How will the new on line game station within a month to do P500

17 Jul 2017 admin

had a little time before, and wanted to do another station for himself to test SEO optimization. Because I’m a rookie, I’m learning SEO, I’m just getting started. I just want to use what I’ve learned. Originally, I have been based on the knowledge of the optimization of a novel site, but after all, that is the first time, I do not know is the optimization, or the site itself, ranking is pretty good. Many novels have a good ranking, forget it, bring a little traffic. But these words are not popular, each word brings 50-100IP unequal, keyword more, more scattered.

at the beginning of the novel station IP1500-2000, mostly from Baidu search, was included in about 1000. When I heard a friend of the station included 10000+, then want his flow according to my situation, must also have 5000+, and the result, he said, day IP just 1000, feel Khan ah… According to him, he stood the program is original, but there is no SEO optimization, ha ha, this is the gap. Don’t talk nonsense, go on to our little game station.

first buy domain name, I have joined a domain name group, originally intended to buy a female station or picture station domain name, and the result did not find, he recommended a other domain name ( It’s obvious that this little game is good. Think about it, small game on the game, anyway, just a test, and the domain name for optimization 4399., hey,

next is to find space, that novel stands with foreign space, all said that the domestic space use optimization, so in the country to find a space. Procedures for the use of dedecms, and then find a template, slightly modified, ha ha. Then write the title, description and keywords, of course I have added with 4399 Related words, look at the popular keywords in Baidu, too high can not do, I am a rookie, chose several similar words, such a little competitive, easy ranking. Maybe I do a lot of keywords, are scattered, and now a lot of words are ranked, but only after the 3 page. After setting up, upload program, the website is formally launched.

because my content is intended to be all manual input, so on-line and did not rush to submit the major search portal. I just upload more than 10 small games that day, but not 1 days, Baidu immediately included, 3 days later, GG also included, and feel very good. Ha ha, they are also diligent, every day to my station, the hair yesterday, second days basically all included, snapshots are the next day.

released a game like this for a week, filling the content of the site first, then sending out the chain, looking for friendship, and doing publicity. First of all, in the major blog sites, such as Sina, Baidu, space, Sohu and so on to create their own blog, created a total of about 20, about 5 daily hair, choose at different times. Of course, there is no time for the original, all pseudo original. Then, it’s friends with some high quality websites