How does your website skills attract target customers

17 Jul 2017 admin

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in the early days of the enterprise will encounter many problems in the website operation, one of the most important issues is to build brand awareness, and then need to want to be famous in the market mixed Lianshu, attracting a large number of target customers. For an inexperienced entrepreneur, it is not a simple matter to get a large amount of traffic on your own website. To publicize the brand and train the user groups, it is far from enough to have financial support, and whether the enterprise brand has online competitiveness is the key.

then, how do you want to attract your target customers during the operation of the website? You can share a few strokes:

consistent with industry trends

the answer to the question is, "what is the industry in which your own business is doing?" is a recognized industry trend. First is to understand this point, and then find someone or find the company, the enterprise story written in the form of news and release, and only consistent with the industry trend, in order to better recognized.

developing innovative products

develops some customers’ unexpected products, which can arouse customer’s enthusiasm. You know, passionate customers are the best salespeople in the world!

brand promotion is everywhere,

enterprise especially to focus on brand promotion, strong brand will naturally attract a lot of attention, other sites will attach Links, people often talk about the brand, more importantly, it will help the brand in the search engine rank. In fact, building a strong brand can also boost SEO and quickly gain greater competitiveness.

knows his client,

the most important thing a startup wants to grow is, no doubt, to know its customers. Where are they? What are their pain points? Our solutions can solve their problem? They often browse the Internet what online website? How long is that they use our products frequency? Your products through the "toothbrush test" (like using a toothbrush as high frequency of use, the use of at least one day two, this is a good product logo) the


never cut corners,

running a lean company does not mean cutting corners when building the basic market module. The growth market starts with a clear vision, first of all, to understand why you exist, and who you serve. Establish a clear and sustainable communication mechanism with customers, which is the basis of excellent content marketing. If the enterprise wants to broadcast a message, there are actually many channels to publish. But you need to be very careful about what you release, when you publish it, and whom you send it to.

attracts more people’s attention