Chinese webmaster to do English station entrance

17 Jul 2017 admin

first, you do not have the correct attitude, language difficulties, because you will eventually understand that English is not good, it will not affect you as a English station. Don’t take the idea of the domestic garbage station to the English station. Even if you decide to open an English garbage station, the rules are quite different from the Chinese ones. I’ll talk about it later.

you need to prepare a domain name, a space, both need foreign, even if you want to register domain name in the country, also must bound DNS abroad. Because you are facing English users, and because of the Internet the Great Wall in China, so the domestic visit abroad is generally very slow. The choice of domain name must be com, other do not consider. It shows the theme of your site, but do not take a meaningless name to use, because this is the first step in the search engine to get. Let me give you an example. You do a game, an article, a station, a game + article, a domain name, a combination of English words, just like our Pinyin domain name.

secondly, material selection, that is, content orientation, is very important. It can be said that it is the ultimate fate of your station. Now the outdated complain that their English station did not flow friends, content is generally large and highly repetitive content, a station, a few dozen columns, from auto, business, food, & what are drink… Did you review it yourself?. I told you, like this free articles station, abroad has been quite considerable, apart from the early to do it Limited (because that group do early, everyone collecting them, so they are very high, then PR) like this station, generally not what flow. You can only have one more waste of your time and money.

think you do such a station at home, column 1 driving, column 2 is a delicacy appreciation, column 3 is the movie music… You think, this station, how much traffic? I’m afraid you have to laugh at others, garbage stations also can not do so in English! The station also is such, this meaning, is content to be professional, professional, material segment, delicacy is not to engage in a delicacy, business skills in the above, but also delicacy can be subdivided, such as China delicacy, such as Chinese Sichuan, will firmly grasp to do around a theme, this is a English station the first step of success.

Select the

theme, you will start to prepare the content, here, you may have thought of acquisition, I do not oppose the acquisition, but I hope to have the skill acquisition, because the data does not mean that you get high, Baidu under the influence of the thought to be completely abandoned, content to be refined, the best is random articles out take the google/yahoo, to search, to see how many repeated, over 1 pages of repeat, then this data base is absolutely can not be used, this is very important. If the results are in front of some very high ranking >