web site on the server. Insist on updating the information every day, and soon, Google on our station included. However, Baidu has been reluctant to include. Asked some friends, they said that Baidu included may be in about a month, then it can only wait. Wait until the beginning of the March, or no response. Then I began to worry about the domain name. Again, some friends were asked, and most people came to the conclusion that your domain name was blocked. What a fool. So hard to buy the domain name has even been blocked. I checked my website immediately and found no cheating. At that time, I guess the rice bought is not a problem.

in March 2nd, the first issue of Baidu information, using the mailbox is often sent [email protected], and the next time is waiting, and so on for a few days, and found that Baidu did not return my information, why? I’m going to ask a friend in SEO, who says Baidu doesn’t necessarily give you back information, and finally a friend asks me what email I sent it, and I say it’s gmail. He said, Baidu does not accept Google mailbox, I fainted, but there is such a thing. I sent him an e-mail in 163 mail. Sure enough, the second day he replied to me. But it’s a common response. Faint。

then want to spend money with unsealing is a first, contact the local Baidu bid ranking company, company specific what name I forget. Then he told me that the price 1000 yuan, 15 days for me. I saw hope then. Then I asked him what he wanted us to do with him. He gave me a word: wait. Etc…… Again, no way, can only wait.

tenth days, that is, in March 12th, I felt like he didn’t do anything. I called him and asked him how he was doing. He said Baidu had paid attention to us