Do it by heart not by SEO alone

17 Jul 2017 admin

, a lot of people ask me why your gm500 will be in such a short period of time on the GM, the keyword first, my reaction was: "ah, ranked first, I don’t know,.


really, I do so long the site is really little to check my site in the end in the Baidu page, but more attention is paid to the contents on the website, I have more time in front of the computer, so always written in some related articles, but also often to some similar to the station to see what the latest information, the in site inside what one sees and hears recorded recently. Traffic statistics to add up, before just look at the number of hits of the article, click on the small, I will find out what the problem is, I write this article is not suitable for everyone to see it, or you already know. A few days ago a friend told me that the key Chinese GM base your site row to page second, will soon be the first ~ I feel Baidu is friendly although I don’t know him well, but From the traffic statistics I recently added the 50% flow or from Baidu search to the 20% other sites to the left is to directly enter the URL, if one day can directly enter the URL to the flow of more than Baidu, then I would be happy to die, because I think do not rely on the engine can develop station is good.

today my friend said to me: " as for SEO it, that web traffic will fly." he is this sentence, so I write this article, I think Baidu always stay below will only do I stand up, is hard to do this, as station for 2 years, Baidu has not included but traffic is still very stable and of course Baidu can make the site but not the icing on the cake, do Baidu sooner or later will give you, although did not give Baidu a lot included, but there were a bunch of friends appreciate your continued support in him, is the site to.

full of vigour

really optimize Baidu, that is, do not tube Baidu, intentions do stand, Baidu sooner or later will appreciate your.